UPDATED II: DelawareLiberal Occupy Wall Street Action MONDAY 10/10

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Important Reminder:

The DL community is going to fill an SUV with donated sleeping bags and/or blankets, yoga mats and tarps* and drive up to New York where we will deliver them on behalf of everyone in Delaware who thinks that the corporate takeover of our democracy requires a response.

We’ll be picking up donated items in the following locations:

  • Sussex – The Lewes Library @ 10:00am
  • Kent – Legislative Hall Main Entrance @ 11:00am, and
  • New Castle – The Shipyard Shops (the roundabout) @12:00

1) Think about whether you can volunteer to organize donations at one of the three pickup location on the morning of the 10th.
2) Help us find a very up to date and complete list of the occupiers genuine needs.
3) Spread the word. Twitter (the hash tag is: #DE2WallSt) , Facebook, Semiphore flags…

* As of the writing of this, these are the items that were being requested. If the needs change between now and Monday morning, we’ll update the list.

Comment Rescue:

The Occupy Delaware movement seems to be growing. They’re holding their second General Assembly meeting on 10/12 at 7PM at the UAW hall on Old Baltimore Pike in Newark. They also now have a Twitter feed (@OccupyDelaware), a Facebook page (facebook.com/occupyDE) and a YouTube channel, which now has the videos of the first General Assembly meeting.

I’ve seen posts on Reddit about their meetings and it looks as if the Facebook page has about 300 people paying attention. Not bad considering they just started three days ago.

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Jason330 is a deep cover double agent working for the GOP. Don't tell anybody.

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  1. Blu Gal in DE says:

    Here’s a link to their list of needed items. It does say that if it’s not on the list, they don’t need. Keep us posted as to time/places.

    I can help round up stuff if you need me to.


  2. jason330 says:

    Awesome. Thanks for that link and the offer. It looks like sleeping bags, blankets, yoga mats and tarps are still on the top of the list. Fleece jackets, and letters look like they’d also be appreciated.

  3. Aoine says:

    I have yoga mats for the cause!!

  4. Miscreant says:

    Hashtag? How about #DUI…

    Delaware’s Useful Idiots

    I read somewhere there’s definitely a lack of diversity at the protests. Not to mention a fair dose of anti-Semitism. Mainly groups of angry white males holding signs of hate. Sounds like the left’s description of a Tea Party.


  5. liberalgeek says:

    The hashtag is #DE2WallSt. I’ll be promoting the hell out of it.

    I have my first volunteer in Kent, who’s helping in Sussex?

  6. puck says:

    Maybe we can just order stuff online and send it here?

    Victoria Sobel on September 27, 2011 at 12:58 pm said:

    we have a shipping address now!
    The UPS Store
    118 A Fulton St #205
    NY NY 10038
    C/O Occupy Wall St

    thank you all so much for you help, we use and need it all! if you would like to send us funds please send MONEY ORDERS not checks- we are unable to cash checks at this point! also please only send non-perishable goods, luckily we are able to receive packages of any size 😉

    For around $100 you can order 3-4 sleeping bags. Not sure how soon it can get there, you’d have to check with the merchant. Example: http://www.amazon.com/Coleman-Green-Valley-Cool-Weather-Sleeping/dp/B00363V534, free shipping for 3-5 business days, but you can pay extra for 1 or 2 day delivery, probably cheaper than a drive to NYC but not as much fun.

  7. jason330 says:

    That is certainly an option. We’re going for a little more hand’s on. If you want to order a sleeping bag online and donate a case of sterile water/contact solution (to heavy to ship) for us to bring up, that would work too.

  8. Dana Garrett says:

    Poor, miserable miscreant. He can’t fathom how anyone can question his idols on Wall Street. You want to talk lack of diversity? Try your Republican Party, miserable one.

  9. Miscreant says:

    Who’s miserable? Must you take things so personal, Dana?
    I’m no Republican.
    Pay attention.
    Stop pouting.

    Explain the bigotry. It should be easy for someone who empathizes with their cause.

