The South Carolina Ad War

Filed in National by on January 21, 2012

Not living in a primary state, and not watching cable or network news all that much, and also not wanting to subject myself to have the horrible spectacle of the Republican primary ads. I saw the Perry and Huntsman ads earlier this fall. But none of the nonsense in the New Year. So here we go. Ready…

President Obama has issued its first ad to respond to an expected Koch Brothers attack.

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  1. pandora says:

    First, I can’t believe I watched all of those.

    Second, Mitt Romney has the worst ads. The “Restoring America’s Greatness” is painfully boring. He really is in trouble.

  2. auntie dem says:

    I couldn’t get through them all. Ugh, just ugh.

  3. Jason330 says:

    I couldn’t watch the Republicans because I ate some solid food 11 hours ago. I skipped to the Obama ad.