Rush Limbaugh Will Agree To Contraception Coverage If Georgetown Student Posts Sex Tapes Online

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LIMBAUGH: So Miss Fluke, and the rest of you Feminazis, here’s the deal. If we are going to pay for your contraceptives, and thus pay for you to have sex. We want something for it. We want you post the videos online so we can all watch.

Parents, don’t let this pervert near your daughters.  In what situation is it okay for a 60+ year old man to tell a young woman such a thing? He then went on to say…

“I will buy all of the women at Georgetown University as much Aspirin to put between their knees as they want” — a reference to Rick Santorum-backer Foster Friess’ home-spun idea of birth control.

Has any Republican denounced this pervert’s comments yet? Know what, Republicans?  Keep going down this path.  See you in November.

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  1. anon says:

    I heard him going off on this topic yesterday and could not believe it. Apparently Limbaugh thinks that the pill is like a condom – you only have to use it when you’re having sex – and doesn’t understand that you have to take it constantly.

  2. Truth Teller says:

    Why do people still listen to this Drug Abusing Junkie?

  3. Jason330 says:

    Is his audience so numbed by enduring years of these creepy rants that they don’t know how to be shocked?

  4. anon says:

    Because unless you want Top 40 crap or country, it’s the only thing on in mid-afternoon in some areas of Sussex County.

  5. pandora says:

    I think he’s just saying out loud what his audience always thought.

    Can you imagine what would happen if any other 61 year old man said such a thing about a young woman?

  6. reality check says:

    Maybe this overweight junkie should threaten to post sex tapes of his repulsive body unless we agree to his demands

  7. Rustydils says:

    As Usuall, you guys are completely missing the point here. I have not listend to Rush Limbaugh for 20 years, but he is simply making a proposterous statement, to show how ridicoulus it is for anybody having sex, to ask someone else to pay for their birth control, single or married. It is utterly ridicoulous. Rememeber when Larry Flint of hustler magazine accused Jerry Fawel of having sex with his mother. The Federal laws allow such statements only if they are so unreasonable that no one would take them serious. Same with Rush Limbaughs statement. He is just equating the ridicoulessness of his statement, to the ridicoulessness of any person anywhere in the world believing that someone else besides themselves should pay for their birth control. Utterly ridicoulus.

    You guys have got to start thinking these things out better, Your type of attitude towards these type of issues is harming this country. Whether you believe someone should have sex or not, is not the issue here, it is simply that it is proposterous for anyone who is having sex to remotely believe in their pea brains, that someone else should pay for the birth control. Completely irrational and ludacris.

  8. liberalgeek says:

    Imagine, if you will, if Ted Kennedy or Bill Clinton uttered such nonsense…

  9. Joe Cass says:

    @Rustydils, The issue is health insurance, which she pays into and a health need of hers is not provided. Think that though.

  10. liberalgeek says:

    Actually, what is utterly ridiculous is that that person will cost the insurance company a lot more money if they end up having 3 unplanned kids. It is cheaper to provide birth control pills than obstetrics.

    And really, if you have high cholesterol, just change the way you eat… no need for an insurance company to have to pay for medication so that you can eat what you want.

  11. Rustydills Employer says:

    Great point… why I am paying for Rustydill’s blood pressure and dick meds? When he needs to simply lay off the cheeseburgers and stop having sex with prostitutes.

  12. anon says:

    This is bull shit. Georgetown University requires their students to have health care coverage, they MANDATE it:

    For all students, good health is essential to achieving educational goals. Because maintaining good health requires access to health care when you need it, Georgetown University requires the students described below to have health insurance.

    * Most students who are charged Georgetown University tuition and registered in resident thesis research or registered for nine or more credit hours in a GU degree program (eight or more credit hours if a law or graduate student) are eligible and required to enroll in the most comprehensive student injury and sickness plan offered through the University, unless their other insurance coverage meets specific University requirements.

    A charge for this Premier Plan is placed on eligible students’ accounts, per their registration status referenced above, once per Academic Year. Upon being charged for the Premier Plan, students can elect or waive the Plan during Open Enrollment, as appropriate. Only a few student’s initial eligibility occurs in the Spring Semester. The Open Enrollment Periods are:
    o Fall Open Enrollment:
    + July 1, through September 15.
    + Term of Coverage: 8/15/11 through 8/14/12
    o Spring Open Enrollment:
    + December 1, through January 31.
    + Term of Coverage: 1/1/12 through 8/14/12

    So they FORCE students to buy THEIR health care coverage and then they refuse to cover contraception?