  10. liberalgeek says:

    Well, let’s see if it’s a true assertion before we try to defend it…

    Pictures of Occupy Wall St

    Pictures of Occupy Boston

  11. meatball says:

    Isn’t UPS one of the enemy? Coleman (sleeping bags)sold through Amazon.com? Really? I’m not sure I know what a yoga mat is so I can’t comment on that.

  12. jason330 says:

    I don’t know about that. But I do know that the Visigoths used Roman roads to get to Rome.

  13. meatball says:

    Did they pay the Romans tolls? Just sayin’. Look, I’m just as bad, I still have most of my retirement money tied up in “Wall Street”.

    Were I to make a stand, I would divest those funds. That ought to show ’em.

  14. jason330 says:

    I was talking about using an “enemy’s” resources against it. But even the best metaphor breaks down if you look at it in too much detail.

  15. meatball says:

    I know, I guess it would be better to knit sleeping bags and weave yoga mats. I question the effectiveness of this “rally” even as a reformed hippie, unless MSM focuses on the positives. Maybe the cause would better be served by a small group of means driving to NYC and initiating a letter writing campaign to each respective hippie’s legislator.

  16. Valentine says:

    This is great! I’ll talk to my friends in Sussex to see what we can do to help.

  17. Von Cracker says:

    Mis sounds like one of those temporarily embarrassed millionaires I keep hearing about.

    No worries, you’ll be one of them…one of these lifetimes 🙂

  18. Jason330 says:

    V- I think we may still need a location suggestion and someone to (wo)man the pick up point on the morning of the 10th.

  19. puck says:

    NYPD cracks down on rogue cops who crossed the line, issues disciplinary penalties.

  20. Jason330 says:

    I like the sign that said, “Dear Police, Don’t beat me. I’m here to protect your union pay.”

  21. Miscreant says:

    “Mis sounds like one of those temporarily embarrassed millionaires I keep hearing about.”

    Not a millionaire, either. Just a retiree getting by comfortably (perhaps until Markell’s next money grab). Worked hard for it, didn’t have to beg. Helped a lot of people along the way, without being asked. Not embarrassed at all. Life is good.

  22. Von Cracker says:

    Like 99% of us who are not bankrolled by corps or daddy!

    But don’t blame the DFHs for decreasing the value of your retirement fund. It takes an MBA to do that!

  23. anon says:

    Though the below linksite may be anathema to most here (certainly Rich Lowry’s comments will be), the comments are some of the best writing I have seen about the TP vs. OWS, really excellent insights from both “sides” and worth a read whichever “side” you’re on:


    The thoughtful back and forth made me think the two may not be as far apart as the bipolar thrivers want to paint them or make them, though the OWS definitely has typically fuzzy ideology and counterproductive tactics of professional protester types.

    Either way the ultimate direction: disempowering elitist control and corruption may be the same for both. The big difference (leaving demographics and tactics aside) is that the tea party detests both big corporatism and big government.

    It appears OWS is fine with one just not the other. If the OWS would wake up to how big government is what makes corporate control of the process possible in the first place, we might be able to have a real coming together broadly against the real enemies of our society and freedom.

    Problem is too many people as demonstrated here are bitterly hateful and insistently slanderous to anything Tea Party. *sigh*

  24. Valentine says:

    Huh? Big government is not what makes corporate power possible. To the contrary, government is the only entity capable of holding Capital to account.

  25. jason330 says:

    You had me then you lost me anon. This…”The big difference (leaving demographics and tactics aside) is that the tea party detests both big corporatism and big government.” is utter nonsense.

    I have not seen one single piece of evidence to suggest that teabags detest big corporatism. I’ve only seen them be very eager tools of big corporatism.

  26. Joe Cass says:

    the tea party detests … big corporatism
    yeah, the “taxed enough already” thing is the veil raised by the “job providers”.

  27. anon says:

    “I’ve only seen them be very eager tools of big corporatism.”

    Proof? Cite? Link?

