5 people attend Christine O’Donnell book signing.

Filed in National by on August 26, 2011

Christine O’Donnell’s book event in Florida draws five people. One of those five asked her to sign a book on demonology.

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  1. puck says:

    One of those five asked her to sign a book on demonology.


  2. jason330 says:

    LOL! Another said that he was running for President.

    “God bless you, Tom,” she told Tom Bruzzesi of Fort Myers, who said he’s launching his own presidential campaign.

  3. Aoine says:

    finish the sentance “….and my book is just what you need to show you how to do it.”

    not that she said that exactly – but she did say this book was for those christian conservatives still engaged in the fight to get elected

    what kills me is why would anyone buy a “how to” book from a looser?

  4. Joe Cass says:

    The story continues:
    “Though none of the five could read, they were intent on pleasing their grandfathers.”

  5. Truth Teller says:

    What happened to all that TEABAGGER support she should return to Sussex and Bill Cully will get her a crowd of at least 10 ditto heads for a meeting in Gumboro

  6. reis says:

    Book signing at Indian River Inlet, midnight tonight.

  7. Delaware Dem says:

    LOL Reis. You are horrible.

  8. puck says:

    I have to imagine Christine is seriously icked out by Sussex County and her Sussex County supporters. She didn’t make all that money just to go back and hang out with those people.