    Rusty, is it “ridiculous” for someone to expect that “the most comprehensive student injury and sickness plan offered through the University” that they are FORCED to pay for cover contraception so they don’t have the ADDITIONAL expense of paying for contraception?

  13. cassandra_m says:

    Dear Rustydils’ Employer:

    Please stop paying for Rustydils’ STD treatments too.

    Thank you.

  14. cassandra_m says:

    I am hoping that this young woman sues Limbaugh for all he’s worth.

  15. Venus says:

    Honestly cass, can’t you tell that’s the problem? He already has tertiary syphillis.

  16. pandora says:

    I hadn’t thought of that, Venus, but it makes sense and explains so much.

  17. Venus says:

    Yo Rush and rusty. R U ever gonna understand that just because it’s called birth control pills, not everyone needs them for that. Many medical conditions warrant their usage, packaged as that or some other way. Just like methadone. I know rush probably says prescription.

  18. 12 says:

    She should be paying for her own birth control..

  19. Venus says:

    Oh, and have you guys pay for dinner?

  20. pandora says:

    And you should be paying for your own viagra.

  21. pandora says:

    I’m so sick of Conservatives and their need to control women.

    Use birth control = slut
    Have a baby out of wedlock = slut
    Enjoy sex (gasp!) = slut

  22. cassandra m says:

    @12 — Birth control is one of the reasons she has Health Insurance, but maybe when you are 21 you’ll get the clue.

    @V — It never occurred to me that tertiary syphilis might be the source of the GOP disease, but it would explain ohsomuch!

  23. cassandra m says:

    Ms. Fluke issues a statement:

    “I thank the thousands of women and men, including members of Congress, Georgetown University students and faculty, and total strangers of all political stripes across the country who have offered kind words and support following recent egregious personal attacks.

    “We are fortunate to live in a democracy where everyone is entitled to their own opinions regarding legitimate policy differences. Unfortunately, numerous commentators have gone far beyond the acceptable bounds of civil discourse.

    “No woman deserves to be disrespected in this manner. This language is an attack on all women, and has been used throughout history to silence our voices.

    “The millions of American women who have and will continue to speak out in support of women’s health care and access to contraception prove that we will not be silenced.”

  24. Rustydils says:

    Rusty Dils is Self Employed, and pays for his own needs, whatever they are. Rusty Dils does not expect someone else to pay for his life. Rusty Dils figures that God put us on this earth and gave us the ability to make a living. It is just that some people want other people to pay for their needs. What kind of logic is that. God did not intend for Joe to Pay for Fred, or vice versa. If you want to have and buy more things, you need to make more money, thats all. If you can’t do that, then don’t expect someone else to pay for your needs

  25. Deliberate_1 says:

    Let me see…
    A woman who flaunts and brags she’s having sex all the time with all sorts of people is pissed that her contraception is not covered by her health plan. By any rational person’s perspective she’s an easy score and she doesn’t even get paid for it. Last I checked, sex is not a disease, nor is it mandatory for her normal health so I’d have to argue that her nocturnal (or maybe not nocturnal) activities are more or less recreational. Can you tell me again why she wouldn’t be a S(*T and can you also tell me when soccer cleats are considered part of my healthcare plan?

    Regardless of what you think of Limbaugh, to defend the obviously loose young female (a lady she ain’t) is really pathetic but completely in character with many here. And the truly intellectual insults are very inspiring. They lend so much credibility to the discussion that it’s amazing pandora can keep her head from spinning off.

    Just nice to know you’ve got it all figured out and in case you didn’t know, by NOT having sex with every Tom, Dick and Harry you can reduce your contraception costs immensely. But that would require restraint and discipline on the part of the individual. Sorry my bad, I’m at Delaware liberal.

    Nice people real nice. Go about your business.

  26. Rustydils says:

    Anon, they can always go to a different University, so they can afford more sex.

  27. pandora says:

    Deliberate_1 is an uninformed idiot. You have no idea what you are talking about (typical). Ms. Fluke was discussing a situation with a friend who needed contraception for medical reasons. Does it hurt to be this uninformed?

