Breaking News – Kim Jong Il is Dead

Filed in International by on December 18, 2011

The NYT is reporting that North Korean State television has reported that Kim Il Jong has died. More details as they become available.


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  1. skippertee says:

    Oh Kim Jong Il, you Elvis loving, pompadour wearing rascal, we hardly knew ye.

  2. puck says:

    Well, he had been Il for a long time.

  3. socialistic ben says:

    too bad there are no more republican debates to hear who would nuke North korea faster if they fail to become a “friend of america”

  4. reis says:

    I liked Dianne Sawyer’s visit years ago. The government controlled the heck out of her, but one fact kept coming up: there were no fat people. Everyone on the carefully sensored camera placement was skinny as a rail. And those were the ‘approved’ citizens.

    I have the feeling the place is an absolute hell hole. The only difference between NK and Haiti is nicer beaches.

  5. liberalgeek says:

    Cassandra – The Economists cover of Kim always cracked me up. I’m glad to see they are riffing on the original “Greetings Earthlings” headline.