Breaking: George Zimmerman’s Lawyers Give Up Representing Him; Say They’ve Lost Contact

Filed in National by on April 10, 2012

Via CNN:

Uhrig said Zimmerman has taken his own steps since they lost contact with him on Sunday, including:

– Setting up his own website under a different Web address than what the attorneys had arranged with him.

– Speaking to Fox News’ Sean Hannity by phone, apparently off the record. “(Hannity) is not willing to tell us what our client told him.”

– Calling the special prosecutor’s office directly, as opposed to through his attorneys, and offering to come in and answer investigators’ questions. The prosecutor’s office told Zimmerman that they weren’t going to talk to him without counsel, Uhrig said.

Hannity?  Hannity? This case gets stranger and stranger.

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  1. cassandra_m says:

    So right now, I’m thinking that the neo-Nazis patrolling Sanford now declare Zimmerman their Supreme Leader and then there will be weird uniforms very shortly.

    And it seems that Zimmerman is asking for donations via Paypal (Note to my Blog Mates: If this works, why aren’t we doing it?) and there is an effort to contact Paypal to shut it down.

  2. Liberal Elite says:

    He clearly wants to milk the NRA suckers. “Donate to me and I’ll save your precious SYG laws.”

  3. Que Pasa says:

    Or maybe he’s hiding from the illegal bounty put on his head???

  4. Dana Garrett says:

    If Zimmerman goes on the lam, I wonder what excuses that Que Pasa, Rockland and other racists will concoct to exonerate their new favorite murderer of African Americans.

  5. Socialistic ben says:

    you know what it’ll be, dana
    that the black panthers and rev wright are hunting him. He’s just another persecuted kinda-white man.