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Welcome to your Friday open thread. Thank goodness it’s Friday, this week can’t end soon enough for me.

Rick Santorum is goofy. Here he is speaking out against early childhood education:

Last month, former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) — a long-shot contender for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination — said American students scoring low on history tests is proof of “a conscious effort on the part of the left, who has a huge influence on our curriculum, to desensitize America to what American values are so they are more pliable to the new values that they would like to impose on America.” During a campaign appearance at the Perry Public Library in Perry, Iowa this week, Santorum took this line of thinking a step further, explaining that he is opposed to early childhood education programs because he feels they are a government attempt to “indoctrinate your children“:

It is a parent’s responsibility to educate their children. It is not the government’s job. We have sort of lost focus here a little bit. Of course, the government wants their hands on your children as fast as they can. That is why I opposed all these early starts and pre-early starts, and early-early starts. They want your children from the womb so they can indoctrinate your children as to what they want them to be. I am against that.

“Obviously, socialists love children, just like they love people in groups of one million or more,” Santorum added.

What can I say about that nonsense? I have no idea if he really believes this or if he’s trying to get some attention to his campaign from nowhere. I think liberals pay more attention to him than anyone else.

Is the defense to stupidity that you’re drunk?

According to court documents, Resendiz admitted in a June 2010 deposition that he was drunk when he signed nine contracts with the architectural design firm Synthesis+ for $1 million worth of work.

Resendiz said in the deposition that he signed the documents in May or June of 2008 at the local restaurant Ardovino’s after “a good two and a half, three hours” of drinking, Rene Romo of the Albuquerque Journal reports (sub req).

The design firm denies this, saying the contracts were signed at City Hall. Meanwhile, the citizens of the town are probably cringing in embarrassment.


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  1. Dana Garrett says:

    Getting someone drunk and then having them agree to a bad deal is so American that it predates the founding of the nation (although it continued for a period after that). The colonists often did it to the Native Americans. That’s one way they lost considerable land…that and forced migrations, death marches, wars, tribalcide, etc. The business lunch with the booze flowing freely is a continuation of the same practice.

  2. delbert says:

    Yeah, that’s how the Dutch bought Mahatten from the Indians.

    How about this never ending story of the Catholic Coffers Shakedown. Just when you think its over they beat another $24 million out of the Olbaits that oversee Salasianum School. Now they have bankrupted the Church, cleaned out their coffers and the lawyer Neuberger (is he Jewish?) is still crying that he didn’t spank them hard enough. How much out of that $100 million total does his firm collect? And your state legislators enacted a special law that temporarily suspended the statute of limitations (time) to allow this financial rape. It is American civil litigation at its surliest, and any self made man’s greatest fear. Wealth redistribution, American style.

  3. Jefferson says:

    S & P is expected to downgrade the nation’s credit rating. Wow…This would be a significant blow–all because of the Tea Bag Express…

  4. Republican David says:

    Republicans told you that we needed 4 trillion. Democrats rejected it out of hand. Moody’s and S&P said the same thing. Our current debt trajectory will inhibit growth and harm America’s ability to function. Democrats don’t care. I only approve of half of Congress. The other half is betraying the people.

  5. Republican David says:

    I doubt S&P will do anything right now. Even if they do, Moody’s and Fitch seem unlikely to follow. They want to see it work. Italy brought the market up in America and world wide by proposing a balanced budget amendment. Does that sound familiar?

  6. Joe Cass says:

    Hey R David, you speak in barely to half truths. Good on you and you types for not wanting to “saddle” our progeny with debt. Huzzah! Please explain why your party’s driving desire to ensure these for our children: poison water and air, low wages and absolutely no benefits, no educational standards and a country that doesn’t produce squat only millionaires. Splain that, dickface. I know, you can’t be bothered to rebut tonight. You need to get your prayer blanket ready for Perry tomorrow. I’ll give you something to pray for: you never cross my path.
    Here’s hoping your christ dies a bloody and violent death! Oh, wait a minute…. that’s too funny!

  7. pandora says:

    Oh lookie, David is wrong.

  8. anonone says:

    First time in the history, the United States loses AAA credit rating from S&P.

    Thank you, Mr. President.

  9. UcantbeFnserious says:

    anonone :
    First time in the history, the United States loses AAA credit rating from S&P.
    Thank you, Mr. President.

    What the F have you been smokin’?
    Thanks the the Orange man, Cantor, and all the teabaggers that hijacked the process…. The President get to deal with the mess!

  10. Dana says:

    UCBFS wrote:

    Thanks the the Orange man, Cantor, and all the teabaggers that hijacked the process…. The President get to deal with the mess!

    Oh, yeah, right. President Obama wanted a “clean” debt ceiling bill, one which raised the debt limit with nothing else involved. It wouldn’t have raised taxes and it wouldn’t have cut spending, had Mr Obama had his way. That’d put us at Aa- instead of Aa+.

    Of course, when you keep paying your Visa bill with your MasterCard, this kind of thing will happen to you.

  11. AQC says:

    I am voting against all of them, even Obama! If he wouldn’t have been conceding everything from the beginning the freaks would not have believed they could get away with this!

  12. puck says:

    AP headline:

    “Senate Dems give way to GOP to end FAA shutdown”

    I’d link to the article, but I think the headline says it all. Next week AP reports “Water still wet.”

    Somebody need to make one of those video intros of spinning newspaper headlines with all the “Dems give way…” headlines. It would make a great attack ad for primarying a conservadem… *sob*

  13. You’re incorrect on the FAA bill. It’s a one-month extension. The cuts to rural airports remain but the Sec of Transportation can waive that and they are being funded. The fight over the labor rule remains.

  14. Geezer says:

    An interesting take on the No-Longer-Magic Negro story, from an author writing at Bloomberg. Short take: People mistakenly thought Obama was charismatic. He’s not; he’s glamorous, and there’s a difference. Worth the read:

  15. Geezer says:

    That’s rich, coming from a country that will steal anything it can. They’ve learned the joys of ignoring the needy.