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SOUTH CAROLINA (Reuters/Ipsos): Romney 37, Paul 16, Santorum 16, Gingrich 12

SOUTH CAROLINA (New Frontier Strategy): Romney 32, Gingrich 23, Santorum 14, Paul 10, Perry 6 and Huntsman 4.

Looks like the Bain attacks backfired on Gingrich. Republicans love vulture capitalists and firing middle and working class people. Therefore, Romney is their hero and is gaining in the polls as a result.

Thankfully, the general electorate does care about the Bain.

God bless Stephen Colbert and John Lithgow.

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  1. puck says:

    I guess the memories of the laid-off millworkers are fading. Which is what Republicans always count on to win the white blue-collar vote.

  2. cassandra_m says:

    Michelle Obama started tweeting recently and apparently the wingnuts have decided that this is just one more place to vent their resentful idiocy are out in force:

    The 25 Most Offensive Tweets at Michelle Obama

    Unfortunately this could be the comments section of pretty much any wingnut blog or news venue. And these are the very same people who get upset when their racism gets pointed out.

  3. puck says:

    “The 25 Most Offensive Tweets at Michelle Obama”

    Angry Fat People.

  4. puck says:

    Slow connection times… DDOS again? Don’t they get that the whole point of a DDOS is to interrupt the site’s revenue stream? On that count DL is invulnerable. We’ll just come back when it’s over.

  5. cassandra_m says:

    The Root puts up a fantastic article exploding the GOP-fantasy of mostly black and brown people receiving food stamps and other social safety net programs — The Food Stamp Fallacy.

    The truth? Of the 46 million people living in poverty in America in 2010, the U.S. census revealed that 31 million were white. Ten million were black. Of the 49 million people without health insurance coverage, 37 million were white; 8 million were African American. Latinos of every race and Asian Americans represented the remaining largest ethnic groups.

    The face of poverty in America is overwhelmingly white, but as sociologist and professor William O’Hare explains in a 2009 study on children in poverty, the white American poor, especially those in rural areas, are “forgotten.”

    The rest of the article goes to detail how many people are drawing benefits from each program and the number of white people getting food stamps and the rest always outnumbers minority groups getting them. And yet we still have the unspeakable effort by GOP politicians to continue the Southern Strategy and stoke resentments by representing that it is black people who are the overwhelming recipients of this help.

    If there was a Delaware Liberal Library of Facts Debunking Right Wing Bullshit, this article would certainly be in it.

  6. anonymous says:

    Tomorrow Jan 16th…MLK Day there are three events we hope all will attend. The first: the MLK breakfast at the Chase Center. Second is at 11:00 am at Spencer Plaza, a Rally to support the African American Museum and the Mayors arbitrary decison to give a million dollar contract to the Delaware Historical Society. Today on Chan 28 organizers spoke of the disgrace of it all, after all the Old Town Hall in Wilmington is precisely where slaves and blacks were brutally treated. The third is the Occupy the dream event beginning at 12:00. Martin Luther King said, “In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”.

  7. Geezer says:

    Sorry, but the Delaware Historical Society decision is one I support.

  8. Geezer says:

    Cass: That’s nice, but Charles Blow did it a week ago in the NYT. He should get some credit, too.

  9. Geezer says:

    Puck: Wanna make this an issue with Coons? I’m up for it. Let’s see if he knows how to change his mind. It shouldn’t be hard considering nobody actually supports it once they know the details, so he’d be flip-flopping to the majority opinion. If he won’t even do that, we’ll learn that his intelligence is marred by an inability to admit error.

  10. anonymous says:

    Geezer: its like asking white europeans to create a native american museum…or germans to create a museum depicting Jewish history. This was a dirty deal, I dont think you have enough information about what happened last Thursday at the ‘secret meeting’! Where is the interest on the money Jim Sills put into the account specified for the African American Heritage Society? Hummm, got an answer for that? Why no City Council involvement, why no public hearings. Do you know the history of the Old Town Hall and the brutal treatment of blacks? yeah let rich whitey do the museum…we will really get the truth about black history.

  11. rusty dils says:

    Colbert video was hilarius

  12. puck says:

    Chris Coons has no problem changing his mind.

    What do you have in mind, Geezer? I’ve written him, and it’s too damn cold to pitch a tent in front of his office. I’m not sure what else to do except keep calling him out on this blog. If he does change his mind it will change my attitude from one of cynical despair to cautious respect. PIPA/SOPA is an easy one; the real test will come on a tax or banking vote.

