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This evening, President Obama goes to the House and delivers his State of the Union Address, and address that is widely advertised as either a bookend to the Osawatomie speech from last month, or an extension of it. This video was sent out on Friday to supporters previewing the President’s speech:


In a lot of ways, my address on Tuesday will be a bookend to what I said in Kansas last month about the central mission we have as a country, and my central focus as President. And that’s rebuilding an economy where hard work pays off and responsibility is rewarded – and an America where everybody gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everybody plays by the same set of rules.
I talked in Osawatomie about – this is a make-or-break moment for the middle class and folks trying to work their way into the middle class. Because we can go in two directions. One is towards less opportunity and less fairness. Or we can fight for where I think we need to go: building an economy that works for everyone, not just a wealthy few.

This is good, and certainly the proof is going to be in the detail in how he plans to get us here. According to Richard Wolf at USA Today, the speech,

will focus on four pillars for “an America built to last” — manufacturing, energy, skills for workers and “American values.”

A legislative agenda that builds upon the Osawatomie speech and is focused on long term growth sounds pretty much like what the doctor has ordered and certainly puts the Republicans square against an effort to refocus and rebuild the middle class. It is a given that not much will pass this year, and that the GOP will be handing the Obama campaign lots of gifts along the way, bolstering his campaign against a Do Nothing Congress. It is probably too much to ask that this SOTU and this campaign start us back on the road to a more grownup conversation about the government we want AND what it actually costs, and that makes established businesses live without taxpayer subsidies. No matter, it does seem certain that the era of trying to change the tone of Washington is largely over and the era of making the middle class great again is here.

What do you think President Obama needs to do in this speech? What legislation do you think he should pursue? Speculate to your heart’s content on what will happen tonight. Not sure if we’ll liveblog this one, but one of us will be by today to announce the plan

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"You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas." -Shirley Chisholm

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  1. Jason330 says:

    A speech that is followed up with a bunch of legislation that makes Republicans vote against American “can do” optimism would be great.

    Also – if he wants to kneecap Rmoney, he could agree with him on some stuff. I doubt he’ll go there though.

  2. pandora says:

    I realize that Rmoney thought he’d release his tax returns on the day of the SOTU in an attempt to bury them in a busy news day, but… all he did was make himself the poster child for Obama’s speech.

    I’d really like him to push investment in infrastructure (we are looking very shabby).

  3. MJ says:

    And Rmoney’s effective tax rate is 13.7%.

  4. puck says:

    Rmoney’s effective tax rate is 13.7%.

    Obama: “Get me rewrite!”

    There’s a very descriptive phrase for this kind of money which is both morally and technically accurate: “unearned income.”

    Most people vaguely know about the regular income tax brackets that top out at 36%, and they assume that is the rate the richest pay on their whole income.

    For many Americans, this will be the first time they learn that the rich pay a lower tax rate than they do.

    Warren Buffet tried to tell them, but the right-wing noise machine drowned him out with mockery, telling FOX and Rush viewers that Buffet was some kind of eccentric lefty who should just send in a check.

    Romney’s returns represent a teachable moment, and I hope Obama takes the opportunity tonight.

  5. cassandra m says:

    Poster Child for Obama’s speech, and if they’re smart — poster child for the rest of the campaign. The LA Times has an awesome article this morning taking a look at how Rmoney has been able to benefit from tax rules that 99% of Americans cannot. And how that benefit continues to increase as the wealthy have been able to essentially buy the tax policy that the rest of us cannot.

    If there is an example of the government designed to value wealth over work, this is it.

  6. puck says:

    “if he wants to kneecap Rmoney, he could agree with him on some stuff. I doubt he’ll go there though.”

    Obama already went there. They unfortunately agree on the two most important things: health care (individual mandate) and taxes (keep Bush tax cuts for rich).

  7. Que Pasa says:

    “Rmoney”, oh boy that sure is clever.

    Though not as clever or telling as “Cash and Kerry”, as in John ‘Effing’ Kerry, the D-Rats’ 2004 Presidential nominnee who, as you pinheads seem to forget, was/is $100M richer than Mitt Romney ($300M vs. 200M), but, rather than through hard work and business accumen, got there the (sl)easy way by marrying the sloppy seconds of dead rich men far, far greater than he. And we all thought John Edwards was the dirt bag of that dynamic duo (remember him???).

    So what did you all have to say about Romney and his money again? Oh right, thought so.

  8. cassandra m says:

    So you can tell when they’re butthurt when they start bringing up John Kerry, right?

    Rmoney is the perfect name for a man who would try to sing a “Who Let the Dogs Out” with a bunch of black kids he just met. And all of that business acumen left a bunch of companies bankrupt and even more people without jobs. At least by marrying his money, John Kerry didn’t put anyone out of work.

    Rmoney is the perfect name for a man who would propose a tax policy that would push his own taxes to close to 0% and increase the taxes of most of the rest of us.

  9. MJ says:

    Rmoney tried to hide his tax returns, going as far as throwing his late-father under the bus.