    From TARP to GM, corporate welfare and abuse of power has been at the top of the TP hit list. Just because the TP doesn’t share your overblown sense of entitlement to as much private wealth as you can grab for whatever fuzzy objectives you never seem to be able to put a limit to, doesn’t mean it concurs with corporatism or is a “tool”. Not by a long shot.

    Problem is you don’t want to admit that you all are fine with big corporatism and corporate welfare just so long as it’s the “right” people raping the public.

    How much bigger does this leviathan need to be to “hold capital to account”, whatever that even means.

    Every new iteration of “regulation” just seals the control of a narrower and narrower league of corporate overseers and connected-up financial interests (ahem, Goldman Democrass). The larger and more powerful the government the larger and more insidious the opportunities for corporate protectionism and rigging of the field to destroy competition.

    The responses here seem to come from either willful ignorance of the government’s prime role as a tool of corporate abuse, the bigger the better, or plain economic illiteracy.

  28. Jason330 says:

    Please. That was weak. But here you go.




    on and on.. I’m not going to hold your hand though. You need to remove the scales from your own eyes, or pray to skydad to reveal the truth to you.

  29. anon says:

    There is going to be an Occupy Delaware. Hope your as generous when that event happens. You know that ole adage, “all politics are local”! Community Groups have contacted the AFL CIO to co-partner our event. The AFL CIO will be holding their meeting on Wednesday 10/12 at 7:00 pm. at 698 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark.

    Discussions and plans will be finalized as to date,time,place. There are other groups forming and websites being completed. We hope similiar events are being done in Kent and Sussex.

    The AFLCIO might have a kickoff event in the afternoon and community groups/activists will hold the Occupy Delaware later on the same day.

  30. cassandra m says:

    This week’s New Yorker has Jane Mayer documenting how one wealthy man has bought the North Carolina legislature and his ties to the Koch Brothers. Note how this man, the Koch Brothers and others have plenty of funding and organizing ties to the teajadis.

    Slouching towards serfdom indeed — with the American teajadis cheering it on every step of the way.

  31. Rusty dils says:

    I have been out of touch for a while. Can someone please tell me if occupy wall street knows what they are protesting, and if so, what do they want. (Do they have a list of demands). I read a link that took me to some demands published by one individual, but I definatley don’t think that is the offical list, as it would take us back to prehistoric times. Can someone tell me if there is actually some things that are specific that Occupy Wall St. is protesting for.

  32. Valentine says:

    Apparently the NY OWS is getting a lot of support already. Personally, I favor focusing our time, energy, and money on creating an ODE.

  33. Valentine says:

    In short, they are objecting to a system that benefits the wealthiest 1% at the expense of the rest of us. There are many specific things that could be done to reverse this trajectory, but for the fact that both parties are paid by Big Corporations. Basically, they want a Left agenda. There are lots of great articles. Check some of them out.

  34. puck says:

    “Basically, they want a Left agenda.”

    I think they would be happy simply with a “left-er” agenda (I know I would). Both parties have traveled so far right, an actual “Left” agenda is not realistic, and hasn’t even been a subject of public debate, except as a cartoon straw man for the right. The old Left agenda is in sad shape and is in need of major updating before it is brought out and dusted off for discussion. There’s not much left of it but the principles.

    But I agree with everything else you said.

    Oh and don’t feed the trolls.

  35. Valentine says:

    Gotcha! And yes you may be right about left-er.

  36. Joe Cass says:

    Worked hard for it, didn’t have to beg. Helped a lot of people along the way, without being asked. Not embarrassed at all. Life is good.
    Miscreant is “Herb Cain”, the “flavor of the month”.

  37. anon says:

    Veterans Network: Talked with marines on Wall street to protect the protestors from the unruly white shirted commanders. Have read that some cops had a sickin, rather than bash heads of protestors. We all wonder what will happen here in Delaware when the Occupy Movement begins. Will the police bring out the horses like they did during our civil rights marches? Will they be nice, since we have no intention of being anything but peaceful? We are in the belly of the corporate monster where anything is possible. Hoping police chiefs out here in the provinces are not taking their ques from NYPD.I wonder what other nations think of the US now with cops beating, arresting and macing people? Democracy is not a spectator sport.

