Low Turnout in Georgetown for Sheriff Jeff Christopher

Filed in Delaware by on March 27, 2012

Apparently there was a rally in Georgetown in support of Jeff Christopher.

The turnout:

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  1. Anon says:

    Pretty weak showing by Bodie’s posse at the Sussex County Council meeting today. Maybe 40 people total that I can see from the live camera. Just because you yell loudest doesn’t make you right.

    Council read a letter from George Bunting that basically said if we ever had a county police force it should not be run by the sheriff.

  2. anon says:

    All of those people in the chamber are not there for the Sheriff, there are other issues on the agenda. The protest outside on the circle had about 12 people there, and Bill Colley counted as 4.

  3. Anon says:

    I saw many had already left, and the group on the circle got booted off. Must have forgot their permit.

  4. Jason330 says:

    I can’t make it out. Does the Christopher supporter sign say that they want their taxes to go up by 29% to support the insurance coverage that the county is going to have to take on?

  5. anon says:

    There were never more than a dozen people on the circle. It will be on WBOC tonight and you will be able to see the tiny little crowd at its peak.

    And what is that giant red blob in the first picture?

  6. anon says:

    Live county council webcam, the public statements are starting now:


  7. Miscreant says:

    Should be interesting to hear the spin Colley puts on it on his show later. I pity the fool that listens to it.

  8. anon says:

    There are 5 uniformed Sussex County Sheriff’s officers in Council chambers right now. Are they on the clock? If so we’re looking at $75.00 an hour for the Sheriff’s deputies to hold up a wall.

    I just got the headcount from inside the chamber, there are about 20 people in the chamber to support the Sheriff.

  9. MJ says:

    The giant red blob in the first picture is none other than Curley the Fatman. By the dejected look he has, he must be thinking that he could be in a warm Hardees eating a triple fatburger instead of freezing his huevos off.

  10. MJ says:

    Just noticed that the Fatman was wearing a hoodie. Bet he’s glad he’s white, otherwise the sheriff might have shot him.

  11. Eric Bodenweiser says:

    Stumbled into this site looking up the Restoration Worship Center in Georgetown. I can see you guys are having a lot of fun!

    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him shoud not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

  12. Geezer says:

    Hey, Eric: Suck my dick. And do me a favor — wear those white shoes while you do it.

  13. Miscreant says:

    Damn, Geezer, I hope you didn’t scare him away. There was some real potential for entertainment.