    As for the rest of your misogynistic rant, I get that you wouldn’t know that women have sex for pleasure.

    Oh, I almost missed this bit of stupid!

    Just nice to know you’ve got it all figured out and in case you didn’t know, by NOT having sex with every Tom, Dick and Harry you can reduce your contraception costs immensely.

    You have no idea how contraception works.

  28. Venus says:

    I’m sure ASStinence is working just fine for them.

  29. Liberal Elite says:

    @Rustyd*** “You guys have got to start thinking these things out better, Your type of attitude towards these type of issues is harming this country. Whether you believe someone should have sex or not, is not the issue here, it is simply that it is proposterous for anyone who is having sex to remotely believe in their pea brains, that someone else should pay for the birth control. Completely irrational and ludacris.”

    No, old man… You need to think this through. Paying for birth control is LESS expensive than not paying for it. It actually costs insurers much MORE money to not offer birth control medicine. And that’s because the costs related to pregnancy are so high.

    By denying the students the right to birth control, they are taking money AWAY from the insurers. WHAT RIGHT do they have to take money away from insurers!! I’m indignant about that!!

  30. Liberal Elite says:

    @P “Deliberate_1 is an uninformed idiot.”

    I’m sure he didn’t listen to a single word or thought related to her testimony. He thinks she was bragging and flaunting???

    People like this have no business trying to tell women what to do. I pity his daughters…

    And I’m amused that he thinks she’s an easy score. To me, she seems unattainable** to mere mortal men, and exponentially more unattainable** to men like him.

    **forgive me for using the adjective “unattainable”…

  31. AQC says:

    I think a couple commenters on here need to get laid. Hope the lady dome enough to have sex with them is using birth control so we don’t risk procreation.

  32. pandora says:

    Well, that could be a problem since Deliberate_1 has no clue how birth control works. That was a truly frightening comment.

  33. Liberal Elite says:

    @AQC “…we don’t risk procreation.”

    Maybe that’s why conservatives hate Darwin so much… His theory explains why they can’t get laid.

  34. cassandra_m says:

    Or that they spend way too much time wanking to Rush Limbaugh rather than actually interacting with a member of Team Uterati.

  35. pandora says:

    I might have to comment rescue deliberate_1’s stupidity.

  36. The Straight Scoop says:

    People like D1 clearly only listened to Rush and never to what Fluke actually said. She never said anything about her having sex, it was about a friend who needed BC for medical reasons. But Rush and his minions continue to spout off based on a lie. It’s sickening, and worse, it prevents any opportunity to have an intelligent debate.

    I actually had a debate with a friend who opposed BC being provided by religious institutions. When I pointed out the medical benefit beyond preventing pregnancy, he acknowledged it. He ultimately said he didn’t think religious groups should be forced to go against their teachings, but he didn’t like preventing women from having access to BC.

    Point is, he was willing to listen and have a civil debate. That’s what’s really lost these days. You can’t actually talk to someone and sway them, you just end up yelling at a brick wall.

  37. MJ says:

    Rusty – post your address so I can refund you the share that YOU’RE paying for Ms. Fluke’s health insurance.

    You and Rushbo need to be bitch-slapped something bad. Be sure you shave your palms after watching those videos, you pig.

  38. pandora says:

    Look at Deliberate_1’s and Rusty’s comments. That is their brain on Rush Limbaugh. Neither one of them had any idea of what Ms. Fluke actually said in her testimony. They believed the lies Rush told.

    And Deliberate_1’s lack of understanding of how birth control works is breathtaking.

  39. gordong says:

    let see over 3000.00 for rubbers. over 4 yr college in which it costs 63000 a year to attend. lets say 200 days a year, in school,for total of 800 days. so 3000.00 divided by 800 days =3.75 ea. for condoms lets say they are 1.25 ea. thats 3 condoms per day for rich, elitist girls going to law school.(free at health depts)so i guess they are screwing mornings, at lunch break,and again at night. wow! i would have to agree that slut might be appropriate. lucky guys at the dorms i guess! heres a thought, quit getting drunk and keep your legs closed a little more! get your law degree then fu ck all you want on your own money! simple. health insurance companies are allowed to make money. if you dont like it drop the insurance and buy rubbers. or just get rich mommy and daddy to pay for it too. this is as absurd as my response here. this is just a way of looking at it from a business point of view. the liberal name calling is so much worse than limbaugh on here, but thats what liberals do……

  40. gordong says:

    oh yeah people are saying conservatives are ugly and dont get laid…. well look at conservative women especially those in the media, then look at the un shaven unkempt liberal ones…. no comparison at all period. conservative women appear to be more gorgeous and more well kept period.