  38. Dana Garrett says:

    “Explain the bigotry.” Not a problem miserablecreant. Right wingers posing as left wingers shouting antisemitic slogans to produce a smear the sheeple like you dutifully propagate. You know, like the smears of those who suggest that Obama is a Marxist. 😉

  39. Miscreant says:

    Joe, you’re either a racist, can’t handle other people’s success, or you seem to be having trouble with your white guilt.

    Pick your shortcoming.

  40. Miscreant says:

    Lame and inaccurate response, Dana. Even for you.

  41. Joe Cass says:

    Wow, little Mis gets juiced!Are your Depends in a bunch? I called Juan Williams a token for FOX and aligned you with Herman Cain so I must be klan? As to your second feeble point, I surround myself with successful people because I respect and admire their achievements. They make a living, they don’t make a killing.
    The same difference between you and I, my time is living, your time is…well, how much time you got?

  42. Republican David says:

    I have a better idea, tell them to go home. Why would they want some sleeping bag manufactured by some evil corporation? COMMIE LIBS GO BACK to CUBA where you can live in a socialist paradise plus unlike North Korea, you won’t need sleeping bags.

  43. Joe Cass says:


  44. Jack Daw says:

    Dr Mm ∓ Dd; t s s grt hr t #ccpyWllStrt. W r trng dwn th systm. Wld y cll m brkr nd s hw th trst fnd Grndp st p fr m dng Pls snd mn nd m ttn chck. nd sp — lts f sp. Yr Lvng Sn, Trpp Brrngtn Phllps xtr cdm ‘ Hrvrd ‘ Clmb Lw ‘

  45. puck says:

    From those to whom much is given, much is expected.

    Go Tripp! thank you for being a traitor to your class. The 1% class. Buy a couple dozen sleeping bags for your buddies. Paul Ryan spends more than that on wine at one dinner.

  46. John Rich says:

    I’d like to participate. I live in Delaware. Where can I find information about activity here in DE?

  47. cassandra m says:

    There is a website, that doesn’t seem to have too much info in it just yet: http://www.occupydelaware.com.

    There seems to be more going on Over at Facebook: Occupy Delaware and Occupy Delmarva.

  48. Aoine says:

    @David – ” Why would they want some sleeping bag manufactured by some evil corporation”

    the same way the T-baggers wanted GADSDEN flagsand bumper stuickers – manufactured in COMMIE CHINA

    oh – I bet that smarted!!

  49. Occupy DE says:

    Please do visit our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/OccupyDE

    I do want to clarify a point or two about this fledgling movement. We are following the lead of Occupy Wall Street. We have observed, and intend to follow Occupy Philadelphia’s democratic process of decision making. We are grassroots and will depend on the generous donations, such as you are gathering for Wall Street, but we are not going to ask for monetary donations at this point. And I only say that because there may be folks who show up with cash and want to help us. The union hall has been made available to us via their community outreach program, and hopefully will support us by standing with us. But we are not asking for money because we don’t want to be beholden to a single group who might want to push their agenda. They say we are unfocused. But within that 99% is a lot of anger and a lot of different points of view. We represent that 99%. We think our wonderful country is broken, but we love it still and we want to see it fixed. We are inclusive. We are young and old, male and female, working and not, and as many diverse cultures as want to stand in solidarity.

    The AFL-CIO is not holding the meeting on Wednesday night, Occupy Delaware is. They are generously allowing us to use their facility. Please join us.

  50. Miscreant says:

    “There is a website, that doesn’t seem to have too much info in it just yet: http://www.occupydelaware.com.”

    Truth. I did, however, see an ad for VERIZON high speed internet, and a link to an incident in 1967, confirming the anti-Semitic nature of the protest. I also followed the links to several cities, which gives the illusion that there’s widespread support, but it’s all the same page. One would think Soros could do better than this.

  51. Occupy DE says:

    I can’t attest to that website. That was developed elsewhere.

  52. Occupy DE says:

    I meant to say:
    I can’t attest to that website. That was developed elsewhere.

