Saturday Open Thread [2.25.12]

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Hoping for some lake effect snows today…. In the meantime, here are the weekly messages from Governor Markell and President Obama:

West Wing Week:

REPUBLICAN PRIMARY — PRESIDENT–Romney is looking more and more like he will win the Arizona and Michigan primaries on Tuesday, but it looks like he will have a Southern problem, and the primary will continue. Good.

ARIZONA (American Research Group): Romney 39, Santorum 35, Gingrich 11 and Paul 9.
GEORGIA (Landmark/Rosetta Stone): Gingrich 38, Santorum 25, Romney 19 and Paul 4.
NATIONAL (Gallup Tracking): Santorum 33, Romney 27, Gingrich 16, Paul 11
ARIZONA (Rasmussen): Romney 42, Santorum 29, Gingrich 16, Paul 8
MICHIGAN (Mitchell Research/Rosetta Stone): Romney 36, Santorum 33, Paul 12, Gingrich 9
MICHIGAN (Rasmussen): Romney 40, Santorum 34, Paul 10, Gingrich 9


NATIONAL (Rasmussen Tracking): Obama d. Santorum (48-42); Obama d. Romney (48-41)
MONTANA (Rasmussen): Romney d. Obama (48-41); Santorum d. Obama (45-41)
PENNSYLVANIA (Rasmussen): Obama d. Romney (45-44); Obama d. Santorum (46-40)

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  1. cassandra_m says:

    A man in Juneau, AK has filed a law suit to keep President Obama off of the ballot, because he is a mulatto.

    I wish I could say that I was surprised that the GOP is nurturing folks who have no idea that the Dred Scott decision is no longer operative. If you click through to Mudflats’ post, she has links to the entire document.

  2. Delaware Dem says:

    Well, now the Birthers are embracing the pure racism argument. I guess it is all they have left. “He’s black, so he can’t be President.”

  3. Jason330 says:

    Romney: “I’m going to do it by getting us more good jobs, by getting us less debt and by getting government a heck of a lot smaller….”

    Has he evert said what he is going to cut. I don’t think he has.

  4. anon40 says:

    Best headline of the Republican primary season. So far.

  5. John Young says:

    It’s early 2012, an election year, time for DL to shake it up: NEW SITE THEME!!!! Love the angst from last time……do it up, get refreshed DL!

  6. Another Mike says:

    Flyers heading to a shootout. Should I bother watching?

  7. Geezer says:

    My wife saw on facebook that longtime NJ reporter J.L. Miller has lost his battle with cancer. One of the best writers, reporters and all-around good people there over the past 30 years.

  8. Aoine says:

    @Geezer – Funeral for Jim:

    11 am on Saturday 3/3

    reception after @ Delmar Hunt club after People’s church Bradford st and 1719 N little rd Dover

  9. reis says:

    The man was one of the few reporters who would actually return calls and take the time to review source materials. We will miss him.

    Aoine: could you clarify the addresses?

  10. Aoine says:

    Funeral at the people’s church in Dover @ 11am on 3/3

    and the reception @the Delmar hunt club

  11. mediawatch says:

    J.L. Miller — a credit to journalism, a great reporter and writer who remained and a man who remained true to his readers, not beholden to his corporate masters. I’m honored to have worked with him.

  12. Rustydils says:

    Obama is an idiot.

  13. liberalgeek says:

    More insightful commentary from the peanut gallery. Bravo Rusty!

  14. stan chaz says:

    What a circus. Republicans condemn condoms! Republicans praise children of rape as a gift from God. Republicans legislate forced trans-vaginal probes. Republicans hate women (and men) who want to plan their families. What’s next? Republicans mandate missionary-position only? I hate to admit it, but Newt was right. ‘Cause Newt and all his Republican friends SHOULD set up a moon colony…. AND GO THERE! Then, they could tell each other what to do, and how to live, and who to love…. while leaving the REST of us alone, in peace, here on Earth. Newt, I always KNEW that you were a problem-solver. Unfortunately, you and your Republican friends ARE the problem…

  15. Rustydils says:

    Just listen to the video, obama has 0 understanding of supply side economics

  16. Jason330 says:

    Everyone who understands the Chicago school, understands that it a bunch of failed BS designed to repackage rapacious greed as laudatory and beneficial.