  41. anon says:

    This is a link to a transcript of Fluke’s testimony, I don’t see where Rush Limbaugh and Deliterate_1 get the idea that Ms. Fluke was “flaunting” and “bragging” about having sex all of the time. That’s just a flat out lie.

  42. Jason330 says:

    That’s a lot of thinking about the sex lives of college students and the menstrual periods of Fox News talking heads.

    Some word say it borders on obsessive.

  43. Von Cracker says:

    There is a lot of self-affirming tripe coming from the trolls on this thread.

    Really? Hot conservative women? More like somewhat-attractive women who’ll say anything on TV for a payday. It’s more likely the words that they spew that makes them “hot” to you. “see! She’s saying something that affirms my world view!”. You’re so smart and sexy! Wink,wink!

    So when Rusty tugs one off in his sock, is he a genocidal maniac? ‘Cause, you know, it takes two to tango.

  44. puck says:

    How people look on TV often has nothing to do with how they look in real life. TV favors heavy makeup and tailored clothing. Real life favors jeans and loose hair.

    Didja ever see an anchorwoman with her face all framed with her long hair, and then when she turns sideways you can see it is all heavily starched and pushed forward on either side to create that effect when seen from the front? Weird.

  45. pandora says:

    If there was any doubt that this debate was about controlling women our Republican commenters have removed it.

    How the hell do these men, and I have no doubt they’re men, have no idea how birth control works?

    John Boehner and Mitch McConnell must be sobbing. They really tried to keep their crazy base away from making this a contraception debate. They failed. Now, they’re dealing with the ugly truth of conservative men – women who use birth control are sluts. And since 98%+ women have used BC in their lives they must view their mothers, sisters and daughters in this light.

    Talk about deep psychological problems.

  46. cassandra m says:

    And let’s not forget that a number of these so-called hot conservative women are:
    1. married to men who aren’t yet our of the closet
    2. married to men who are accused of cheating on them
    3. married to men who have to help them with their homework

    Just sayin’.

  47. puck says:

    Or driving three of their husband’s Cadillacs.

  48. cassandra m says:

    And isn’t interesting that these teajadis will go on and on and on about how Obama is taking their freedom away (which is untrue on its face) and yet these same tejadis are working overtime to make sure they take away the freedom of women.

  49. cassandra m says:

    Right on cue — one of the lead tejadis scolds Carly Fiorina for disapproving the Limbaugh language and focus on sex.

    Seriously, they don’t value any freedom except for that of White Men.

  50. Jason330 says:

    You have to hand it to them. They’ve perfected being the victim, projection, deflection and raising the stakes. In their worldview it is impossible for a Republican to say anything offensive, just as it is impossible for a Democrat to say anything that isn’t offensive.

  51. liberalgeek says:

    I don’t think that link goes where Cassandra thinks it goes. Cool story, but no teajadis.

  52. Jason330 says:

    lol We’ve been “Ruston Seaman” rolled.

  53. cassandra_m says:

    Sorry, gang — fixed the link in my comment.

  54. readbetweenthelines says:

    Though Rush could have been less emotional and used more appropriate words, his anger is JUSTFIED! I am NOT responsible for your decisions in life. I ‘am’ responsible for my own. I am a woman and cannot believe someone has the audacity and nerve to expect others to pay for her protection whenever she felt like having sex. That’s like asking people to pay for your healthy low fat foods and Gym membership fees to PROTECT them from obesity. It is a PERSONAL and PRIVATE CHOICE! I absolutely am appalled at how many of you lack the common sense that God gave the mosquito….or any other living thing with a smaller brain. How about tackling the issue with TRUE common sense, i.e. MORAL VALUES, SELF-RESPECT, VIRTUE, DECENCY, ABSTINENCE, LOVING YOURSELF!!! Let’s bring God/Spirituality back into the equation!

  55. pandora says:

    Let’s not bring god into this, readbetweenthelines, mainly because not everyone believes in your god. I know, unthinkable.

    Going by your health care standard… why should I pay for someone’s cholesterol/high blood pressure medicine when they should simply change their eating habits and lifestyle?

