Friday Daily Delawhere [1.6.12]

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  1. Andy says:

    Some where at the Univerity of Delaware

  2. socialistic ben says:

    Dupont Hall. the engineering Dupont hall, not the music dupont hall

  3. Jason330 says:

    Did they build a new facade on it to make it more like Gore? That isn’t the DuPont hall I know.

  4. socialistic ben says:

    It was renovated 10-15 years ago (i think). This picture was taken from Gore probably.

    The story goes, whoever the president was at the time asked Dupont if they wanted their rival’s building to be bigger and grander and Georgianier than theirs. Dupont gave a bunch of money. I think Dupont is 10 feet higher, but Gore has more columns…. something like that. I was told all this on a pledge walk 7 years ago, so i blame any inaccuracies on that.

  5. Delaware Dem says:

    Correct. It is DuPont Hall. It’s facade was renovated in 2002. The renovations were to complete the symmetrical layout of the Green. Although political rivalry may have contributed to the fundraising.

  6. socialistic ben says:

    what he said

  7. Baba Louie says:

    Ah, DuPont Hall…

    Among other things, this was the home of Delaware’s first nuclear reactor. There was a small graphite moderated reactor on the second floor decades ago. When the EE Department was looking for more space (before building a humungous clean room on the second floor) in the late 80’s, there was still a padlocked lead-lined closet up there with a foreboding “don’t go in here sticker” and a telephone number for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on it. It had been that way for so long, that the only person who remembered what was in there was Prof. Bruce Lutz who was, at that time, not long for this world.

    After we got a disposal team to break the padlock, clear it out, and check for any residual contamination, it made a dandy little office for one of the EE grad students. The door looked like a normal wood door, but it had about a quarter inch of lead sheathing in it that made it quite the pull to get it to open and close.

    Good times.

  8. Jason330 says:

    “The door looked like a normal wood door, but it had about a quarter inch of lead sheathing in it…”

    I’m looking for a door like this for my compound. Do you have contact info for the manufacture?