  13. Jason330 says:

    Is it team Obama’s 11th dimensional vulcan chess that got the GOP to pick Romney? The way this is playing out, you have to admit that it is a possibility.

  14. cassandra_m says:

    @Geezer: The Root article is more data driven than Charles Blow’s, certainly enough to be a permanent reference and a place to be able to go find and look at the data yourself. They are more complementary than overlapping, but hey. I’m imagining that if there are issues over who gets credit, that those two writers will deal with it.

  15. cassandra_m says:

    I’m delighted with the decision to let the Delaware Historical Society create the African American Heritage Center. It means that real historians, with a habit of accounting for money properly and solid fundraising connections will be entrusted to make this happen. And re-appropriating sites of past racist history is pretty much part and parcel of telling African American history. There is an old slave market in Charleston, run by that city as a museum and heritage site. The City Council authorized the funds for this years ago, with the city putting out and evaluating proposals last year. There isn’t much need to redo this. The Afro American Society should have been much better prepared than they were. But given some of the characters involved, it isn’t much of a surprise that they were not.

  16. anonymous says:

    What a crock Cassandra! Oh I guess we cant trust black people to account for funds huh. Telling the truth about past african american history would just be unsettling for whites, huh! Your history of events Cassandra is a crock. Jim Sills put up a couple millions years ago designated for the African American Heritage group. Where is the interest on that money? Then Bully Baker comes in and puts in one million (but doesnt designate the location). Why would Baker put his own city staff on the comittee instead of holding public hearings? Your just pushing Loretta Walsh’s take. This issue is not only divisive but those who support Mayor Baker and the Bullies, will find themselves with an opponent in the next election. No other culture can write about or display the history of what white america right here in Delaware did to blacks. If the Jewish community, Arab community can write their history, why not the black community. As a black woman you should be ashamed to even write that crap. Real historians Cassandra? The old slave market here in Wilmington was at the Old Town Center. You are disgusting.

  17. anonymous says:

    Hey Cassandra: Have you seen the two proposals? Has anyone on Shitty council seen the proposals. Do you know about the secret meeting with the Hysterical Society where none of the group from the African american group were permitted into the meeting. A private meeting in a public building? You dont have the facts Cassandra, you just have a 3rd rate opinion.

    The trouble with DL is that your not fair and balanced nor do facts matter.

  18. cassandra_m says:

    If Jim Sills had put up a “couple millions” for this center years ago, they wouldn’t have needed the City’s money. City Staff reviewed those proposals because that is how contracts and grants are let — city staff review them and make awards. As somebody whose taxes pay for this grant, I certainly think that sending $1 million to a group of people who have some long term stability as well as expertise makes sense.

    Your problem is that you’ve no idea what is going on in the City besides whatever bullshit comes across Channel 28. And that you are still wrapped up in the resentful idiots who thought that Jim Sills was their savior and benefactor. It’s a fantasy word full of silly conspiracies and created narratives with no connection to fact or process. So now you’re here with this half baked foolishness on who has the right skin color to tell the history. In this thing, it is training and expertise that counts, not your skin color. Even though some of the most famous people in Delaware dedicated to the freedom of African Americans happened to be white — Thomas Garrett comes to mind. But by your very own measure, not only are you not qualified to tell any of this history, but not even to argue about it.

    So good day to you.

  19. anonymous says:

    Casandra: I sent what your wrote to the black community. You havent a clue on any of this. Channel 28 thats where I get my information from? Its not about training and expertise Cassandra its about CONTENT. As a black woman who has taken this position, you should be holding your head in shame, and have proven behind a shadow of a doubt YOU are not qualified to discuss the issue as you have NO facts on your side. I was contacted by the group as they know I have been a supporter for years. I have seen some of the documents have you, or are you just taking the word of Loretta Walsh (a Frawleyite) who hasnt seen the documents either. Do you know the exact number that Jim Sills put into this effort. If you do state here please. Do you know how much was spent of all that money? And for what? Why dont you ask Loretta to get the documents so you both are up to date. Jim Sills was a far better human being than Bully Baker ever was. And the white wash begins.

  20. socialistic ben says:

    Huntsman out, endorsing romney. ~ msnbc

  21. cassandra_m says:

    This is how completely screwed up you are Liz — you sent what I wrote to the black community? What the hell is *that* address? Because while I know that white people love to pretend that all Black People Are Alike (a thing you are doing here, I do have to point out), I had no idea that you had an address to your imaginary community. Sheesh.

