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I must say, this one surprised me. But, I suppose Tom Wagner’s staff have a lot of free time on their hands, and they use it to read DL constantly. How else can you explain a 47% strong approval rating? His overall approval rating is 55%, as 8% just merely approve of Tom Wagner’s job performance as State Auditor, though not strongly. On the flip side, 34% strongly disapprove, while 9% just disapprove. 3% were undecided or unsure. At some time shortly in the future, I will rerun this poll again but I won’t announce it, and we will see if we get different results. It is easy to freep one poll, but harder to do so consistently.

Do you approve or disapprove of Auditor Tom Wagner’s job performance?

Strongly Approve — 47%
Strongly Disapprove –34%
Disapprove — 9%
Approve — 8%
Undecided / Meh — 3%

Total Votes: 101. Started: February 27, 2012

Who is being polled today? Well, I am now turning the tables. State Auditor Tom Wagner had the honor of being the first Republican we have polled here in this tracking poll because, well, he is the only Republican elected statewide in Delaware. Thank you again Christine O’Donnell and Glenn Urquhart. But the Republican Party did manage to avoid the embarrassment of letting Jack Markell, Matt Denn, Tom Carper and John Carney all get re-elected without opposition. Now, granted, three of the four candidates they have recruited are not what I would call credible candidates to win those races. But at least they are warm bodies.

Tom Kovach, on the other hand, is a credible candidate in that he has at least won a couple of elections. Sure, they were low turnout special elections, but he has actually won something. He has held office. He has a record.

So in this non-scientific internet poll of a non-random sample, as we turn to polling the Republican opposition, we will start first with Tom Kovach. He will be facing first term incumbent Congressman John Carney in the fall, assuming he does not get O’Donnell-ed by Rose Izzo. We haven’t heard much from Kovach campaign-wise over the last few months, so I assume he is busy with his New Castle County Council President duties.

There will be a slight change to the polling question. I am no longer asking about your approval or disapproval of someone’s job performance. I am now asking about whether you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of the candidate. So here, with Tom Kovach, I am not asking you if you approve of his job performance as NCCo Council President. I am asking your opinion of him as a candidate, of his opinions and policies.

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  1. 47% of the respondents strongly approve of using one’s office to (a) cover up corruption by a political bigwig; and (b) using one’s office to help said corrupt official to get another taxpayer-funded sinecure to which he is not entitled.

    In other words, 47% of the respondents strongly approve public corruption and corrupt public officials, of which Wagner is one.

  2. anon says:

    DD, this poll should be rerun (along with the Flowers poll) at an unannounced point in time. Both of these polls had over 100 votes (while all others averaged around 60). It seems that Flowers numbers will be higher and Wagner’s will be lower. We need to find a way to make sure that Republicans don’t manipulate the poll – maybe we could use survey monkey or something and have only one invite sent to people. Just a thought.

  3. Jason330 says:

    I bet that Wagner’s numbers would go down if you put that picture of him in Ruth Ann Minner drag next to the poll.