A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

Filed in Delaware by on November 5, 2010

Too, too funny!   Thanks, Mr. Knuckles, for the picture and the text!

I find that this picture from Return Day sums up the whole Senate campaign in DE. The self congratulatory look on O’Donnell’s face (voice in her head = “I have the upper hand”). Chris Coons calmly assessing the situation (voice in head = “All I have to do is let go, step back, and watch her decapitate herself”). And Beau Biden in the corner thinking of what could have been.

(h/t Jason330)

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  1. Miscreant says:

    HA! Coons really does look like he’s considering letting the hatchet drop. Biden is thinking about the raft of shit he’ll get when he dismisses the case.

  2. anon says:

    COD: “You’re telling me I lost?”

    Coons: “Give me the f**ng hatchet.”

    If Coons lets the hatchet drop he should ask for a jury trial. Not in Sussex though.

  3. meatball says:

    What was his wife thinking with that tie?

  4. anon says:

    Anybody not from Delaware would think this is photoshopped.

  5. OpenMinded says:

    FINALLY, something that is making me laugh today!!!!

  6. V says:


    CC: Just breathe. This is the last time you have to see her. Tough it out C-dawg, tough it out…..

  7. a.price says:

    well, the last time for 4 years. She will lose to Carper…. who whoever wins the primary (i hope i hope i hope) in 2 years, then lose to Coons in 4 when that seat is up again.

  8. Joe Cass says:

    As much as I despise the woman, I do give her credit for showing up even though she rode in the carriage with a bodyguard.I wonder if there was any finger snapping on her part. “What are you waiting for? Head stomp somebody already!”

  9. C-dawg, I love it!

    Do we think she’s going to run against Carper in 2012 or does she set out for greener pastures?

    WDEL published this today:

    Speaking on NBC’s “Today” show, O’Donnell, who lost to Democrat Chris Coons in her third bid for the Senate in five years.

    She told host Meredith Vieira that she is currently exploring her options, including book deals.

    O’Donnell says she wants to continue to be “an advocate” for the people of Delaware.

    Vieira asked if she would run again in two years when Delaware’s other senator is up for re-election. O’Donnell replied, “I honestly have no clue.”

    Someone please give her a book deal or TV show contingent upon her leaving the state. Pretty please?

    Other things she honestly has no clue about: science & the 1st amendment.

    Also, don’t you think the picture answers the questions on whether she had hair extensions? Her hair is shorter in that pic and it must have been taken right before the primary.

  10. Dr. Crazy says:

    I always wonder what the hardcore “liberals are the enemy” crowd thinks when they see Christine cavorting and laughing with the “bearded marxist”.

    Don’t they ever once understand they are being played?

  11. a.price says:

    “I honestly have no clue.”

    funny, that is also her life motto, campaign slogan, and most repeated talking point.

  12. Coons looks like he is either trying to swivel the hatchet head away from her head or toward it.

  13. Jason330 says:

    Odonnell: Cool! Nobody told me second place won an awesome hatchet thingy!!

  14. anon says:

    Do we think she’s going to run against Carper in 2012 or does she set out for greener pastures?

    PLEASE don’t make me vote for Tom Carper!

  15. dv says:

    nice jacket COD has on. Is it below zero down there?

  16. anon says:

    The bulky jacket is to cover up her kevlar vest and nunchuks-We know how high profile she is!

  17. Boxwood says:

    Chris Coons is probably just happy to stand next to someone he’s taller than for a change. ;^)

  18. Funny too would have a vibrator because I know where Christine would have buried that! “Make mine Energizer!”