Monday Open Thread [2.13.12]

Mitt Romney under-whelmingly won the Maine Caucuses on Saturday, but that news was overshadowed by Whitney Houston’s death. Although now it seems that Ron Paul could pull a Rick Santorum and win Maine after all. Here are the polls that came out during the weekend. Santorum has stormed into the lead in one recent national poll.


NATIONAL (PPP): Santorum 38, Romney 23, Gingrich 17, Paul 13

NATIONAL (Fox News): Romney 33, Santorum 23, Gingrich 22, Paul 15

NATIONAL (Gallup Tracking): Romney 34, Santorum 22, Gingrich 18, Paul 10

GEORGIA (Landmark/Rosetta Stone–R): Gingrich 35, Santorum 26, Romney 16, Paul 5

TENNESSEE (American Research Group): Santorum 34, Romney 27, Gingrich 16, Paul 13


NATIONAL (Fox News): Obama d. Romney (47-42); Obama d. Paul (48-38); Obama d. Santorum (50-38); Obama d. Gingrich (51-38)

NATIONAL (Rasmussen): Obama d. Santorum (46-42); Obama d. Romney (50-40)

FLORIDA (Rasmussen): Obama d. Santorum (47-46); Obama d. Romney (47-44)

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  1. cassandra m:

    The GOP caves and there is one more win. It is looking like the House will extend the payroll tax cuts without their demands for offsets.

  2. cassandra m:

    And the NJ Senate passes marriage equality, 24-16.

  3. socialistic ben:

    But Fatty Mc FatFat already said he would veto it and instead leave it up to the Oompa Loompas of south jersey to decide.

  4. jpconnorjr:

    Pew Poll Just up on NPR:

    Obama leads the three Republican presidential candidates Pew tested him against (what, no Ron Paul?) in head-to-head general-election match-ups.

    Obama led Romney by eight points in the recent poll compared with a two-point lead in November. The president led Santorum by 10 points and Gingrich by 18 points.

  5. Jason330:

    Yeah. President Obama is now trading at $0.60 at both Iowa and Intrade. That is probably close to a ceiling that will hold for a while. Around the Republican convention it will come down a few points, then, barring anything crazy, will climb from then until November.

  6. Joanne Christian:

    Hey DD–Romney in attendance tonite at standing room only crowd at the Convention Center in Arizona–the kids can’t get in—they think he’s going to pull it off.

  7. MJ:

    It seems that our RWNJ brethren at DP have copied our week in politics updates.

    And if you really want to be scared, Don Ayotte has a website up.