*UPDATED* Delaware Senate Passes Civil Unions Bill

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SB30, the bill to allow civil unions in Delaware just passed 13-6-2. The main opponent of the bill was Senator Venables, who tried to attach 2 amendments. One amendment was to allow family members or other non-romantic relationships have civil unions and the other was to put civil unions up on a state referenda. Both failed.

The bill must now be passed by the House.

From the News Journal:

The bill survived two hostile amendment efforts by Sen. Robert Venables, D-Laurel, and a motion to table it by Sen. Joe Booth, R-Georgetown, who wanted more time to draft other amendments.

Venables’ first amendment, rejected 12-2, with five not voting and two absent, would have expanded the bill to include opposite-sex couples and other family members who live together. The second, rejected 12-6, with one not voting and two absent, would have required endorsement in a statewide referendum before the law could take effect.

“I’m not against homosexuality,” Venables said. “I don’t understand it, but I’m certainly not a bigot. I’m not a hater.”

Venables and Ennis were the two Democrats voting against the bill. Bonini, Lawson, Simpson and Booth.

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  1. socialistic ben says:

    what a sick bastard. when someone runs against Venables, make sure everyone is reminded that he is an avid incest advocate.

    what is the DL assessment of the chances in the house?

  2. It’s expected to pass.

  3. PBaumbach says:

    it has 19 sponsoring/co-sponsoring representatives, including the speaker and the majority leaders of the house.

  4. socialistic ben says:

    sounds good to me 🙂

  5. MJ says:

    Venables will hold his seat as long as he wants it.

  6. Joe Cass says:

    No one ever said there is anything venerable about Venables.

  7. Betweena says:

    FYI, the no’s were: Ennis, Simpson, Venables, Booth, Lawson, Bonini. Connor and Cloutier were absent?

  8. WilmingtonDEDem says:

    I am so pleased with the Senate to pass this bill today. We should give a shout-out too to Sen. Sorenson for crossing the aisle and being the only Republican that voted for this bill today.

  9. If Connor and Cloutier had been there, I’m almost certain that three R’s would have voted for the bill. And, no, they weren’t absent to avoid voting on the bill. Unfortunately, stuff happens.

  10. anon says:

    El Som…don’t be so sure about Cloutier and Conner…..

  11. anon says:

    delawareonline.com poll today is at 92% opposed to SB 30; 8% in favor. Vote early, vote often!

  12. Free Market Democrat says:

    This is not their first time being absent on an important gay rights vote. On June 30th of 2005, both Sens. Connor and Cloutier “disappeared” from a petition signing to take an earlier version of SB 121 (Adding Sexual Orientation to Delaware Anti-Discriminatory Laws) out of Sen. Adams’ desk drawer veto. They would have been the last two names needed to bring it to the floor and to a vote that would have delivered that civil rights victory four years earlier than it was finally achieved.

  13. jason330 says:

    You have to scroll way down to freep that stupid poll:


  14. socialistic ben says:

    hold on… 92% opposed? is that a poll of tpartiers?