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Please stop by later today for posts about Dick Perry, Condoleezza Rice, Howard Dean, Muslims in America, Rick Santorum.

Anti-Gay Republican Politician posts pictures of his anus to document weight loss. Yeah right. (Read)

Preacher posts prayers in tongues on Facebook. And you thought I was joking about Christine O’Donnell tweeting in tongues. (Read)


Twitter is faster than an earthquake.



Signs for the criminally stupid shoppers.


Hurricane Katia on a slow boat to North America.


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  1. Topic ‘o the day: When our DC delegation thinks it’s ok to fund these latest wars by using state’s guards and reserves and all of their equipment, they are ripping us off, big time. I am looking at you, Tom Carper.

  2. MJ says:

    The PR senator showed his tushy when he should have been showing his pinga. LOL. Wait for the peanut gallery to chime in about how sad this situation is and how we should feel sorry for this dirtbag.

  3. Miscreant says:

    I can’t seem to leave town without Delaware having a hurricane (or two) or a blizzard. We’re holed up in Houston, British Columbia for a few days while our vehicle is getting repaired. This campground has fastest WiFi I’ve since I left Anchorage… except Delaware Liberal loads up painfully slow. They don’t like liberals much up here, so it may be conspiracy.


    Can’t believe the liquor prices up here. Roughly 2.5 times the prices in the U.S. A clerk told me it’s pretty much how they pay for their socialized medical care system. Consequently, everyone makes their own. There are specialty shops that sell beer and wine making supplies.

  4. meatball says:

    Hey Mis, I’ve been brewing fantastic beer right here in Sussex for years. There is a supply shop right outside of Lewes on rt9 and another in the Newark/Pikecreek area. I mailorder bulk grains mostly from California and Wisconsin. And a few years ago during the hops shortage, I planted several varieties on my property.

    The Delaware State fair just held Delaware’s first BJCP sanctioned contest and had 215 entries. Mostly from upstate, go figure.

    Cost is about half for the good stuff and effort is minimal plus it gives you the excuse to drink a beer or two in the middle of the day.

    Check out or Northern Brewer.