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Sorry this Open Thread is late — much going on today. Please be sure to see Pandora’s excellent blogging on the Red Clay mess and be sure to pass this info on to your friends and relatives who might live in Red Clay. She’s done an excellent job of turning over the rock that is Red Clay decision-making.

In the Virgina Legislature that has been trying to legalize forced penetrataion for women who choose to have an abortion, one of its wingnutty members — Rep. Dave Albo — took to the floor of that body to tell one and all that after seeing his bill discussed on the Rachel Maddow show, that his wife wouldn’t sleep with him that evening. And any man who is willing to treat women’s health issues as a fraternity prank needs to count his lucky stars that he found someone who would marry him. The entire group of them (Dems and Reps alike) seemed to get their frat boy on over this one:



More in Michigan:

American Research Group: 36% Santorum, 35% Romney, Paul 15%, Gingrich 8%, Undecided 6%
Mitchell Research: Santorum 37%, Romney 35%, Gingrich 9%, Paul 8%, 11% Undecided
Rasmussen: Romney 38, Santorum 36, Feb 26, MoE 4

A statistical dead heat, it looks like, so tomorrow could be a real nail biter for Michigan. Who will go on to vote for President Obama in November.

Politco’s Tracking poll has interesting news this AM:
President Obama’s Approval rating: 53% (an increase of 9 points in 4 months)

Obama v Romney: 53% – 43%
Obama v Santorum: 53% – 42%

Dig into that poll some more and Congress is still widely disrespected, and voters still want attention paid to jobs and the economy. So what they are making of the sharia-like jihad that the current crop of GOP candidates are on, I don’t know. But it seems pretty clear that these GOP candidates are being hurt by this primary. It wouldn’t surprise me if the GOP Super PACS start their barrage of bullshit against President Obama soon.

Rick Santorum spent the weekend clarifying that is actually running to be the Pope of America::

GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum said today that watching John F. Kennedy’s speech to the Baptist ministers in Houston in 1960 made him want to “throw up.”
“To say that people of faith have no role in the public square? You bet that makes you throw up. What kind of country do we live that says only people of non-faith can come into the public square and make their case?” Santorum said.

Santorum had to pretend that Kennedy was telling these Baptist ministers that people with no faith could participate in public service. Which is far from the truth. Kennedy was telling these ministers that his particular faith would not become public policy. But then, Santorum as speaking to Republicans who we already know believe anything that is said to them, with a particular weight to anything that lets them be victims.

What interests you today?


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  1. Delaware Dem says:

    I apologize for forgetting to post the open thread. I was on the road up to Allentown when I remembered. My apologies again.

  2. pandora says:

    Cassandra had your back. You just better not let it happen again! 😉

  3. cassandra_m says:

    Awesome! John Galt is a Crybaby and So Are You

    Many of today’s “producers” are parasites, even more so than when Rand wrote her book. Mitt Romney’s form of “Bain Capitalism,” which is shared by Wall Street’s big banks, is based almost entirely on betting with other people’s money, living large when they win and getting rescued by hardworking, taxpaying Americans – the real producers – when they lose.
    And when they lose they still live large. They don’t produce jobs, they take them away.

    Worth reading the whole thing.

  4. jpconnorjr says:

    Ok I have been wondering about the trustworthiness of these “polls”. Now I know. As of a moment ago Tom Wagner had 38 aggregate Approve and 22 aggregate disapproves….. Really??????

  5. Jason330 says:

    An online, opt-in poll is unscientific? The devil you say.

  6. cassandra_m says:

    Learn something everyday!

  7. cassandra_m says:

    This is worth a LOL: Rush Limbaugh is America’s least favorite news personality!

    He comes in first with 46% of respondents and then Bill O’Reilly and Nancy Grace coming in second and third with 31 and 23% respectively.

  8. jpconnorjr says:

    I just find it amusing that the poll that appears to be the most f’d with is Wag’s. What does this mean? posters here also love Dick Cathcart? Or has Wag been a secret Dem mole all these years???… inquiring minds:)

  9. Delaware Dem says:

    LOL, I will be addressing that tomorrow morning in the results post. Obviously, it has been freeped.

    But, JP, it is not a scientific poll. It is an online voluntary non random poll. So accuracy has never been a hallmark.

  10. MJ says:

    Would love to see Bob Kerrey back in the Senate.

  11. anon says:

    The man who “joked” about Jerry Brown and two lesbians? Really?

  12. Jason330 says:

    He is their only statewide officeholder, so I guess everyone at HQ got the memo to vote.

  13. Paula says:

    Mother Jones article (tipped off to it from ARS Technica): “I was a warehouse slave,” by Mac McClelland. Wonder if the new Amazon fulfillment center in Middletown will be like the one described here.
    (Once again, sorry for not knowing how to embed links.)

  14. JP Connor Jr says:

    I am under no illusions that it was scientific…. still interesting, the guy is not even on the ballot:)

  15. Florida Republican pulls a Paul Clark – forgets to remove identifying ALEC attribution to legislation he submitted. In Clark’s case it was his wife who wrote the piece. Oops.