    This right here is your problem:
    As a black woman who has taken this position, you should be holding your head in shame, and have proven behind a shadow of a doubt YOU are not qualified to discuss the issue as you have NO facts on your side.

    YOU are in no position to judge my position as a black woman. This is the usual bullshit of a certain group of white folks who like their black people to adhere to whatever their pre-conceived notions of how black people think. I know my mind and speak my mind and I am especially not accustomed to having white people tell me how black people like me should think. So stop this BS right now.

    So you can keep on creating your story of victimization and writing notes to your black community, while much of the black community I know is laughing at your foolishness.

    Now, run tell that. And I’ll expect an apology from you on this.

  22. puck says:

    Suze Orman?

    …the truth of the matter is that the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and years ago I used to say the middle class is going to disappear, the middle class has disappeared. Today as I sit here there is a highway into poverty, there is not even a sidewalk anymore to get out.

    Suze Orman!

  23. Geezer says:

    “This was a dirty deal, I dont think you have enough information about what happened last Thursday at the ’secret meeting’! ”

    I don’t care how the decision came about, because the potatoes here could hardly be smaller. That said, the money has gone to an organization with credibility and a record of accountability.

    If you’ve got a different story to tell from the one that will be told, raise the money yourself. Who’s stopping you? Step up, sister. Raise the money yourself. Put up.

  24. puck says:

    Not The Onion:

    Romney Gives Unemployed Woman Cash on Ropeline

    Perry defends Marines accused of urinating on corpses

  25. Coons feels that the objectionable items have been removed from SOPA and assures that he’ll ‘moniter its implementation to ensure that it is not misused to chill free expression or for commercial advantage’

    I am just glad that the SOPA pushback is as strong from the right as it is from the left. It looks like this bill is DOA despite the Senator’s support.

    January 11, 2012

    Ms. Nancy Willing
    5 Francis Circle
    Newark, DE 19711-2625

    Dear Nancy:

    Thank you for writing to me about the PROTECT IP Act. I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with me on this legislation.

    As you are aware, the PROTECT IP Act was introduced by Senator Patrick Leahy to combat the significant problem posed by foreign websites that harm U.S. intellectual property owners while escaping the reach of our justice system. By robbing U.S. copyright and trademark holders of their intellectual property rights, these “rogue” websites sap the vitality of many firms involved in entertainment, apparel, software, and pharmaceuticals, as well as their associated industries. These websites are – today – costing Americans jobs.

    The PROTECT IP Act will address the problem posed by rogue websites in two ways. First, it will create a mechanism to cut off online advertisers and payment processors, which today provide rogue websites with the cash they need to fund their illegal operations. Second, the Act will allow the Department of Justice to obtain a court order to require U.S. Internet service providers and search engines block these websites. Importantly, the PROTECT IP Act definition of “rogue” is narrowly tailored, with the goal of including only the most egregious intellectual property offenders. When this legislation was first introduced it was important to me that the definition of rogue websites be narrow enough to avoid any restrictions on First Amendment-protected speech. I am satisfied that the current legislation meets that standard.

    Please know that I share your concerns about protecting Internet freedom and access to information. The PROTECT IP Act is not an Internet black list, and all provisions in the original bill that might have been viewed as creating a black list have been removed. Additionally, the bill includes precautions to ensure that the PROTECT IP Act cannot be used to instigate frivolous lawsuits that stifle competition and innovation online. Any finding of infringement must be made by a federal judge, according to a rigorous standard, after notice has been given to the website.

    Should the PROTECT IP Act be enacted, I will continue to monitor its implementation to ensure that it is not misused to chill free expression or for commercial advantage. I take the protections of our civil liberties seriously and will work to make sure any legislation to regulate the Internet appropriately takes into account our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

    Again, thank you for contacting me. I am honored to represent Delaware in the United States Senate and truly value hearing from Delawareans on issues of concern. My website,, can provide additional details about my work in the Senate, including legislation and state projects. I value your input and hope you will continue to keep me informed of the issues that matter to you.

    Christopher A. Coons
    United States Senator

  26. The money Sills put aside for the AAHC on the East side some 15 years ago was site specific. The East side is ‘zoned’ an AA heritage area and I think it would be best to invest in the Allied Kidd building as the museum’s home.