    Our website is still in development. We decided to go with faster and more flexible conduits: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and hopefully by Wednesday’s meeting we’ll be able to live stream.

    You know those young, underemployed hippie slacksters? They are developing all this stuff at the speed of light.

  53. N-beezy says:

    Hey, Miscreant. If you paid as much attention as you have yourself convinced that you do, you’d have seen the post clarifying that the actual Occupy Delaware movement is entirely unaffiliated with either of the .com sites. As a proper organization, their site, when complete, will be on a .org, and trust that they won’t be a pile of anti-semitic, violent wackos like you would do gladly have us all believe that everyone involved must be.

  54. Miscreant says:

    Hey, genius, get a grip, I just followed the LINK.

    “…trust that they won’t be a pile of anti-semitic, violent wackos like you would do gladly have us all believe that everyone involved must be.”

    You have to be told what to believe? How very unfortunate for you, but not at all surprising.

  55. dv says:

    it’s a good thing this Occupy stuff is happening after work hours. Perhaps the weekends would be better. That way all the people that work at Chase, Bank of America and the other financial institutions can come out and laugh

  56. anon says:

    Anti war protestors occupy DC. Progressives must reach out to tea party members, not the organization funded by the Koch Brothers, but the poor/working/middle class who got sucked into the tea party because the left has done nothing for 40yrs. Today, is the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Afganistan. That invasion took place because of the new OIL, Lithium in Afganistan. We bombed Afganistan from the 16th century to the 13th century.

    both the Occupy2011, and Occupy movement must be outside the democratic and republican party. Protestors in DC are not leaving until the troops come home. Not a promise they will come home, but actually come home.

  57. fightingbluehen says:

    What a farce. If you want to protest the corruption of Wall Street you don’t have to look any farther than Obama’s Goldman Sachs cronies who occupy this oh so crooked administration. What a complete joke.

  58. fightingbluehen says:

    It’s also quite transparent that this is an Astro Turf movement created by the corrupt administration.

  59. fightingbluehen says:

    How do these wannabe hippies find the time to occupy Wall Street anyway? Oh, that’s right. Thanks to Obama, they don’t have jobs.

  60. Geezer says:

    FBH: If you protest the government, you’ve picked the wrong target. Why do you think several of the GOP freshmen elected by the Tea Party are already being targeted by the Tea Party? The main problem isn’t government, it’s corporate “industry.” You folks go ahead and piss up a rainpipe by going after Congress. That’s like shooting squirrels. We’re going after the big game.

  61. Geezer says:

    Tell you what, fighting blue pussy: You protest what you want, we’ll protest what we want. You are in bed with the Kochs. We’re out to set that bed on fire.

  62. Geezer says:

    “That way all the people that work at Chase, Bank of America and the other financial institutions can come out and laugh”

    People like you, you mean. Yeah, you’re a real maverick, tough guy. Wait until you’re laid off again. Then we’ll hear from the whining DV again.

  63. anon2 says:

    If this was an astroturf movement, it would have one core message, not 30 different ones.

  64. fightingbluehen says:

    Thanks for the insults and advice Geezer ,but I protest the real corruption that is Obama and his cavalcade of fanny paddling Goldman Sachs Harvard frat boys.

  65. Geezer says:

    Sorry, but we see through you. You protest Democrats. We protest them all. And the insults started with you, braveheart. Just returning them with a little interest.

  66. fightingbluehen says:

    anon2—-“If this was an astroturf movement, it would have one core message, not 30 different ones.”

    It has one core message which is re-elect Obama. It’s so Astro Turf that I get rug burns just thinking about it.

  67. Geezer says:

    “If this was an astroturf movement, it would have one core message, not 30 different ones.”

    Exactly. The “Tea Party” is just a bunch of ill-informed conservatives, a rump organization of a rump political party. This is going to be a lot broader, which is why it’s currently made up of the truly dispossessed. I don’t have to agree with them on what they want; we all agree we want something other than crumbs from the capitalist table.

