Black Friday Open Thread [11.25.11]

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So now we shop on the official first day of the Holiday Season. Or, at least, lots of people shop. I stay away from these people, because they are amateur shoppers and amateurs are dangerous. Around my house, this is a movie and drinking day. There may be an effort to clean out the basement, but probably not.

This pretty much matches how I see the Black Friday madness:

Black Friday is also the day when Talk of the Nation’s Science Friday plays an edited version of the Ig Nobel Awards that are presented by the Annals of Improbable Research. Science Geeks, you can’t miss this!

This is also when we start getting creative about those Thanksgiving leftovers. What is your favorite turkey leftovers recipe?


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  1. cassandra_m says:

    Amazing, high schooler tweets about talking back to GOP Kansas Governor and Kansas Governor reports said high schooler to the principal.

    This is how Kansas taxpayers’ dollars are being spent. Complaining that the GOP Governor’s feelings are being hurt by students.

  2. puck says:

    That girl does not belong in Kansas.

  3. anon says:

    Sam Brownback is a douche.

    He cut spending for schools, but spends tax payer money on staffers who sit around and monitor teenagers’ Twitter feeds for negative comments about him. What a piece of shit. Now some high school has to grind all other activity to a halt while they apologize and kiss Brownback’s ass.

    I suggest making this the headline of a separate post, so Brownback’s staff will have something to do this weekend.

  4. X Stryker says:

    Lol, everyone should tweet critical things about Brownback and claim to be KS high schoolers to teach them not to waste time censoring teenagers.

  5. Joe Cass says:

    Happy Day of Uncontrolled Consumerism and Retail Greed, everyone!
    Just remember, your little deductible dependent needs that glossy piece of chinese crap more than your fellow citizen so use anger as power and pummel the nearest shopper. Ah, the season of peace.

  6. Crazy Marine says:

    I would sooner submit to two totally unnecessary root canals than go shopping on black Friday, that statement has keep me shopping frenzy free for 30 years and counting and I lifted it from Adolph Hitler, of all people, who answered the question of why don,t you talk to Francisco Franco, it keep Spain out of WW II and has keep me out of the malls, the man was good for something.

  7. MJ says:

    Black Friday was spent sitting by the pool getting a tan down here in Wilton Manors, FL. Leftovers for lunch (yes, we made Thanksgiving dinner) and just enjoying the weather. Just got back from an 8 mile run.

  8. jason330 says:

    Christopher must be looking at this and drooling.

    Gingrich Calls For Local Boards To Decide Deportations
    At a town hall meeting in Naples, FL Friday, Newt Gingrich attacked the Republicans criticizing him over his stance on immigration and reiterated his plan to create local boards (modeled on WW2 draft boards) that will determine which illegal immigrants can stay in the U.S. and which will be deported.

    Hurray ! More power for wingnut sheriffs if Gingrich is elected.

  9. puck says:

    “local boards (modeled on WW2 draft boards) that will determine which illegal immigrants can stay in the U.S. and which will be deported.”

    Hopefully the unemployed and under-employed would be well-represented on those boards, not stacked with Chamber of Commerce types.