    Why should I pay for Joe’s Viagra when it’s god’s will that Joe can’t get it up? God obviously has decided that Joe shouldn’t be having erections anymore. Right?

    Do you have any idea how health insurance works? Allow me to answer that… No.

    On another note… there aren’t enough words to express how happy I am that Republicans have, yet again, ripped off the mask and exposed their true agenda. Keep it up, GOP!

  56. cassandra_m says:

    It is interesting that all these wingnuts can muster is this Angry White People response. There is little here that makes any sense — certainly not in terms of their hollow freedom rhetoric — except the fact that they’ve gotten the dog whistle that the GOP is running against sex this season and they are all on the bandwagon. Sheesh.

  57. Delaware Dem says:

    ReadBetweenTheLine, the First Amendment to the Constitution demands that God not be brought into this.

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…

    That means the Government may not enshrine into law the commandments of any religion or faith. So the Founders are saying, keep God out of Government. But they are also saying you are free to worship whatever God or religion you want.

    So tell me, how is providing birth control and healthcare to women and men interfering in your free exercise of religion? You are not being forced to use condoms or the pill. Indeed, you are free to refuse that coverage for yourself.

    What is making you angry is that other people are choosing to use birth control, and that angers you because it is against your religion, and you want to be able to control what other people do, and you want to force your religion onto society as a whole.

    To that I say, fuck you. You are now interfering with my free exercise of religion. You are now violating my constitutional rights.

    So sit down, shut up and mind your own fucking business.

  58. cassandra_m says:

    Nancy Pelosi wields the hammer:

    “They don’t believe in a government role except when it comes to women exercising her conscience on an issue like that,” Pelosi said. “People who choose to marry and find comfort with each other — they decide that government should step in there. But clean air, clean water, food safety, public safety, public education, public health, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security — they want to end the government role.”

  59. Jason330 says:

    I give “readbetweenthelines” a 4 out of 10 on the wingnut comment scale. Right off the bat there were far too few exclamation points. Just six overall and only one after the first sentence? Pitiful. It was like she was phoning it in.

  60. puck says:

    “ABSTINENCE, LOVING YOURSELF!!! Let’s bring God/Spirituality back into the equation!”

    OK, I can see how “loving yourself” helps with abstinence. But screaming “OH MY GOD!!” does NOT count as spirituality.

  61. Jason330 says:

    Because they don’t get the connection between having a sex life, and normalcy, I guess I shouldn’t be surprises that Republicans don’t get the connection between contraception and basic health care.

  62. V says:

    Have any of them addressed the BC for non-contraceptive medical reasons yet? I got lost in all the wing-nuttery.

    For all of our conservative friends: I was a virgin taking birth control pills for years to regulate intense monthly pain that required my absence from school/work to manage. BC made me able to function on those days and stay at my desk. Would you be against my health insurance company covering that medication (so that it cost $5/month instead of $100)? If so, what would you recommend for a good moral girl (perhaps even your own daughter) in a similar situation.

    I’m totally serious.

  63. pandora says:

    V, they don’t even know how the pill works. Go back and read the comments. Here’s one:

    Just nice to know you’ve got it all figured out and in case you didn’t know, by NOT having sex with every Tom, Dick and Harry you can reduce your contraception costs immensely.

    It’s obvious these guys think you take the pill only when you have sex. Have sex 3 times a month and you’ll only use 3 pills. The ignorance is astounding.

    And while you make an extremely valid point, be careful. Republicans would probably give you the pill for anything but sex. And with them… it’s always about the sex and controlling women through sex.

  64. Geezer says:

    “How about tackling the issue with TRUE common sense, i.e. MORAL VALUES, SELF-RESPECT, VIRTUE, DECENCY, ABSTINENCE, LOVING YOURSELF!!! Let’s bring God/Spirituality back into the equation!”

    No, let’s not. Let’s get him/her/it out of the equation, and let’s get conservatives out of it while we’re at it.

  65. Geezer says:

    Let’s also make clear to our troglodytic visitors that the “slut” in question wanted to testify not about her sex life, but about how her friend was supposed to take the pill to avoid ovarian cysts, not conception — her friend was a lesbian, and therefore had no need of contraception.

    Why is it that Republicans are so interested in sex lives other than their own?

