Breaking: William Daley Resigning As White House Chief Of Staff

Filed in National by on January 9, 2012

MSNBC just cut in to report that William Daley will be resigning as the White House Chief of Staff.  Not sure what this means.


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  1. bilx says:

    Obama the 1termer

  2. anonone says:

    Which Dems? The progressives or the blue doggies? Time will tell…

  3. DE Idealist says:

    Progressives are celebrating Bill Daley’s departure more than Jacob Lew’s promotion.

    Jacob Lew is no Austin Goolsbee, but his promotion does highlight the President’s recent focus on the economy, following his jorbs plan and Osawatomie speech. In an election year, it can’t hurt the President’s re-election prospects to have a chief of staff whose expertise matches the voters’ top concern, the economy.