  10. Que Pasa says:

    For one reason or another, those companies were on their way out; dooming their workers to the unemployment lines anyway. Romney helped to save them and thus, kept more people sustainably employed than if he didn’t step in. On a macro level there was a NET GAIN of jobs! Did he profit from it? OF COURSE!!! That’s called capitalism. A seemingly foreign concept to the brain dead Marxists on here.

    Also, there SHOULD be a difference between earned income and investment income. As the later is usually achieved via capital that has already been taxed as earned income. Equaling (and therefore equating) the two would only serve to slow investments in new businesses and ideas that serve as the lifeblood of our economic system. Again, what is wrong with you brain dead Marxists? Was it the public schooling?

    “At least by marrying his money, John Kerry didn’t put anyone out of work.”

    Are you a 5 year-old? Or just play one on the blogosphere?

  11. Que Pasa says:

    “Back to the topic (and we’re staying on it) — Warren Buffet’s secretary will sit with Michelle Obama at the SOTU.”

    What fatuous nonsense!!! Is he going to point out…’there are oh-so poor people like a BILLIONAIRE’S secretary’…blah, blah, blah…


    When not only can that hypocritial ass clown, Warren Buffet, write a check for what he THINKS he should pay to the IRS, but he can also pay his secretary in such a manner that she doesn’t have to claim any earned income. But of course that would take away from the crybaby, tear jerk fest that abject losers –like liberals who believe in Obama’s socialist propoganda– tend to use to score cheap political points and thus, further dumb-down this nation to the lowest common, group think denominator.

    Don’t worry, it will backfire.

  12. cassandra_m says:

    Actually they weren’t all on their way out, you should read the Miami Herald article above.

    Equaling (and therefore equating) the two would only serve to slow investments in new businesses and ideas that serve as the lifeblood of our economic system.

    This is bullshit and you can see it in the current recovery. There is TONS of cash hanging around and that cash isn’t doing much of anything except making money for itself. Money made from pushing money around shouldn’t be more privileged than money made by educating your children.

    So when you graduate from the french fryer you obviously stand behind all day, you might be ready for a conversation here. A conversation that will stay on topic of the SOTU. Consider yourself warned.

  13. xstryker says:

    Buffet did, in fact pledge to write such a check, by matching anything Republican congressmen did likewise. Only one took him up on it, and Buffet wrote the check accordingly. Still waiting for a response from the Koch brothers.

    You seem to confuse income from investments with actually investing in American businesses. They are not the same thing. Romney’s money mostly just piles up offshore. These days, he creates fewer jobs than Paris Hilton. He could have gone back to the private sector if he wanted to create jobs – he’s been out of the private sector for a decade.

    It is the height of amusement to be accused of dumbing things down by someone who cannot type two consecutive sentences without slinging meaningless insults. I think I’ll elevate the debate by ignoring the remainder of your childish ranting.

  14. puck says:

    Uh-oh. Obama is going to be talking about taxes tonight. “Danger, Will Robinson!!”

    White House adviser: Expect ‘very specific’ economic blueprint from Obama tonight

    The advisor is Plouffe, not an economic advisor. Which gives a clue about the President’s tax proposals.

    The best outcome will be if Obama decides to resurrect his 2008 tax reform proposal to let the Bush tax cuts for the rich expire. The worst outcome will be if he advances some form of the Bowles-Simpson proposal, which appears to his current tax reform position. Which is also the position of lawmakers like Coons and Carney.

    Fasten your seatbelts for the tax proposal… Obama had better come out with a solid and clean progressive plan that responsibly implements the Buffet Rule. Because if he doesn’t, Republicans will start up once again with their brown cloud of BS about how the rich pay all the taxes and 40-some percent pay no taxes.

  15. xstryker says:

    Dear Coons and Carney: oppose any extension of tax giveaways to the rich, or I will write-in “Superman” and “Captain America” on the ballot. Same for you, Mr. President. No more Appeasement.

  16. Que Pasa says:

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    For what? It was directly related to the topic at hand. Is this how Delaware Liberal works? YEESH! No wonder only 20% of this nation identifies with you all.

  17. Rustydils says:

    Que pasa, I can simplify this for you. Statistics show that only 70% of the adults in the united states believe in capitalism. The bloggers on this site are in the 30% who do not. I have suggested many times that they would be much happier in other countries that more closely match their beliefs of an entitlement system with cradle to grave gurantees as opposed to a merit bases economic system

  18. pandora says:

    Please provide links to comments that prove the bloggers on this site do not believe in capitalism… or quit making stuff up.

  19. Rustydils says:

    The links are all the coments by all the liberals on this site

  20. MJ says:

    And once again Rusty proves that he’s burned out his brain cells listening to FAUX News and Rush the pill popper. C’mon, Rusty, either put up or shut up.

  21. Jason330 says:

    Indeed. The whiny white noise of Fox News punditry is all the proof wingnuts ever need, and it is all the proof they can ever provide.

  22. socialistic ben says:

    ok rusty…. by your “comments on blogs equal statistics for entire groups of people math” all conservatives are uneducated ignoramuses who spout hate and have no idea how they have been used like pawns to enrich the lives a few people who care nothing about them. i like this game.