  68. Geezer says:

    It’s not about Obama, clown. Have you seen a single sign supporting him at any of these rallies? Why don’t you go look for one?

  69. jason330 says:

    If this is the only thing that results from OWS – every American would have to consider it a huge success.


    Sign the petition.

  70. fightingbluehen says:

    Braveheart? Did someone named “braveheart” insult you because I never did. I think you have mistaken me for someone else.

  71. Dana Garrett says:

    Readers here should realize that Miscreant is a one-trick pony. His trick is to smear whatever doesn’t fit in with his right-wing agenda. He is making the Wall Street movement out to be an anti-Semitic movement based on slim evidence and on evidence that could have easily been concocted by right-wingers like himself just so that the smear can be propagated. That miscreant is a smear artist is evidenced by his attempts to brand Obama as a Marxist elsewhere on the web. So if it’s a ridiculous smear of the left, Miscreant will most likely glom onto it. It’s his only trick.

  72. Dana Garrett says:

    Jason, what a great petition. We definitely need an amendment like that. It would transform politics in the USA.

  73. Geezer says:

    I followed the link. I don’t see the 1967 clip there, or anything else that smacks of anti-Semitism. I do, however, see a Rand Paul ad, which indicates to me that this isn’t a liberal site at all. Looks like cyber-squatting to me.

  74. fightingbluehen says:

    Geezer-“Have you seen a single sign supporting him at any of these rallies? Why don’t you go look for one?”

    Signs would make it a little too obvious don’t you think ? More like I should be looking for the George Soros sponsored operators who will be politely removing anything that is political.

  75. Dana Garrett says:

    “That way all the people that work at Chase, Bank of America and the other financial institutions can come out and laugh”

    It won’t be the rank and file workers in these institutions that are laughing. They will be sympathetic. They know too well the effects of wealth inequality in the USA.

  76. Geezer says:

    FBH: It was just a play on “fighting blue.” Get it?

    If you didn’t mean to insult all the “wannabe hippies,” then I take back my insults toward you. Let me say it more nicely: I haven’t seen a single Obama supporter out there yet. The closest they come is pointing out that he’s better than anybody the Republicans have put forward so far. Let’s note that this is a very low standard to meet.

  77. Dana Garrett says:

    “Signs would make it a little too obvious don’t you think?” Wow, what a clever conspiracy. It’s such a pervasive and thoroughgoing conspiracy that it can reach down into the minds of each individual in this social movement and keep them from making signs to support Obama–the real reason for the movement, eh? Do you know how ridiculous you sound?

  78. Geezer says:

    George Soros? Really? Any other bogeymen to flog?

  79. Geezer says:

    “It won’t be the rank and file workers in these institutions that are laughing. They will be sympathetic.”

    Silly Dana. Banks don’t have “rank and file workers.” At banks, the next step up from teller is vice president. Now you know why.

  80. fightingbluehen says:

    The truth is often ridiculous. Go to one of these protests and wear an Obama shirt. I am curious as to what would happen.

  81. fightingbluehen says:

    I just feel sorry for all those liberals with big fat stock portfolios out there who would be hypocrites if they were a part of this occupy Wall Street movement. I mean all their friends are out protesting up a storm and they will have nothing to do.

  82. Geezer says:

    Whatever would happen, we’ve come a long way from Astroturf. If you’re saying they prefer Obama to a Republican, well, duh.

    Like the Right, the Left has a permanently disaffected fringe of characters you can count on to show up at anything smacking of political demonstrations. Instead of LaRouchies and Paulians, ours tend to be knit-cap-wearing, drum-beating anarchists (apologies to my drumming, hemp-wearing friends).

    Folks like that pounce on any remotely like-minded movement quickly. The measure of success will be how many real people eventually glom onto it. That’s how social movements work, as anyone who cheers the Tea Party should well know.

  83. Geezer says:

    Owning stock is not itself the problem. Nice try at diverting attention, but participation in the market system of capitalism does not mean you cannot call for reform of that system.

    I mean, conservatives vote and try to take over a system they profess to loathe, right? We don’t have the same rights you do?