    Evidently there is still 1.9 million left in the original ‘pot’ but 600K or so was drawn out to rehab the louis Redding home — a worthy museum project on the East side but perhaps improperly having used funds specified for the AAHC. Supposedly the new RFP was issued with a separate 1 million to be awarded to any site in the city and the DHS was chosen over the proposal by the alternate group composed of Jim Sills, Harmon Carey, Josie Roy, Ruth Baker and others which is strongly supported by the cadre of Channel 28 program hosts. I saw most of the presentations yesterday too.

    (By the way, since when is it ok for a Delaware Liberal writer to ignore the ban on outing anonys? Anony must have really hit a nerve there, Cass.)

    There are competing theories as to why the Mayor’s team wasn’t about to provide funds to the ‘alternates’.
    One is that there’s standing bad blood between Mayors Sills and Baker.
    Two is that Harmon Carey has a miserable track record with such funds. The News Journal covered two incidents where Carey paid his city taxes with a check from the AAHistorical non-profit in his control claiming that since he didn’t get a paycheck it was ok to use the funds that way when it clearly wasn’t. And then at some point when funds turned up missing, Carey blamed everything on a relative ‘who stole the money’ and mysteriously before an audit could be conducted, all the records were allegedly burned up in a fire in the back of his offices.

    I wonder if Carey had stepped out whether the AAHC would have had a better chance at retaining the funds.

    Perhaps DHS could handle the money and the AAHC could handle the curatorship and the Heritage Center could be kept where it belongs – on the East side. I don’t think Cass is right when she says that alternate members aren’t ‘real historians’. Nor do I believe it is helpful to assert that the most famous person in Delaware Black history is the white Quaker who ran the URR. That sort of exhibits the point that the story isn’t quite being told properly.

    Anyhoo, this is going to be interesting.

  27. anonymous says:

    Carey wasnt looking to be in charge of the African American Museum. He simply wanted to be assured that the last 25 years of volunteer work to have the museum actually came to pass. The one million that Baker put into the effort was not site specific, yet when it was time to do work at the Redding site, Jim Baker used the money that Sills had labeled site specific, instead of his fund which was non site specific. I still ask the question, where is the interest on the couple of million that Jim Sills administration put into the fund? The Mayor needs to come up with some answers on how he spent that money. It still an issue of why all the secrecy in the two proposals. Why didnt the city appointed staff who put the proposals together ask questions of both parties as to how they would operate with all whites on the board or would they place some black citizens who have a long standing interest in this project on the board. Too many questions and not enough answers from Bully Baker. Lets hold public hearings its time the public get to decide something in this city.

  28. anonymous says:

    Oh Casandra you either dumb or blind. I sent your comments to some folk in the black community and asked them what they thought of it. Their response, that this is the same ole white folk take on issues in the black community. Then I told them you were black. Hypocrit.

  29. anonymous says:

    Nancy: Anony did better then just hit Cassandras last nerve. She is now exposed as the hypocrit she is. Its no wonder most progressives dont come to this site. If one of them gets pissed at what you say, they attack much like the right wing teabaggers.

  30. pandora says:

    You have seriously crossed the line, anonymous. How dare you dictate who someone is, or how they’re supposed to act based on their race. It seems that you believe all blacks should think one way, and if they don’t you get to call out their blackness.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  31. cassandra m says:

    The two people I asked about this $1.9 mill in a Jim Sills account laughed out loud at that. One of whom was closely involved in the Redding House renovation. But I have no idea what money Sills has, but if he has $1.9M available, then he is way closer to getting this thing done that the DHS is. If the NJ is right, then this project needs a total of $3.5M to make it happen. The AAHC can still do whatever fundraising they are doing and still do whatever they want to do in their building. The fact that the City gave $1M to the DHS doesn’t have to stop them.

    The money the City was going to put into this thing has been authorized since *2004*. They’ve been waiting for the AAHS to actually emerge as a credible organization to do this thing and this group doesn’t even have a web presence, much less much in terms of programming that they’ve sponsored that would indicate some capability to get this Center done. In the meantime, a building they were using for the AAHS was condemned and torn down (or at least boarded up. Harmon Carey misusing funds from this so-called $1.9M doesn’t help — especially when they could have used some of that money for a better building.

    And this was my assertion:
    Even though some of the most famous people in Delaware dedicated to the freedom of African Americans happened to be white — Thomas Garrett comes to mind.

