Dramatic Reading of the Drama Queen

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On Tuesday, Christine O’Donnell’s new book will be on sale to peddle her lies and mis-characterizations.  Among the reported lies in the book, Christine claims:

  • Mike Castle and Joe Biden conspired to bring down her campaign
  • She never approved the infamous “I am not a witch” ad
  • She was a serious candidate

So Ken Grant has decided to ask the reality-based community to get together at the BBC Tavern on Tuesday evening for a happy hour and selected dramatic readings of Ms. O’Donnell’s …ummm… works.

So here’s the deets:

August 16 at 6PM
BBC Tavern and Grill
4019 Kennett Pike Greenville, DE 19807

Here’s how Ken describes it:

For those wondering why we’re even considering this, well, without some kind of “group” response, the stories in the news Tuesday night and Wednesday could center simply around the book’s release and O’Donnell’s supporters at book signings with maybe a quote from one person from the land of reality, giving the impression that O’Donnell has a lot of supporters and only one or two disgruntled people who are not so supportive. By doing this, there is an opportunity to show that there are those who are calling O’Donnell out on her attempts to re-write history and that group is not made up of wild-eyed lunatics, but of reasonable people with a sense of humor who simply believe the truth should be told.

Personally, I am preparing a piece of O’Donnell prose for a dramatic reading that will shake the foundations of society. Hope you can come out, and can get your hands on that old ladybug costume.


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  1. anonone says:

    I am pretty sure that Mike Castle and Joe Biden (and Tom Carper) would have conspired to bring down any threat to any one of their seats, Republican or Democrat.

  2. Geezer says:

    Silliest contention I’ve ever heard. Joe Biden will never stick his neck out for anyone who doesn’t share his last name — and not all of them, either.

  3. anon says:

    The “BBC Tavern”? Really?

    Oh, my.

  4. puck says:

    She must be tried for witchcraft – Prepare thyself!

    Prepare for a confrontation with the very Devil himself (or herself). For surely no human agency could empower Christine O’Donnell to write a book without supernatural communion. The signs are everywhere.

    The 1996 movie version of The Crucible is on Netflix. Of course you could always read it.

  5. Von Cracker says:

    Went one night to the BBC with the lovely mrs cracker. At the bar and I noticed Fox News on most of the TVs. Asked the bartender, what’s up with that, and she said that it on because the owner wants it on. So being who I am, I said that he’s making a statement, I guess. With that, the bartender shook her head yes and rolled her eyes as if she agreed with me. So with that I told her that I can make a statement too. Chugged my beer, said I’ll take the hundy I was gonna blow here somewhere else. Laid a 10 spot on the bar and walked out. Went to Kid’s and had a much better meal than anything I could’ve gotten there anyway.

    We all do our small parts, I guess.

  6. Most Def says:

    The De GOP deserves all COD can dish out and more. When she was propped up in 2006 to protect jan Ting who would have lost to Mike Protack without the God Squad defections COD stabbed them in the back with write in. COD presented a third party check right before the deadline for the wrong amount and the GOP said no problem.

    They then paraded her as the 2008 nominee at the convention hoping she would get beat and she got 8% more than Bill Lee and about the same as Charlie Copeland.

    She kicked the crap out of castle and the wounds are still there. Sadly the GOP could have made things right but the new leadership is the same as the old leadership, a mirage.

  7. liberalgeek says:

    Good call.

    For the record, I’m just glomming onto a fun thing being done by Ken. Ken is a former Republican Party Spokesperson, I believe. So there will be Republicans in the room.

  8. anon says:

    waves to Most Def

    Hi, Mikey!

    You’re the only one who brings up the same names over and over – Ting, Lee, Copeland. Ting, Lee, Copeland. Ting, Lee, Copeland.

  9. jason330 says:

    On this, he has a point. COD is Ken Grant’s Frankenstein. For Ken Grant to now act like he is put off by her is awfully Republican of him.

  10. Belinsky says:

    Several piles of marked-down Troublemakers are gathering cobwebs at Browseabout.

  11. Aoine says:

    Odd, they are not advertising the BBC tavern thing @ Delaware Politics

    Oh, right – they ARE the wild-eyed loonies Ken is referencing….

    Got it!

  12. delbert says:

    The dumb bitch never should have made the witch ad footage. Then it wouldn’t have leaked, as she claims.