  66. PBaumbach says:

    Geezer, PLEASE keep the facts out of the way of the nutjob’s rant. Really!

    (CAPS and exclamation marks are for Jason’s benefit)

  67. Joe Cass says:

    In regards to a national dialogue, using inflammatory and defamatory words like “slut” equates to ad hominem attacks which means you lose. YOU LOSE! Yes, I am guilty of such methods, but that’s only because I am dumb as a rock yet smarter than every conservative that has ever lived. EVER!!!!!!!

  68. Delawarelefty says:

    Limp dick Rush is just pissed off that birth control is covered by insurance and his viagra is not! He has to pay to have sex. Gee, what do you call a man who pays for sex?

  69. Jason330 says:

    Sleep Train Mattress Centers, Sleep Number Beds, and Quicken Loans so far have bailed. The only people who will be sticking with Rush through this are Congressional Republicans.

  70. Digby says:

    So it’s alright to call Sarah Palin a cunt…but this is just too far over the line? Am I getting this right?

  71. Digby says:

    “Is his audience so numbed by enduring years of these creepy rants that they don’t know how to be shocked?”

    Probably. Just like Bill Maher’s audience?

  72. AQC says:

    I think we should be more compassionate toward Rush. Impotent men usually do hate women, because it’s their fault he can’t get it up. I suspect he really hates his own homosexual tendencies.

  73. Rustydils says:

    I think everyone is forgetting, or does not understand one very important principal, the more of any particular product or industry, ie, health care, or automotive collision repair, that is covered by insurance, the more the cost of such products increase, dis proportionally compa
    red to other products or industries that are not paid for by insurance. My position is that I agree with
    pandora on one point, that birth control could be similar to bood pressure medicine, because most people would not need that either if they ate a proper diet and exercised regularly. But what I am saying is insurance should not pay for either, people should just pay for them as needed

  74. socialistic ben says:

    rusty, just like women take the pill for reason other than screwing, people sometimes have high BP for reasons other than diet…. people who have never smoked get cancer… SOMETIMES because a power plant was built near their home they didnt earn enough to move out of.. sometimes people who dont make alot of money just get sick…. if we remove clean water laws, like conservatives want, there will be a lot more sick people. unable to work, unable to produce…. mmmm AMERICA!
    you cant just demand everyone else start “living right” as an excuse for why you dont want to help pay for the public good. Just come out and say you dont care about your fellow human?

  75. kavips says:

    Personally, my take is that this is all a distraction to take away attention from what is the real news…

    The stimulus plan is working rather well. The Loans made by TARP are on track to be paid early, and the economy grew because Obama and Democrats were able to railroad over Republicans the passage of the TARP Act.

    Republicans were unequivocally wrong on this one. We’d be in a Super Great Depression if we’d followed one piece of their advice. The country would not be mirroring the success of GM and Chrysler. Instead, we be bankrupt and getting picked over by the likes of Bain Capital and other hedge funds at “pennies on the dollar”…

    This is the most awesome news in our lifetimes… Spread it around. 🙂

    And as a public service…. I’ll post this for Republicans……

    The Heimlich Maneuver® for CHOKING ADULTS

    A choking victim can’t speak or breathe and needs your help immediately. Follow these steps to help a choking victim:
    From behind, wrap your arms around the victim’s waist.
    Make a fist and place the thumb side of your fist against the victim’s upper abdomen, below the ribcage and above the navel.
    Grasp your fist with your other hand and press into their upper abdomen with a quick upward thrust. Do not squeeze the ribcage; confine the force of the thrust to your hands.
    Repeat until object is expelled……….

    If you see a choking Republican… help a brother out…..

  76. Joe Cass says:

    socialistic ben, i think i love you. kavips is spot on, of course, but you sb, made every wrong thing i said less incomprehensible. Road trip!

  77. bluecollar says:

    I agree with you Rusty, all insurance is a scam when you really think about it. Ensuring everyone has health care insurance does not mean that actual health care improves, it only means everyone is paying into the system.

  78. bluecollar says:

    kavips, didn’t the evil Bush push through TARP in October 2008?

    Spread it around 🙂

  79. Joe Cass says:

    so we save the banks but let the American auto makers fail? nice try, Mitt.