    Which comes nowhere near claiming that the most famous person in Delaware Black history was a white person. But I’ll take into account that this comes from a white person who has embraced the Channel 28 victimization circus lock, stock and barrel. But while we’re on the URR, there is a very big effort to elevate the State-designated Harriet Tubman Byway into a National one. I’ve been to a a number of (but certainly not all)meetings working on this and have yet to see a AAHS representative. But like I said, I haven’t been to all of them, but they certainly haven’t been a factor in getting people out to any of the public focus groups certainly.

    Anonys who are spinning up crazy tales and conspiracy theories with half known details about my life forfeit any entitlements to their anony.

  32. cassandra m says:

    This is funny:

    I sent your comments to some folk in the black community and asked them what they thought of it. Their response, that this is the same ole white folk take on issues in the black community. Then I told them you were black. Hypocrit.

    Unlike you, Liz, I don’t need the “black community” to tell me how to think about this issue. So your crowd-sourced and pre-approved opinions don’t mean much here. So run off to those progressive sites who won’t challenge your peculiar brand of bullshit.

  33. anonymous says:

    Unlike you Cassandra I dont shoot off my mouth without having some facts on the issue. Obviously you dont need the black communities input on your decisions…you just call Loretta Walsh and get hers, and thats yours. My opinion doesnt matter to you Cassandra, cuz my opinion conflicts with your opinion rather than having a least some facts. Ths is not funny, your funny.

  34. Delaware Dem says:

    So this Anony is the bigoted Liz Allen? We got a tip last night about new website called “Occupy Stinks.” Now to be sure, this website is not anti-Occupy Wall Street or Occupy Delaware. The real Occupy Delaware is located at Occupy is a creation of the anti-semitic Liz Allen, and this new website is a compilation of posts from across the political spectrum speaking to that point.

  35. anonymous says:

    Oh Casandra: your latest spin truly takes the cake. You have no idea how much money the Sills administration put into the site specfic account. The question is: what happened to the interest on that money over the years? Can you fathom that question. Why did Baker take the money out of site specific account, rather than out of the account his regime put in totally $1m? Its about the bookkeeping on Bully Bakers side…but I digress.

  36. anonymous says:

    Occupydelaware is not my website you idiot. So now the right wing neo con dems at DL begin their pileon…oh yeah Delaware Dem, I am bigot? Really. Because I have the nerve to speak the truth about Palestine makes me a bigot, you foolish man.

  37. Delaware Dem says:

    Well, I tend to think you are bigoted when you spread the slur “jewish bankers” everywhere.

  38. anonymous says:

    This is laughout loud hysterical and proves my last point. When one person disagrees with anyone on this site…the rest of them just pileon with their garbage in garbage out. Pandora if you have any facts to bring to the discussion pls to do, otherwise your personal attacks are simply attacks to protect your hypcrite no facts friend.

  39. Delaware Dem says:

    And this is the first thing I have been called a right wing neocon. I don’t support the Government of Israel under Netanyhu, because it is thrwarting peace. But that does not mean I support the terrorists Hamas.

  40. Delaware Dem says:

    Liz, you are the one who has engaged in personal attacks here. We are just responding in kind. And if you can’t take the pile on and defend yourself and your bile, then you shouldn’t have attacked Cassandra in the first place. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it.

  41. cassandra m says:

    Thanks P and DD. That website is interesting that someone even bothered to compile that stuff. But it is evidence (as is much of her participation here) that her relationship to facts is largely non-existent.

  42. Von Arrow says:

    Is everyone in Delaware as ignorant as Delaware Dem? I certainly hope not. Just what kind of backwoods redneck place is Wilmington anyway? Apparently, Wilmington prefers WHITES ONLY when it comes to writing Delaware black history. Does the NAACP know about this? Somebody email the Al Sharpton show and tell him what’s going on here in racist Wilmington, Delaware. What a bunch of racist white assholes. I’m letting the national media know about racist Wilmington’s racist ways.

  43. cassandra m says:

    And here we have one more reason why we need a better login system.

  44. Geezer says:

    “Apparently, Wilmington prefers WHITES ONLY when it comes to writing Delaware black history.”

    Please back up this assertion with facts, if you have any. Why should Delaware’s “black history” — an absurd term in the first place, as black history is just plain history — be written by BLACKS ONLY, to use your screaming all-caps?

  45. Jason330 says:

    As if more proof was needed.

  46. anonymous says:

    Go back to the beginning Del. Dem. I was posting the events taking place today…and then no facts Cassandra jumped in with her opinion as it it were factual.

