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Tuesday Open Thread

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Welcome to our Tuesday Open Thread. First day back at the grind after a long weekend and apparently we are in for a real heat wave all week. It is too early to have to crank up the AC. Just make sure all of your new plants have plenty of water this week.

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American Whites: From God Complex to Aggrieved

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American Whites: From God Complex to Aggrieved

What happens when you control most of the wealth in a country? Naturally, you cry “Racism!”

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NJ Truthiness Watch — Amtrak Edition

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Sunday’s editorial has the NJ wagging their wizened finger at Democrats for not embracing Rep. Mica’s idea of carving out the Northeast Corridor for a rail privatization scheme.

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Delaware General Assembly Pre-Game Show: Tues., May 31, 2011

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I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, I hope that Tony DeLuca enjoyed a terrorist-free Memorial Day weekend, and I hope that Monsignor Greg Lavelle stopped crying about ‘gerrymandering’ long enough to spout inanities about what it means to be patriotic. Well, crying has never stopped Lavelle from spouting inanities. He can and […]

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Germany And Switzerland to Shut Down Their Nuclear Power Plants

Filed in National by on May 30, 2011 1 Comment

Some months ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a decision to try to extend the working life of Germany’s oldest nuclear power plants. Yesterday, Chancellor Merkel flip-flopped on that unpopular decision and — announced that Germany’s ruling coalition has decided to shut down its nuclear power plants by 2022

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Job Fair in Dover Tomorrow

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Delaware’s Congressional Delegation — Senator Coons, Senator Carper and Representative Carney — are hosting a job fair tomorrow at the Delaware Technical and Community College in Dover from 9AM to 2PM.

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Memorial Day Open Thread

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Welcome to your Memorial Day Open Thread. Hope that you all have been contributing to Delaware’s economy by going to the beach with your family or getting your friends together to help you build an outdoor kitchen to your house.

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Late Night Video — Artfully Visualizing Our Humanity

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This video podcast from the TED Talks people features Aaron Koblin, who specializes in taking massive amounts of data — or massive groups of people — to create visualizations. I’m in awe of people who can do this kind of thing and I’m especially impressed with this young man’s effort to crowd source a video […]

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Weekend Open Thread

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The weekend edition of your semi-daily open thread.

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Chris Coons Votes Against the Patriot Act Extension

Filed in Delaware by on May 28, 2011 17 Comments

Senator Coons asked the Senate to limit the extension of the Patriot Act to one month so that the Senate could seriously review and revise the law to reflect current lessons learned to scale back some of the broad authorities granted to government under the original Patriot Act.

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R. I. P. Gil Scott Heron

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One of our true visionaries. Never was able to successfully defeat his demons, although he tried. And tried and tried. Some samples of his genius: ‘Winter In America’ ‘The Bottle’ ‘Johannesburg’ ‘Ain’t No Such Thing As A Superman’ ‘I’m New Here’

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Sorry I haven’t been around, but priorities people. It looks like you’ve had real fun while I’m on vacation so I doubt you’ve even noticed my absence. Now it’s time to go chillax and enjoy the view.

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‘Bulo’s Music For the Masses: Only One Way to Kick Off Summer Edition

Filed in National by on May 27, 2011 1 Comment

Bulo’s Memorial Day Playlist to kick off summer with.

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Entitlement Reform

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We must have entitlement reform! That’s been the mantra of the Republican lemmings that have been following Paul Ryan toward the horizon. They use the word entitlement like it is some sort of slur. “Why do those people feel entitled to anything?” And just so that we are clear, the entitlements on the table are for the old and the sick.

But I have seen the rise of entitlements in a different way. The way that the wealthy have decided that they are entitled to tax cuts. Why should I have to pay for rising medical costs on Medicare? I’m a job creator! The sense of entitlement is palpable. Tax increases are off the table.

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A Reminder to our General Assembly and our Governor.

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We urge the Governor and the General Assembly to restore all spending cuts that have been proposed, eliminate all tax cuts that have been proposed, and keep the remaining surplus in a “rainy-day fund” while lawmakers and citizens have more time to review plans for our state agencies and policy priorities.

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Breaking News: Gov. Markell Nominates New DELDOT Secretary

Filed in Delaware by on May 27, 2011 25 Comments

Governor Jack Markell has announced he is nominating U.S. Department of Transportation official Shailen Bhatt (pronounced “SHAY-linn BAT”) to become Delaware’s next Secretary of the Department of Transportation.

Bhatt has experience working on local, state and federal transportation issues and is currently serving as Associate Administrator at the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in Washington, DC. For the last two years, he has been responsible for setting policy and managing relationships with members of Congress and has been leading FHWA’s efforts in reauthorizing the nation’s surface transportation legislation.

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Holiday Plans?

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I’ll be laughing my ass off about Republicans doubling down on the genius plan to turn medicare/medicaid into a privatized voucher plan. I’ll also be checking out the norther liberal survivalplex compound and probably doing some extreme training with boulders tied to my legs. What about you?

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Missing the Boat on Gingrich’s Tiffany’s Issue

Filed in National by on May 26, 2011 18 Comments

I’ll admit it, I am enjoying the epic flame-out of the Gingrich 2012 campaign. Watching him contort himself to prove that he is totally consistent with his 24-hours-ago-self is like paying the extra money to see behind the scenes at the circus freak show. This latest blunder presents a golden opportunity for those of us […]

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Roger Ailes Exposé in Rolling Stone

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If you have 15 minutes, do yourself a favor and read the exposé of Roger Ailes, the chairman of Fox News in Rolling Stone.  I had heard a good deal of the information before, but the story has been well researched and documented and weaved into a full picture of the man, his mindset and […]

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It is a light day around here. I am way too busy at work to post some links today, so please alert us to the latest political happenings.

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i defy anyone to listen to this whole song and

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say that it is not the jams.

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House Redistricting Public Hearing is Tonight.

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The more reasonable of the two redistricting plans will be discussed and debated tonight in the House Chamber of Legislative Hall at 7 p.m. I say that because the proposed Senate map makes no logical sense.

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Horrible Tragedy in Wilmington

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A child died Wednesday night after being ejected from a car during an accident at the intersection of Fourth and Lincoln streets in Wilmington. Nearby residents who rushed to the scene lifted a white Mitsubishi and found the child wedged behind the back driver’s side tire.

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Palin Climbing in the Polls!

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Since the Sarah Palin for President boomlet started earlier this week, it would appear her polling fortunes, at least among teatard Republicans, have improved markedly, and she has not officially announced. She is going to win this nomination, folks.

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John Kowalko’s Letter to the JFC Worked

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Maybe it wasn’t all Kowalko’s doing, but he gets props in my book.

“A package of Medicaid cost-cutting measures proposed by Gov. Jack Markell has hit a roadblock in the legislative committee responsible…

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