If “Balls” Means Evil Then Yes

Filed in National by on August 4, 2011

Nothing explains the conservative mania that gripped our nation in 2009-2010 more than this quote below:

Veterans of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s unsuccessful 2010 primary challenge to Perry recalled being stunned at the way attacks bounced off the governor in a strongly conservative state gripped by tea party fever. Multiple former Hutchison advisers recalled asking a focus group about the charge that Perry may have presided over the execution of an innocent man — Cameron Todd Willingham — and got this response from a primary voter: “It takes balls to execute an innocent man.”

Rick Perry is the latest GOP savior and it’s voters like the one above who will be picking the GOP nominee. Maybe the economy is so bad that people won’t care about Perry’s secessionist dabbling, his drive to execute an innocent man (remember he dissolved the arson investigation board that was about to exonerate Willingham) or his crazy preachers. It just looks like the only people who can win the GOP nomination can’t win a general election.

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  1. puck says:

    “It just looks like the only people who can win the GOP nomination can’t win a general election. ”

    That is yesterday’s conventional wisdom. Dems were counting on the fact that Republicans would nominate somebody so crazy, that Obama would win in a walk.

    But now Obama has overturned his own chess board. He has hollowed out his base and independents are now breaking Republican.

    Crazy might start working for Republicans and against us: No matter who Repubs nominate, the election will be a referendum on Obama and the crazy Repub will be swept into office on a wave of joblessness, recession, and anti-Obama nausea.

    It is now in the Republicans’ interest to nominate the most conservative candidate they can find. That was their conventional wisdom that we used to mock. But at this point it looks like it will work for them.

  2. skippertee says:

    I’m now firmly ensconced in the ANTI-OBAMA camp.
    He has shown since his passage of Health care his tilt to the center right and his kow-towing to them.
    People mention his possible 11 dimension chess game he’s playing?
    FUCK THAT!!!
    He’s nothing but a STREET HUSTLER playing THREE CARD MONTY with Progressives like me!And taking my money to his BIG BANKER FRIENDS, the fucking cocksucker!
    Plus he left his BALLS outside the belt-way January 20th,2009.

  3. puck says:

    He actually was playing pretty good eleven dimensional chess. He just choked at the end. Whether the choking was pre-meditated or not is part of the enigma that is Obama.

  4. pandora says:

    You are beyond offensive, skippertee. Even worse, you are entirely predictable.

  5. skippertee says:

    So are you in SUCKING up for him you predictable PRISS, Pandora.
    Can’t handle the language?
    Grow a pair!
    Your avatar with your nose in the air SAYS IT ALL!!!!!

  6. dv says:

    I wonder if Obama would have bargained this guy out of prison? You know, offered the jail more rooms, maybe given them some sleep deprivation tanks, a few waterboarding chairs, perhaps he’d throw in a free hypothermia box for the rowdy inmates.

    Then, upon acceptance, the innocent guy get’s freed.

    Oh and he’d also make sure anyone involved in illegally jailing this guy get off scott free and we move forward from this horrible tragedy.

  7. pandora says:

    My comment had nothing to do with Obama. It had to do with you and your comments that are far more suited for the inside of a middle school bathroom stall.

    You’ll also notice that your comment is still here in all its sophomoric glory. You can say what you want, and I can respond.

    And I can handle salty language; what I can’t handle is drivel being spewed by someone with the intellectual maturity of a pea.

  8. puck says:

    I’m actually more offended by what Skip was describing than by the way he described it.

  9. V says:

    This comment (the main topic, not skip’s) shows more than ever that Rs just fall in line when they’re told to. They’re being told now to support Rick Perry, so they’ll justify anything. Like, a few weeks ago when we didn’t think Michelle “Crazy-eyes” Bachmann would be able to get any traction. They fell in line behind her too, justifying that a couple of years ago she wanted to examine congress for “anti-american activities.” I watched that live and I still can’t believe that really happened.

    The big question is how do we combat that? how do you combat people that will follow the party line in the face of justice and reality? To the point where with Fox News they just create their own reality?I just don’t know if we can do it.

  10. V says:

    Also I don’t think Pandora needs to grow a pair. It would probably significantly affect the way she likes to sit.

  11. skippertee says:

    She likes to sit above the roiling masses sniffing her nose and expectorating into a perfumed handkerchief.
    She is SO above the FRAY!
    Take the FUCKING comment off, see if I care you petulant priss!

  12. MJ says:

    Skip, you’re out of line. You don’t know Pandora like some of us do and your comments are way off base and uncalled for.

  13. socialistic ben says:

    If staying above the masses keeps me distinct from the terrorist who supports executing innocent men, consider my snotty. There is a very troubling tide of angry aggressive d-bags “on both sides” who’s freedom to be dicks should be intact (of course) while being marginalized from the debate.
    It may be time to get truly concerned about what these people might do if Obama is re-eleced (i never thought id have to use if). They have spent the past 3 years convincing themselves that he is the socialist anti-christ (which is hilarious because their baggy counter-parts on the left…. i refuse to call the progressives… think he is the republican in dem clothing devil).

    the profile of a texas teabagger is someone who loves guns, thinks killing innocents is a sign of valor, feels justified by God, and feels very very threatened all the time by everyone “other”. I think it is time to acknowledge that things could get violent(er).

  14. skippertee says:

    Yeah,OBAMA, big fund raiser last night!
    “Keep your eyes on the QUEEN, you know what I mean.”
    And Mind your own business MJ!
    I know her enough to defend myself from that simple PRIG!

  15. socialistic ben says:

    mind your own business says the guy who has figured how to shout in a public forum on the internet.
    I keep thinking “if only the left had someone like Karl Rove or the Koch bors.” unscrupulous bastards who arent afraid to destroy people to accomplish the agenda. Skip reminds me why that even if our agenda get shot in the head by our ‘leader” it is better than being like the Tbaggers.

  16. liberalgeek says:

    Skip – you are all alone in this (except for maybe Puck). Tone it down or you’ll have to find some other forum to crap in.

  17. puck says:

    Sorry, Skip lost me after his first comment. Which was over the red line itself. Everyone should get one shot at senseless anger, then it becomes assholery.

  18. socialistic ben says:

    assholery – new favorite word

  19. skippertee says:

    SB-you’re easily satisfied.

  20. Truth Teller says:

    Skippertree go home take a bath relax read a few good books and when you feel you are able to mix with intelligent company come back but in the meantime Chill Out.