    Geezer: what if Germany was given a contract to write about Jewish history, would that be okay with you? Or white Europeans contracted to write about native american history, do see anything wrong with that picture?

  47. anonymous says:

    Del Dem. Not only can I take it…but I can dish it. Facts are important, opinions are like ***holes, we all have one.

  48. puck says:

    “And here we have one more reason why we need a better login system.”

    You mean like Celia Cohen’s method of comment management? Or more like the News Journal’s?

  49. Delaware Dem says:


    No, like Daily Kos, where psuedonyms will be allowed, but better IP management to prevent sock puppetry, and comment ratings allowed so the community can police itself.

  50. Von Arrow says:

    I want to debate Dana Pico. What is Dana’s email address? Dana can run, but he can’t hide. Have him email me at

    There’s a few things that needs to be clarified here.

    Von Arrow

  51. Von Arrow says:

    Dana doesn’t publish any contact info or email address on his website (typical). So I’m trying to contact the Dana unit here. I’m going to make an example out of Dana. Tell Dana the Truth and the Law is catching up with Dana here and now.

  52. Von Arrow says:

    Ignorance of the Law is no excuse for supporting the criminal conduct of U.S. elected officials and foreign governments. Dana is like George W. Bush – he wakes up every morning and gets in a fight with the law and constitution and loses. Here kitty, kitty……..

  53. Von Arrow says:

    former Israeli minister Shulamit Aloni on anti-semitism: “It’s a trick we always use it. When someone from Europe criticizes Israel we bring up the Holocaust. In America when someone criticizes Israel we call them anti-semitic.”

    It’s very easy to mischaracterize people who criticize actions of the Israeli government as anti-semitic. The fact is, the U.S. State dept. has already sanctioned Israel for violating the U.S. Arms Control Export Act; which means using American-made and provided weapons in an offensive manner.

  54. Von Arrow says:
    Zionists Removing Old Helpless Lady From Her Home And Occupying It

  55. Delaware Dem says:

    Von Arrow,

    Liz used the term “Jewish Bankers.” Explain to me how that is not anti-semetic but rather anti-Israeli or anti-Zionist. You cannot, because her comment had nothing to do with Israel, and everything to do with bankers being Jewish, which is a bigoted stereotype.

    Anti-Semiticism does exist, on the left and the right. And it is disgusting.

  56. Delaware Dem says:

    Von Arrow,

    You either address my question and stop spamming our site with videos, or you will be moderated.

    You have five minutes to respond. A lack of response will result in moderation.

  57. Delaware Dem says:

    The question again is this:

    Von Arrow,

    Liz used the term “Jewish Bankers.” Explain to me how that is not anti-semetic but rather anti-Israeli or anti-Zionist. You cannot, because her comment had nothing to do with Israel, and everything to do with bankers being Jewish, which is a bigoted stereotype.

  58. Delaware Dem says:

    And I notice that the link in Von Arrow’s name takes you to the fake Occupy site. What the FUCK does Israel have to do with income inequality in the United States or Occupy Wall Street?

    Unless you are engaging in bigotry….

  59. Von Arrow says:

    Hey Delaware Dem: I’m not Liz Allen.

  60. Delaware Dem says:

    No, but you were defending her. The lack of a response and your spamming of this site results in your moderation.

    And for everyone out there, this is the reason why LiberalGeek was correct in his article A Crib Death for Occupy Delaware?.

    Liz Allen and Susan Regis Collins have co-opted the Occupy movement for their own anti-Zionist, anti-Israeli and anti-semitic ends.

    If you are a supporter of the Occupy Movement, please go to

  61. Geezer says:

    “Hey Delaware Dem: I’m not Liz Allen.”

    But it’s not the first time that a new poster has been called in for backup and proceeded to spout invective.

  62. Geezer says:

    “what if Germany was given a contract to write about Jewish history”

    We aren’t talking about “writing” anything. We’re talking about presenting history. I would prefer that historians, of whatever color, do that.

    Are you suggesting that, because Ira Berlin is not black, “Many Thousands Gone,” his history of the first 200 years of slavery in North America, has no value? Are you suggesting that, because Edmund S. Morgan was not black, “American Slavery, American Freedom” has no value? I could go on and on, through my several bookshelves of black history, a good bit of it written by white historians. For that reason, I reject your analogy.

