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Well, it must be Spring because it seems as though more crazy talk is filling the airwaves than usual.

We now get to listen to Matt Walsh on WGMD in the evenings. Walsh was a DJ on 93.5 “The Beach,” until they tired of him and his nonsense. In 2010, he ran for mayor of Georgetown and took a whopping 25 votes out of the 455 cast. Yes, he took 5.5% of the vote. He probably got his butt kicked because instead of talking about issues that would affect the average Georgetown resident, he squawked about the Second Amendment, health care reform, and illegal aliens. Yeah, those would be my top choices if I was running for municipal office.

Well, tonight on his show, Walsh decided to talk about President Obama’s birth certificate. Or as he put it, his alleged birth certificate. He started off by saying “I’m not a birther, but……..” It’s that “but” that makes you a birther, Matt. He claimed that there were “serious legal questions that were raised in Alabama,” that made him reconsider whether the President was born here or not. Of course, these “serious legal questions” were a result of that crack investigation team led by Maricopa County AZ sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse. That and some self-proclaimed “computer expert” who filed suit to keep the Obama off the ballot in Alabama. Of course, the only place you can find information on this is from RWNJ-birther blogs and websites (I won’t link to them as I don’t want to drive up their traffic – just Google Obama-Alabama-Birth Certificate and see what comes up. It’s scary shite. In fact, after reading one of the websites, it’s apparent that Walsh was reading it word-for-word during his show.

Of course, when he was challenged on this new “information,” he went into attack mode (my guess is that he’s being tutored by The Fatman). He referred to a caller as a “brainwashed Obama supporter who believes the mainstream media.” He asked the caller if he could spot a forgery – the caller turned the question on Walsh. Dumbfounded, Walsh asked the caller if he was an Obama supporter and was going to vote for the President. When the caller answered “yes,” Walsh hung up on him.

Walsh, grow up. I realize you’re all of 25, but you really need to learn some things before you try to pass yourself off as some sort of expert. You epitomize the axiom of one who opens their mouth and reveals how much of an asshat they truly are (paraphrased).

In another bit of kooky Sussex happenings, apparently St. Bodie Girl has opened a campaign headquarters on North Bedford Street in Georgetown. Rumor has it that he’s going to kick up his white high heels and challenge Joe Booth again in the GOP primary. Hopefully the Dems will run a candidate this time around (hint, hint).

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  1. skeptic says:

    Colley said the same B.S. verbatim the other day. I distinctly recall him saying, “Now, I’m not a birther, but…” He’s as disingenuous as he clueless.

  2. MJ says:

    That must be the company line of the week.

  3. cuba laker says:

    Someone call into Fatboy’s show and ask him about who paid for his brother’s cancer treatment, injury, apartment, and burial upon return from China. Hint…it was not him or his family. In fact, his brother stayed with friends across the street from his sister until State assistance could be secured (you know, from the evil government). He did not even contact those neighbors to offer financial help…even something token since Bill has no $$. But of course, it was the government who really stepped up…medical treatment, a place to live, a dignified funeral and burial…Fatboy must be ashamed…