Civil Unions Bill Passes First Test

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Yesterday the Senate had its first hearings for the Civil Unions bill. The bill passed out of committee (this was a worry) to go to the full Senate for a vote. At least in New Castle County, the bill hasn’t been particularly controversial (this is my feeling at least). However there are still critics and there seemed to some rather odd testimony yesterday:

The Rev. Doug Gerdts, pastor of First & Central Presbyterian Church, said nothing changed about his love for his daughter when she told him she was gay.

“But I found myself sad and angry,” he said. “Angry at a yet-to-be identified person or persons who might attempt to make her life painful, simply because of the way God created her. Sad that her life would have challenges and struggles that mine doesn’t.”

The Rev. Dale Mast, pastor of Destiny Christian Church of Dover, said he had a dear friend who was gay, whom he counseled and stood beside, who got AIDS and “went on a sexual rampage out of his anger.”

Mast said he fears what would come next if Delaware adopted civil unions — heterosexual unions with 14-year-old girls? He said pastors in Southeast Asia have told him of grandfathers taking their granddaughters to hotel rooms.

“I encourage you not to pass this,” he said. “What else will come?”

Is the new talking point that civil unions will lead to the legalization of marriage between adults and minors? Hey, at least he didn’t say marriage with dogs or box turtles. I hate to break it to Rev. Mast, but marriage between adults and minors is legal in many places already, especially in places hostile to same sex marriage. One thing that strikes me is that the opponents of same sex marriage have no new arguments – it’s all rather stale. It’s going to be harder and harder for them to argue as more states legalize these unions and civilization continues to stand.

I’ll admit to mixed feelings about this bill. I’m happy that a lot of people will benefit from this bill but I’m still sad that prejudice remains – the word “marriage” is only reserved for opposite sex couples. I’m hoping civil unions are just a temporary step to full marriage.

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  1. socialistic ben says:

    “Mast, but marriage between adults and minors is legal in many places already, especially in places hostile to same sex marriage”

    actually in theocracies like Utah, old men getting to nail young girls is encouraged while homosexuality is punishable by death.

  2. cassandra m says:

    Opponents of equal rights for gay people do what Republicans do — spin up the fear and loathing. Note what his argument does, though — it associates the legitimate rights of gay Americans with perverted granddads in SE Asia (if this is even true). It is the usual despicable bigotry from these people — make the completely normal desire to be treated like every other American adult into some kind of pervasion.

    There’s not much that I’d recognize as Christian behavior in demonizing your fellow citizens quite unfairly just because they want the same civil rights as the rest of us. These people should be ashamed of themselves for even trying to justify discrimination.

    • Opponents of marriage equality very often argue if same sex marriage is allowed, then some other awful thing will happen. That is the laziest argument in the world. They aren’t eve trying to argue on the merits anymore.

  3. socialistic ben says:

    well, it is kind of like how if you allow conservatives to vote, Sarah Palin might become president. slippery slope indeed.