New Years Eve Open Thread [12.31.11]

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Sarah Palin is feeling neglected. She tells the Washington Post that the GOP presidential candidates need to pick up a copy of her book.

“Given the concerns I have for some of the Republican field’s focus thus far, I must implore the candidates to do something that sounds self-promoting, but whatever. Candidates, please turn to Chapter Three of Going Rogue and read what it takes for our country to step toward energy independence. Note the lesson I share in the same chapter about taking on the “elite,” the crony capitalists and the permanent political establishment to get a job done. Do you really realize what is at stake? What is at stake is our republic.”

Self promoting? Sarah Palin? Never. Sarah, if you are so concerned about the focus of the Presidential contenders on the right, perhaps you could put your name forward for consideration.

The prestigious and all important Des Moines Register Final Poll on Iowa Caucuses To Be Released tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST. I predict Paul will be on top, followed by Romney, then Gingrich and Santorum in a battle for third.

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  1. KarenJ says:


    Jeanne Devon, otherwise known as AKMuckraker of the Alaskan blog Mudflats, did a page by page analysis of Palin’s ghostwritten book “Going Rogue” back in 2009 when it was freshly published. The analysis is a laugh a minute or a laugh page by page, as Devon dissects all of Palin’s hyperbolic braggadocio.

    Here are the links to the two-part analysis of Chapter 3:

    (Note: …about Jeanne Devon’s comment, “Others I know think that the gasline will never ever happen and Palin shot it in the foot.” — those others were right. The Palin-promoted gas-pipeline idea originally from the Frank Murkowski administration [that’s right, Palin didn’t come up with it on her own] is dead in the water as of right now BECAUSE of her half-a-billion deal with broker TransCanada, which didn’t have rights to anything but promised to build the pipeline.

    August 16, 2011

    November 28, 2011 )