Karen Weldin Stewart: Bag of Hammers

Filed in Delaware by on September 1, 2011

I was driving around the other day and heard Karen Weldin Stewart on the Jensen Show.  Do yourself a favor and listen to the interview. She reminds me of the way that Rich Kotite was when he was the Eagles coach.  He did great at the beginning of the game when he had scripted the plays.  It all went downhill from there.

Stewart sounds at least a little like she knows what she is talking about, but as the interview proceeds, it becomes apparent that she doesn’t know WTF she is talking about. As a listener, I learned nothing from her after the first 2 minutes.  It is very hard to listen to her after that.  And it gets harder as it goes along, but there are breaks in the pain when Gene Reed breaks in.  In fact, you can hear Reed feeding answers to Stewart as it goes along.

As the saying goes, she is as dumb as a bag of hammers.

Primary day 2012 can’t come soon enough for me.


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  1. nemski says:

    “Oh, am I on speaker phone?”


  2. nemski says:

    This is as good time to remind everyone that Mitch Crane is running for Insurance Commissioner.

  3. MJ says:

    Mitch can use your volunteer help and your $$$$.

  4. Geezer says:

    “she is as dumb as a bag of hammers.”

    This is an insult to hammers everywhere.

  5. cassandra m says:

    And can’t answer if the Captive Insurance group is profitable or not.

    “You aren’t losing money if you have money in the bank.”

    That’s classic. This woman is supposed to be running this multi-millon dollar agency and has no idea what “profitable” means.

  6. liberalgeek says:

    Exactly Cassandra. That part made me scream at the radio.

    Also, kudos to Rick for keeping his composure. Most of us would have completely freaked out on that kind of BS answer. Rick just kept giving her rope.

  7. puck says:

    “My checking account can’t be overdrawn – I still have some checks left!”

  8. sisyphus says:

    This peabrain performance just serves to remind us that she is representing the Delaware Blue Cross subscribers in Highmark’s attempt to hijack $ 180 million and 400,000 plus subscribers. Since the legislature abdicated its responibilty with that shameful piece of legislation greasing the skids for the merger, We need to give Ag Biden as much support as we can and see what we can to stiffen the governor’s spine

  9. JenniK says:

    Her peabrain is why she flunked out of high school in the 9th grade. Mitch is going to blow her out of the water in the 2012 primary.

    Please stop using that stupid picture of her from 1997!

  10. JenniK says:

    Did anyone notice that Karen Weldin Stewart the stupidest IC in Delaware history, has been making like a consumer advocate ever since Mitch Crane annouced he’ll primary her? Jacobson has her all over the news 24/7 about the hurricane. Including the ancient picture of her.