  84. donviti says:

    People like you, you mean. Yeah, you’re a real maverick, tough guy. Wait until you’re laid off again. Then we’ll hear from the whining DV again.

    Oh tough words Mr. voice of affected America. Way to really come at me hard. I’m no maverick, I just think this attempt to help out Occupy with Blankets is a FUCKING JOKE.

    what the fuck is the point of dropping off blankets and then going back to work? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME.

    I can see it now. MLK marching to Alabama with Black folks driving by in their cars stopping to during their lunch breaks and after work to join the cause for a few minutes. Then driving away to feel like they’ve done their part.

    This is isn’t some great movement. this is hardly even a BM that Christiana could sample from.

    Sooooooooo do us all a favor DL commies….protest or save your 2nd hand blankets for the Salvation Army.

  85. jason330 says:

    “….protest or save your 2nd hand blankets for the Salvation Army”

    How could anyone be sure that their “protest” was pure enough to pass OutsidetheMachine muster?

  86. fightingbluehen says:

    If you profit from Wall Street and you also protest Wall Street, I believe that makes you a hypocrite.
    It would be like doing drugs and then marching in an anti drug march.
    It would be like being gay and drinking orange juice with Anita Bryant.
    It would be like a drunk cheering up the local ladies Temperance demonstration.

  87. fightingbluehen says:

    It would be like Donald trump attending a twelve step program for gamblers.
    It would be like Hugh Grant protesting hookers down at the local red light district.
    It would be like Pee Wee Herman joining Christine O’Donnell’s anti masturbation campaign.

  88. fightingbluehen says:

    Rabbi Ashkenaz eating a cheeseburger
    Michelle Obama eating a cheeseburger
    Ruth Ann Miner smoking in a restaurant while eating a cheeseburger.

  89. donviti says:

    Try protesting not during a lunch break. That should pretty much pass any protest muster.

    Im pretty sure that if you make plans to stop a drive thru bc you can’t take more than hour break and risk getting in trouble means you aren’t protesting shit.

    Look up what protesting means people. Handing out blankets to real protesters isn’t it.

  90. Dana Garrett says:

    Donviti, I am not even sure what your point is in your comment above. Are you saying that have to quit their jobs in order to make this movement worthwhile and significant? That doesn’t follow.

  91. jason330 says:

    I’d rather do what I can, than do nothing because I can’t do enough.

  92. nemski says:

    I’m confused by some commenters lack of understanding of what protesting means?

  93. Dana Garrett says:

    ” I’d rather do what I can, than do nothing because I can’t do enough.” Well said, Jason. In fact, it is so well said, can I steal it? 🙂

  94. anon says:

    Geezer: I saw the Ron Paul ad up on their sight too. Its against all the movements non partisan, non political, no dems, no repukes mantra. Maybe there are some Ron Paulers in that group and maybe the others havent seen that ad. I found it revolting. You wont see that at: http://www.occupy-delware.com. We are sick of both parties, sick of the corporates owning our politicans.

  95. Dana Garrett says:

    Anon, you know perfectly well that the site w/ the Ron Paul link isn’t associated w/ the group forming in DE that will be having its 2nd General Assembly on Wednesday night. You were TOLD that. So why are you making this allegation here?

  96. Miscreant says:

    This is high comedy:



  97. Dana Garrett says:

    Somehow I am not getting the joke, Miserable-crenat. You think that just because someone is a congressperson he should be entitled to special speaking privileges? You just have no concept of a non-elitist orientation, do you?

  98. Miscreant says:

    “Somehow I am not getting the joke,…, blah blah”

    You, obviously, ARE the joke. You’re too hopelessly stupid to understand me, so just get over me.

  99. Dana Garrett says:

    Poor miserable-creant, makes a claim that something is comedic and then can’t defend the proposition. Oh, by the way, that group that infiltrated the Occupy Web street protest is a RIGHT WING neo-nazi group going by the name Occupy Zionism. So, it was an infiltration group of righties just as I predicted. But you couldn’t wait for the evidence. You couldn’t wait to propagate a smear. You are one miserable person.

