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Who is Ben Mobley? Here is his bio from his campaign website:

Born to young parents in 1976 in Northeast Philadelphia, Ben’s parents prayed and worked hard for a better life. In time they moved to Ben Salem, PA. After graduating from high school Ben entered the Air Force and studied at West Chester University. For the past 10.5 years he was been employed as an investment advisor where insurance has been a substantial part of his practice. He understands the nuance of regulation and the need for protection that insurance provides to families and individuals. His family consists of the best wife ever put on this earth, Nadia, (a 6th grade teacher) and two little girls who look forward to being pulled in their wagon by Daddy during parades up down the state. They reside in Middletown and attend church in Newark where he volunteer’s every Sunday directing traffic. His grandparents live in New Castle and are active in the A.M.E. church community with his in-laws living in Western Newark.

And that’s all we know. There is a video interview of him that Charlie Copeland conducted, located here, if you want to learn more about another rather anonymous candidate the Republican Party has chosen to run for office. Since he is rather anonymous, his poll ratings reflect that. 42% of the respondents are undecided or unsure when asked if they have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of him. 34% have an unfavorable opinion of him, probably because he is a Republican, though that number is lower than the other anonymous Republicans we have polled. And he has a higher approval rating than the others too: 24%.

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Ben Mobley (R)?

Undecided / Unsure –42%
Strongly Unfavorable — 19%
Strongly Favorable — 19%
Unfavorable — 15%
Favorable — 5%

Total Votes: 53 Started: March 2, 2012

Mobley does have an opponent in the Republican primary, shocking as that may seem. James Van Houten, who ran against Rep. Valerie Longhurst (D) in the 15th RD in 2010, where he lost by spectacular margins, 71%-28%. So we are going to poll him next.

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  1. Jason330 says:

    When I choose “Undecided/Unsure” for these Republican tomato cans that Sig Siglar has tricked into running, I am basically saying that I have not yet decided between “unfavorable” and “strongly unfavorable.”

    Once they get into public and get their full-blown wingnut on – I’ll have a better sense how how much I dislike them.

  2. auntie dem says:

    Oh Jason, you fair guy you. By definition, if there’s an R after their name I must be strongly unfavorable. Except for Joanne who is still one of the mysteries of the universe. ;o)

  3. DE Idealist says:

    I clicked on the link for Ben Mobley’s campaign website and was greeted with a giant picture of an American flag and the caption “This is a test.”

    I wonder if I passed or failed.

  4. DE Idealist says:

    He also has the Department of Insurance Seal on his campaign website…..Fail.

  5. Jason330 says:

    …but no endorsement from zombie Reagan. Fail.

  6. DE Idealist says:

    Not yet. Both Mobley and Van Houten are going to try fight over who is more Tea Party in the Republican Primary. Right now, I give the Tea Party edge to Van Houten, but it’s still early, and a Zombie Reagan endorsement could propel Mobley to victory.

  7. cassandra_m says:

    So what exactly is the teajadi position on insurance — hurry up and die? Do they send cheering squads out to the deathbeds of people with no insurance? What?

  8. liberalgeek says:

    As always, teajadi position will be that insurance companies will regulate themselves. Good luck with that.