How Did Christine O’Donnell Spend Her Windfall?

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TPM has been looking through Christine O’Donnell’s FEC report and has a report on her late-campaign hires. Remember how she tried to brush away her past “youthful” hard-core social conservative activism? One of her hires was an anti-gay activist.

Recently disclosed financial forms from the campaign of unsuccessful GOP Senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell reveal some of the Delaware Republican’s last-minute staffing changes, including the addition to her campaign of the executive director of a conservative group that crusades against same-sex marriage.

Andresen Blom, the executive director of the anti-gay marriage group American Principles Project, was paid $13,000 dollars during the period running from Oct. 14 through Nov. 22, according to a recently disclosed campaign finance report reviewed by TPM.

Being an anti-gay activist pays pretty well! Apparently Blom was involved in the effort to defeat marriage equality in Hawai’i. Does everyone remember how it seemed that O’Donnell was throwing the religious right under the bus during debates and we wondered whether ther would be any backlash from the social conservatives? There never was and we know why now – hires like Blom were meant to be a wink and a smile at the religious right.

It also paid well to be a friend or family member of O’Donnell.

Campaign records show some of O’Donnell’s other last-minute staffing choices, including the employment of her Christian musician roommate and her sister. David Hust, a campaign staffer slash Christian rock musician who shared a three-bedroom, two-bath town home with O’Donnell, raked in $27,700 for political strategy consulting during the same period. O’Donnell’s sister Jennie O’Donnell, a lesbian who supported her sibling despite her views on same-sex marriage, earned $21,000 in that period.

Jennie O’Donnell and Andresen Blom make an interesting combination. I thought David Hust was more than a roommate – isn’t he also her boyfriend? I know it’s hard to keep up with all the campaign workers/boyfriends that live with her.

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  1. Joe Cass says:

    David’s peter rocks O’Donnell.

  2. anon says:

    Grow up, dorks.

  3. anon says:

    If you really must post here, please wait until you have something smart or funny to say. And don’t hold your breath while you are waiting.

  4. Cut it out. This isn’t sex chat blog.

  5. Capt.Willard says:


  6. delacrat says:

    Why are(supposedly) intelligent people so pre-occupied with the life of a dolt?

  7. Geezer says:

    “Why are(supposedly) intelligent people so pre-occupied with the life of a dolt?”

    Because that dolt is the de facto leader of a revolt in the opposition party.

  8. Republican David says:

    Good for Dave, he worked for mostly deferred compensation if the money came in. It came and she paid him. I guess that blows another bogus agrument against her.

  9. anonn says:

    Republican David is full of it as usual.

    David Hust shows up under “consulting” and “salary” on CODs FEC report on:

    1-25-10, 2-25-10, 4-27-10, 4-29-10, 6-1-10, 7-3-10, 7-24-10, 8-12-10, 8-17-10, 8-20-10, 8-27-10, 9-3-10, 9-10-10, 9-17-10, 9-27-10, 10-1-10, and 10-8-10 where the report ends. Those payments are before the $27,700 big payout to David Hust for the period between 10-14 and 11-22.

    I guess that blows another bogus argument by Republican David.

  10. MJ says:

    Anonn – you didn’t know that the Delusional One has no cognitive reasoning or mind because of his crack addiction? I’ve heard he smokes with Marion Barry most of the time.

  11. anonn says:

    MJ anyone who doesn’t realize that by now has to be smoking crack.

    I want to point out one more thing, STILL UNPAID by COD is David Keegan.

  12. Bill Humphrey says:

    @UI: Fascinating how the campaign hired an anti-gay activist on October 14 after walking around the University of Delaware campus on October 13 telling UD Haven members protesting her that she actually (apparently secretly?) supports gay rights…simply by virtue of having a gay family member.

  13. Republican David says:

    MJ is getting close to slander and legal liability. He may want to consult with Delaware Dem before walking further down that path.

  14. Republican David says:

    Now you guys may look at those dates and get the amounts. 3 pay checks in almost 5 months Jan-Apr 27. No check in May. Regular pay didn’t start until the end of July. Try to read what you post. I discussed that with him months ago. I did not say he got no pay, but that the majority of his pay was deferred until money came in. You dig up the numbers and show what I already told you, then insult me like you never seen it. You all are some piece of work.

  15. cassandra m says:

    You aren’t in much position to criticize anyone’s response to what you say here — especially since ignoring what people say to you and insulting their intelligence while doing it is something of your MO.

    Deferred payments = I’ll make sure you get a taste when the rubes payoff.

    Putting your boyfriend on the payroll for “political consulting” has another translation in the reality-based community.

  16. anonn says:

    Hust was paid almost $17,000 in that time period and since he was shacking up in the “campaign headquarters” he wasn’t paying for rent or utilities. Good deal if you can con enough people like Republican David out of their money to do it.