Why Allen West Will NOT Be Romney’s Running Mate

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The Fix has an interesting post cataloging the reasons why Rep. Allen West (R-Florida) will not be Romney’s pick as his vice-presidential candidate. There are many, but probably the most damning is the one that got West relieve of his command in the Army.

And that’s to say nothing of West’s real claim to fame, which is when he shot a gun near an insurgent’s head in Iraq in an effort to intimidate him — a move that led the Army to relieve him of his command and consider court-martialing him.

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  1. Socialistic ben says:

    conservatives will see this as a demonstration of strength and conviction to protecting america. yawn. BTW, good to see a hurricane of activity from Nemski again.

  2. Rockland says:

    I was looking forward to a A West/Biden debate. The MSM and CNN would have declared Biden the winner, but something tells me that he should show up drunk, trip over the podium cables, and shut the whole thing down. Biden couldn’t win a war of words and beliefs against West if he showed up with Zero’s teleprompter. Hell, it took him fifteen minutes to recover after Palin walked onto the stage, strode over, shook Biden’s hand, and said, “Can I call you Joe?”

  3. Aoine says:

    Palin IS better looking than West – not that either is a trophy

    I dont think Biden would be wowed by West’s ummm ‘Charms”

    Palin is a woman who knows how to use charisma to her advantage – other than that she is fluff

    which is why actual thinkers distain her – along with intelligent women

    West is stupid ugly and mean – Biden would not be impressed

  4. Bob says:

    Socialistic Ben is spot on regards the conservative view of Col. West’s behavior with the truculent insurgent. Ben, I presume you have never been in battle before where comrades are dying. Most likely, you have never climbed to any such rank where the responsibility of so many lives rest squarely on your shoulders. Basically, you have no reference points to conceive of the character of a man like this, who made such a selfless decision. America wasn’t on the line that day, Ben. Comrades in arms were. Ninety nine out of a hundred commanders would have taken the easy way out. West didn’t. Lives were saved.
    Aoine, let me enlightened you from a male’s perspective. A middle aged woman with five kids but still with a body and face like that is a trophy. While you make some sort of a distinction between to sets, actual thinkers and intelligent women; try this distinction out. As governor she took down a corrupt party machine and returned a couple grand a year to each Alaskan, creating a model for how the extensive energy reserves on federal lands can be fairly distributed and unleashed to halt the hemorrhaging of petrodollars, a long standing fact killing the US economy. When she accepted the VP candidacy she had an approval rating as governor of 87%, perhaps the highest rating ever recorded by modern polling methods. Compare her crusading efforts to Obama’s relationship with the Chicago machine. All it took was a little seed money from the Woods Foundation intended for HS student reform initiatives, about 50 million matched by assorted forms of pork grants to the tune of another 50 million. The hundred million evaporated under his only “executive administrative experience” with no discernible impact on schools according to a study done. Certainly, it was just serendipitous that his political star shot off like a rocket at the same time the money evaporated. Couldn’t have been anything else or our intrepid journalists would have uncovered the obvious. Rezko gave him a sweetheart land deal before going off to prison and somehow another grant Obama received to write on urban youth was “invested” (democrats love to invest tax dollars) into an autobiography, his favorite subject. I suggest you read his two autobiographies. As an actual thinker or possibly as an intelligent woman, I think a light bulb just might go off. One is written very poorly and the other is a quantum leap better. Being an intelligent woman you may wonder how the same person could write so differently in such a short span of time between the books. Any professor of letters would say such an accomplishment is nearly impossible. I suppose a kid could bang tennis balls against a wall and then play on the pro circuit a year or so later. Of course, its never been done. If you further read Fugitive Days by Bill Ayers, the unrepentant domestic terrorist, you may just stumble on to the likely authorship of the better autobiography. If there existed even a smattering of writing anywhere from the most intelligent president of all time, we could compare it and be done with the conspiratorial speculation. Alas, there is nothing, nada, zilch, zero available, except, for an unearthed poem from some class he took as a college student. It is a pitifully thing but it answers nothing of his proported talents with prose. Imagine a graduate of Columbia and Harvard Law School where he “served’ on the review board producing no written material? An actual thinker might understand that to be incredible.

  5. Geezer says:

    “As governor she took down a corrupt party machine and returned a couple grand a year to each Alaskan, creating a model for how the extensive energy reserves on federal lands can be fairly distributed and unleashed to halt the hemorrhaging of petrodollars, a long standing fact killing the US economy.”