  100. anon2too says:

    Miscreant the claim that the protesters are mostly white came from that lying sack of shit Michelle Malkin, who is reading from her new copy of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and trying to turn the racism of the Tea Party and pin it on the Wall Street protesters. She, as usual, is full of shit.

    But there is one thing for sure, the average age at the Wall Street protests is probably around 25, while the average at at a Tea Party rally is 75. People want to make fun of the Wall Street protesters because they don’t work, while the Tea Partiers are a bunch of retirees who whine about government handouts while they vote in a block to protect their medicare and jam up congressional phone lines because they did get a COLA for their Social Security…

    Now claim that they “worked for Social Security” and then realize that what most retirees paid into SS is a pittance compared to what they end up collecting over their lifetimes…and don’t touch their fucking medicare….or their Bush prescription drugs…

  101. Miscreant says:

    The only thing “comedic” here is, as always, your reaction. Neo-Nazi Infiltration? Really?

    Just look at the pictures in any of the media. Like mnay leftist astroturf events, what few minorities present are bussed in and paid.
    A rant on Social Security? Really?

    “Now claim that they “worked for Social Security” and then realize that what most retirees paid into SS is a pittance compared to what they end up collecting over their lifetimes…and don’t touch their fucking medicare….or their Bush prescription drugs…”

    Ha! You must really hate older people. While not being eligible for SS for quite a few years, I will gladly take it. I don’t know if I paid for it, but I involuntarily paid into it for decades.

    Do carry on.

  102. anon2too says:

    I’ve looked at the pictures, have you? I think not. Look at what Geek posted. And at this:


    And yeah, Social Security. I haven’t seen one tea partier holding up a sign that says,




  103. Miscreant says:

    Great pictures from The Atlantic, who obviously went out of their way to portray this as a culturally diverse event. Despite that, there were still a small percentage of minorities. Did you see all those old people in those pictures?


  104. cassandra m says:

    I was just up there today — and it *is* quite diverse. Certainly more diverse than any group of teajadis in one place and apparently that is the problem. That somehow the Occupiers really do attract a wider range of folks that the teajadis ever could.

    I saw two groups of protesters — Liberty St Park and Washington St Park. Lots of races, lots of ages, men and women, handicapped folks. Which won’t make much difference I imagine — if Michele Malkin’s ravings have any credibility with you, the account of a real eyewitness will apparently make your head explode. But there you have it — letting other people do your thinking for you who haven’t even demonstrated that they can think for themselves.

  105. independent voter says:

    Ah Mis, a troll with purpose, but still just a troll. -G

  106. Aoine says:

    Hi Geezer – can you cool it on the “Pussy” references

    I would rather not have something near and dear to my…heart and probably yours too, in the same sentance with that…. dick “fightingbluehen”

    Whoops – did I say that??

    thanks 😉

  107. Miscreant says:

    “…a troll with purpose, but still just a troll…”

    Oh no, the dreaded “T” word. And your contribution to the discussion is…?

    Thought so, coward.

  108. independent voter says:

    “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”

    – U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 21, 1864
    (letter to Col. William F. Elkins)

  109. Geezer says:

    FBH: It would be like saying you hate the government but voting anyway — just like you guys do all the time. Try that one.

  110. Geezer says:

    “Sooooooooo do us all a favor DL commies….protest or save your 2nd hand blankets for the Salvation Army.”

    For several years now, you have paraded your confused, conflicted, anti-whatever feelings on teh blogosphere. When you were unemployed, corporate America sucked. Now that you’re employed, anyone who dislikes corporate America sucks.

    You have lots of criticism for anyone else who happens to have feelings like yours but takes the time to try to understand them instead of lashing out at everybody else over them.

    You’re a sad, angry mental case with a burning desire to be listened to, but without the ability to put together a coherent or interesting message.

    Go back to pushing paper across your desk and fuming at your corporate masters. Do the rest of us a favor and work out your demons on your own blog.

  111. Geezer says:

    No, I can’t cool it on the pussy references. Woman up.