  80. kavips says:

    Wow, I’m impressed Joe Cass is quoting the Partridge Family (11:34)…. Go! Shirley Jones…. 🙂

    and bluecollar: yes George W. Bush did (as did 34 Republican RINO Senators,lol)…. it was the high point of his presidency, and the accomplishment for which he will best be remembered ….

    I think I once said he turned from neocon to socialist in less than 20 minutes. Impressive. I haven’t been in his shoes, but I doubt that even I could take it all in that quickly, and go against everything I had believed up to that point, in so quick of time…. :0

  81. Jason330 says:

    Based on what the conservatives here are saying, we should all agree to advocate for a National Single Payer Catastrophic Care insurance.

    Of course Republicans ewould never agree to that because it would be a big win for Obama. That is the opposite of what they want.

  82. Jason330 says:

    I didn’t realize how committed Republicans are to being the anti-sex party until reading the comments thread at DelawarePolitics. They really are “all in” on being Victorian scolds.

  83. pandora says:

    In my foolishness I actually engaged on that DP thread. The misogyny runs rampant. Loved the comment that said:

    If Sandra Fluke truly is paying that much money for contraceptives, she needs to have her Woman Card revoked until such time as she passes Shopping And Coupon Clipping 101.

    Here’s the main thing I’ve learned from this thread and the one at DP: These men do NOT understand how the pill works. The think it functions like Viagra – take a pill when you’re going to have sex. They think that if you only have sex 6 times a month you will only use 6 birth control pills a month.

    Breathtakingly ignorant.

  84. meatball says:

    Age, race, gender, and gentetics are all unalterable contributing risk factors for many diseases, including high blood pressure, cancer, stroke, heart disease, artheriosclerosis, diabetes, and kidney disease.

  85. Jason330 says:

    These Republican self-styled experts on women’s health make about as much sense when they talk about that as they do when they talk about the economy or climate change.

  86. Geezer says:

    “what I am saying is insurance should not pay for either, people should just pay for them as needed”

    And those who can’t should just die, I suppose. Sorry, Rusty, I realize conservatives would like to carry us back to the oh-so-lovely past, but a majority of Americans seem committed to marching on into the future. If we have to do it without you folks, oh well. Just like union members in right-to-work states, we’ll just carry your dead-weight ass along with us, and you’ll benefit along with us despite your pigheaded ignorance. Enjoy the ride.

  87. pandora says:

    Can we stop pretending this has anything to do with Health Insurance or Religious Liberty. The Republican base has locked onto the real issue, and they’re running with it.

    Via Digby:

    The new Communications Director for the California Republican Party, Jennifer Kerns, took to twitter tonight under her username @CAPartyGirl with the following:

    Stripper, or strategist? Democrat strategist on MSNBC raging against Limbaugh, her name is supposedly “Krystal Ball.” Speaking of #sluts…

    Rush Limbaugh tapped into the Republican base’s true agenda. Liberal women and women who use birth control are now sluts. It’s what they’ve always thought. Good luck putting the genie back in the bottle.

  88. Jason330 says:

    The David Anderson’s of the world have no interest in putting the genie back in the bottle. On the contrary, based on that thread over at DP, they seemed relieved to be able to talk openly about how icky non-reproductive sex is.

  89. pandora says:

    The David Anderson’s of the world have no interest in putting the genie back in the bottle.

    Exactly, J. And you know who’s really to blame for this? The so-called “moderate” Republicans who encouraged this group when they were going after liberals. Castle, Snowe, Frum, former DP bloggers, etc. They own it because it is their creation.

  90. puck says:

    Republicans were always a minority until they hooked up with the social conservatives. Now the GOP is being devoured by those social conservatives, who were hateful bigoted kooks to begin with, and now stand exposed.

    But let’s not get all complacent, because the traditional GOP agenda of deregulation, tax cuts for the rich, and foreign aggression is now represented by Democrats.

    Oh, we’ll have birth control and gay marriage for sure, but we will also have Medicare and Social Security cuts, and more tax cuts for the rich.

    The 1% do not need social conservatives anymore, and they don’t even need the GOP, because now Democrats are carrying their water. You can see it every time John Carney promises to “free up more capital for business. ”

    Democrats have only themselves to blame for that.

  91. Jason330 says:

    Great points. We’ve made progress on social issues because we have cadres of super-committed partisans imposing discipline. Now we have to make “tax cuts for the rich” and tearing apart the social safety net as toxic for Democrats as racism, misogyny and homophobia has become.