    The direct payments to Alaskans out of the oil bounty have been going on since forever. She didn’t “create” anything. She boosted the total one year. That’s all.

    “Being an intelligent woman you may wonder how the same person could write so differently in such a short span of time between the books.”

    Being an unintelligent man, you’ve apparently never heard of “editors.” A good editor could even turn your ugly little screed into something that sounds semi-intelligent.

    Thank you, though, for reinforcing stereotypes about military people being unable to follow rules, and giving lie to the fancy about how y’all “fight to defend our freedoms.”

    A soldier who understood his job would realize that, despite his delusions to the contrary, civilians, not the military, get to determine his role and job in a foreign country. If you’re no longer on active duty, it’s one less bullethead creating enemies wherever he goes. Except here, of course.

  6. Socialistic ben says:

    “America wasn’t on the line that day, Ben. Comrades in arms were”
    Then he was not doing his job. His job was to “protect america” not show how tough he can be in front of his work buddies. Most of our service men/women are able to understand that and act in a way that bring honor to themselves and our country. Clearly G.I West was unfit for the military and it is good they were able to remove him.

    i didnt read the rest of your post bob. only the part where you were talking to me, but i did scan it and saw words like “pork” and “bill ayers” then what appeared to be a long declaration of allegiance to $arah Palin. based on that i can tell you’re just a troll and nothing you say matters. to anyone. ever.

  7. Bob says:

    I’ll grant to you that Col. West is a tad on the provocative side. He sounds somewhat like Weiner, Dean, the DNC maniac chairwoman, or maybe even BHO back in ’07 before he toned it down. Perhaps his temperament doesn’t fit the White House any better than the members of this list would or do. But, work buddies, Ben? Really? The “work” was taking down a sadistic regime where the tyrant in charge enjoyed using his Louisville Slugger on people while family were brought in as spectators. His mad dog offspring were even viler if that is possible to gauge. The regular army dropped their uniforms as planned and became “insurgents”, mad dogs with no allegiance but to their own skins. West stated that his choice in the immediacy of battle was to either craft a letter of regret to the families of fellow soldiers or craft a letter of regret to superiors for violating military protocols during an interview of a combatant, one of no recognized political organization.

    Now, any good socialist would understand the bond between workers transcends all other allegiances. Your prophet, Lenin, explained that the ends justify the means so it seems you are a contrary socialist to all that workers of the world unite nonsense. However, the rest of us understand the band of brothers’ mentality that allows such a “work team” to succeed. We refer to such patriots as soldiers. You, I believe, Ben may be purposefully dodging the key issue here. West clearly stated to his subordinates of his intentions. He meant to relieve them from any punishment or prosecution to follow due to his individual actions. No attempt was taken to conceal anything. In fact, just the opposite intention was acted out. He knew the possible ramifications and accepted leadership and the consequences. What you need to ask yourself is this. If you were going to die that day without his intervention, would you have preferred he held to the letter of the rules and regulations violated? Remember this assumes you volunteered to commit to a cause beyond yourself and actually left the comfort afforded behind the wall of protection rough men (and women) with weapons grants us here.

    Maybe you can explain from a liberal’s position this whole interrogation conundrum. Somehow, when Obama takes out nasty cells by drone attack of terrorist, even Americans among the group, this is just fine. BTW, I’m all for it. Roughly interrogating the same filth when American lives are immediately on the line is anything but OK. Killing OBL was celebrated as a huge accomplishment of President Obama’s doing when it would not have happened without information forcibly obtained at GITMO from that maniac they are finally going to execute. Bombing a nation such as Libya with no congressional participation is fine. Tying the hands of American soldiers in Afghanistan, the right war according to democrats, is a positive. Now, if you tell me you are flower child peacenik, fine. You are a child and can escape through that hole. But, if you associate yourself with socialism, a system in practice that has slaughtered more humans than any other in the history of mankind, that peacenik stuff doesn’t float.

  8. Socialistic ben says:

    Youre right. any good socialist is also blind to the fact that it is not a viable system for a country this size…. socialistic policies (see what i did there) can help us when applied to the right things…but you arent interested in that discussion are you?
    for the record, Communism NOT socialism was the system Russia tried…. furthermore, what they did looked nothing like Marx’s vison. Also, in case you are ready to bring it up, the Nazis were “socialists” the way republicans are “moral”.

    the point is, West is a dishonorable liar who our military rightly drummed out. defend him all you want, but if you really honor the military, you will honor their decision to get rid of a weak link.