  63. anonymous says:

    Just came back from a great rally on behalf of the African American Historical group. Yep all the community leaders of any substance were present. So, I see Delaware Liberal is up to its tricks again. Attack, attack, attack. We are talking about presenting history Geezer, true history and only the black community know that history. WE are talking about Delaware black history, and if I am not mistaken Delaware was the last or one of the last states to get rid of slavery. We are talking about African american history which came out of the east side of Wilmington, not market street where the white elites for centuries, beat, burned, slaves and returned them back to their slavemasters. The black history of Delaware cannot be told by white elites. One black on the board of the Historical Society (most of the out of towners) and a black janitor. For 140 years the Del. Historical Society could have and should have began the collection of black history, why didnt they? They only got interested when a $1 million was on the table.

  64. Geezer says:

    “We are talking about presenting history Geezer, true history and only the black community know that history.”

    You clearly know nothing about the academic discipline known as history. Answer my question above: Is history about blacks written by non-black historians of no value?

    You mention the $1 million. Until the money materialized, I didn’t notice the black community getting anything done, either.

    “Facts are important, opinions are like ***holes, we all have one.”

    And your allegations about this issue are opinions, not facts. Stop rallying and start raising money and perhaps you’ll get some respect. Money talks, and bullshit runs all over the landscape holding rallies.

  65. anonymous says:

    I notice WDEL is censoring the news. Not one word about the rally today. typical.

  66. mediawatch says:

    Good grief, Anon, try understanding the media. A lot of my work involves trying to get them to come out to events/activities of broad public interest, and they don’t get there. It doesn’t make me happy but that’s life. However, it’s not censorship, it’s that they don’t have enough bodies to go around. Remember too that WDEL is still a much smaller news operation than the rapidly shrinking and paywalling News Journal/Delawareonline.
    And sometimes, editors/news directors make bad choices on what to cover or not cover.
    Failure to cover could be the result of a lot of things, but censorship isn’t one of them.

  67. anonymous says:

    B.S. I understand the media. They cover what they want to cover. Delaware is a much smaller news operation? They are a statewide organization. Not buying it. If an issue as big and emotional as this one is not covered it simply means they chose not to cover it. Its more like, “hey we wont cover it, therefore it didnt happen”. I hate to say it, but thanks to the NJ the people of this city might get the other side of the story.

  68. anonymous says:

    Hey Geezer, the Delaware Historical Society had 140 year to do come up with black history, why didnt they? Got real interested though when a million bucks was on the table. None of this counts more than the lack of process and secrecy going on here. This fight has only begun. Baker had 12 years to do something why did he wait until now? Is Baker covering up some funds, the question remains “what happened to the interest on the monies the Sills administration put into a site specific account”.

  69. mediawatch says:

    I’m no apologist for the local media. I try to call it fairly.
    Anyone who reads the NJ and Delawareonline would have to say they’ve covered this issue extensively, with opinions expressed on both sides. Same goes for WDEL.
    You got something new — and factual — to add to the discussion? If so, speak up. If not, cut the B.S. and stop whining.

  70. anonymous says:

    who are you media watch? Are you with Delaware Liberal? No whining just calling it as we see it. If there was a republican running for office and showed up at a car wash…theyd cover it.

  71. MJ says:

    It’s so nice to see that on the actual birthday of Dr. King, two, count them, two, anti-Semitic asshats decide to bloviate on our blog.

    Be gone before I unleash my flying monkeys on you.

  72. MJ says:

    So this is what I missed because I was doing a 2.5 hour bike ride followed by a 20 minute run. Hmmm – blog or train for an Ironman? Decisions, decisions.

  73. anonymous says:

    WDEL found time to cover the event Occupy the Dream, while they didnt cover the huge rally in support of the African American Museum. I counted the crowd at more than 150 at 11:30. By 12:15 when the Dream Rally started it dwindled to about 30, by 12:45 their were about 15…great news censorship WDEL..proof positive my take that “they cover what they choose and leave the rest out” is not an opinion, is a fact.

  74. puck says:

    Here’s three Gannett papers with paywalls already up and running. I didn’t get any free views before the paywall popped up. And to add insult to injury, they are only charging $9.95 elsewhere! (Gannett wants $15 for the News Journal).

    Tallahassee Democrat -$9.95

    Greenville News (SC) $9.95

    The Spectrum (St. George, Utah) $9.95

  75. X Stryker says:

    Speaking as a Jew, I would very much like for German historians to write about the Holocaust, and Jewish history in Europe in general. The dedication of postwar German governments to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and punish those who deny it has made it possible to separate my feelings and not look at modern Germans as Nazis.

  76. Yo, anonymous, here’s the News-Journal coverage complete with video:|topnews|text|Home

    Video, I might add, untainted by editorial comment. Say-y-y-y, who’s that next to Jim Sills? Why, it’s none other than Herman Holloway, Jr. Only one thing gets the Lesser out and about, and it’s the possibility of lining his pockets.

    Oh, and the speaker talks specifically about how the $1 mill would go a long way on the east side.

    I’m not a strong defender of the Delaware Historical Society. The DuPonts and their oligarchic ilk have never had a credible nor objective history written about them there, nor will they ever. Hey, they’ve PAID for those assurances, and it’s an utter disservice to Delaware history.

    However, what I see in that video is a money grab and a grab for undeserved glory, not an objective attempt to create an Delaware African-American History museum worthy of its name. Man, if the Sills’ and Holloways’ write that history, can you imagine how much score-settling masquerading as history will be on display there?

  77. Geezer says:

    “Not one word about the rally today. typical.”

    Trying to put forward your view by whining about unfairness and attacking anyone who disagrees. Typical.

    “if the Sills’ and Holloways’ write that history, can you imagine how much score-settling masquerading as history will be on display there?”


  78. anonymous says: You dont have the facts Geezer. “Sills and Holloway” writing the history, gee Geezer I dont either were born during slavery and the horrific history of Delaware and its treatment of blacks for centuries. Yeah, let the white folk at DHS do it! DHS has no intention of inviting any of those involved for 25 years into the mix. That conversation was had and turned down by DHS. DHS white board is an indicator they care nothing about the black community or their history. Never have in 147 years and never will.

  79. Geezer says:

    “You dont have the facts Geezer.”

    This sad line again. I don’t have any “inside knowledge,” either.

    “Sills and Holloway” writing the history, gee Geezer I dont either were born during slavery and the horrific history of Delaware and its treatment of blacks for centuries.

    So you expect a Black Heritage Center not to mention the first black mayor of the state’s largest city? I may not have the facts, but you clearly don’t have a thimbleful of common sense.

    “DHS has no intention of inviting any of those involved for 25 years into the mix.”

    As this statement involves both mind-reading and future-predicting, I’m going to call bullshit.

    “That conversation was had and turned down by DHS.”

    Past results are no guarantee of future performance.

    “DHS white board is an indicator they care nothing about the black community or their history.”

    One could easily work to remedy that situation without turning over $1 million to people with no track record of business management.

    “Never have in 147 years and never will.”

    Once again, your emotion-fueled opinion instead of factual argument.


    Perhaps you don’t understand the meaning of this term. It signifies agreement with someone’s position in an argument. The way you used it signifies that you agree with yourself. I’m pretty sure we all knew that.

  80. anonymous says:

    In the last 25 years while the African American community were pushing for their own Museum, why didnt the DHS put at least a couple of black folk on their board? The only one on payroll is a janitor, typical. I am sure you will get some more information re: this issue when Harmon comes WDEL tomorrow! Many blanks will be filled in.

  81. Geezer says:

    “In the last 25 years while the African American community were pushing for their own Museum, why didnt the DHS put at least a couple of black folk on their board?”

    I would guess insularity at the least, possibly with some ugly racial attitudes thrown in. But attacking the record of DHS doesn’t increase the attributes of the competing proposal. Why aren’t you talking instead about the plans Harmon Carey’s group put forward?

  82. cassandra_m says:

    The DHS Board of Trustees includes at least one African American member that I can tell and since I don’t know all of these folks, there may be more. But don’t let me get in the way of the victimization here.

    The”African-American community” that is being referenced here are the usual self-appointed small but loud group who are always being put upon by somebody, somewhere. It is instructive to know that the MLK Memorial in DC started its effort approx 25 years ago as an idea by King’s fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha. Their push for this memorial got Congress to allocate the land, while they had to raise the funds to build the memorial. While Congress did put in about $10M at one point, the group responsible for this raised more than $100M to make this happen.

    In 25 years, the folks who have their hand out for this thing haven’t done anywhere near the work needed to make their dream museum a reality. Little to no fundraising, little to no planning (for either the building or the experience), little to no acquisitions, nothing. And this would cover a period when MBNA was here and a river of money to local arts events, when Foundations and other groups had more money at their disposal for building.

    25 years is a long time. And if 25 years was enough time for the Alphas to realize their dream, you’d think that the Wilmington locals would have been alot further along in getting to theirs.