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Celia Cohen is doing it again.

Apparently her masters, many conveniently located in the sponsorship section of her blog, are done with Chip Flowers.  So when they need a political hit-man, Celia takes the job.  Why not, she has taken out Richard Korn in the past.  Chip is just another upstart that has made some powerful enemies in his rise through Delaware politics.  And we all know that Celia doesn’t take kindly to people that make enemies with her Delaware Way friends.

Celia has gained access to sealed complaints made against Chip Flowers, presumably through her paymasters, and slathers her site with the statements made by Chip’s accusers.  Complaints that the courts found no evidence to support.  These complaints were made under oath, and in one case by a lawyer.  The lawyer said “I stand behind all the statements I made in the police report and during the trial.” But then again, she would, since she would be admitting that she was lying under oath if she changed her story.

And Chip Flowers was found Not Guilty.  So the “crimes” that Celia details were found to be not believable by the court, but suitable for Celia to salivate over.

If you had any doubt while reading it that Celia was on some sort of seek and destroy mission, check out the last sentence.

In a tempestuous love life already bared to the court system and the press, the voters might want to take it from here.

It is clear someone is trying to put the proverbial bullet in the head of Chip’s political career.  I doubt that it is Celia personally, she is just doing what her master told her to do.  In this case, using the statements of jilted lovers in a court case resolved in favor of Chip Flowers

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  1. MJ says:

    So did Celia ask du Pont and Lavelle to pay her in advance or just leave the money on the nightstand?

  2. Jason330 says:

    What a piece of shit Cohen is. The nice thing is that everyone knows Cohen is a peice of shit. Only a few years back she was still thought of as a journalist.

  3. Now that ‘investigative reporter’ Lee Williams has left the Caesar Rodney Istitute, Celia is auditioning for her first paying gig in ages. Know what? She just might get it. That’s what doing Uncle Pierre’s bidding is worth.

  4. a non says:

    “What a piece of shit Cohen is.”

    That’s not really possible. A turd can’t kiss ass.

  5. anon says:

    And Chip Flowers was found Not Guilty. So the “crimes” that Celia details were found to be not believable by the court, but suitable for Celia to salivate over.

    You know what? There was zero chance that this information was not going to be used in the campaign. So the task is to make it blow back on Celia’s masters and make it stick to Bonini.

    Delaware doesn’t like this kind of shit (probably put out by the same damn people):

    The campaign was going well for Carper until three weeks before Election Day, when the New York Post published an article claiming that the “dirtiest campaign in the country is being waged in tiny Delaware.” Retelling the well-known story of Evans’ golfing trip, it went on to charge Carper with abusive behavior to his wife and stepchildren. But the story actually ended up working to Carper’s political advantage when it became suspected that the allegations were planted by an Evans supporter and when public opinion seemed to conclude that the allegations were inappropriately exploiting a private issue.

  6. Anvil says:

    The first three sponsors listed on her site are Bob Byrd, DE AFL-CIO, and the DE Building Trades. Why would they want a hit piece on Chip Flowers?

  7. MJ says:

    The question that needs to be asked is how did Celia get a hold of sealed court documents?

  8. Anonymous says:

    It should not go unmentioned that Velda had all this information buy opted not to use it against Chip, even at the urging of her political team. I think there’s absolutely something to be said for that…

  9. liberalgeek says:

    No, Charles DID use it. He just used it in the back of the room, so as to not get caught, which he did anyway.

  10. MJ says:

    LG is correct. Charles was walking around with a manilla folder with info on this, but I don’t know if he had the sealed court docs. In any case, it’s BS.

  11. a non says:

    “The first three sponsors listed on her site are Bob Byrd, DE AFL-CIO, and the DE Building Trades. Why would they want a hit piece on Chip Flowers?”

    A better question is why those are the first three sponsors listed. The answer, of course, is for the illusion of bipartisanship. Bob Byrd works for whomever pays him, and both unions listed have endorsed Republicans over Democrats when the Republican candidates have pledged obiesance to their unions.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I am talking about Velda, not Charles. Charles, believe it or not, was not a part of Velda’s true political team, and Velda NEVER used that information or ever discussed it. Geek – be fair here. She could have had a field day with this info, and you know it. Those court documents paint a less than flattering image of Chip, and I’m sure the voters of Delaware will be seeing a lot of them now. I’d fully expect direct mail, radio, and even some News Journal stories.

  13. Geezer says:

    “Charles, believe it or not, was not a part of Velda’s true political team…”

    I don’t believe it, unless by “true” you mean “people she’s not related to by marriage.”

    “She could have had a field day with this info, and you know it.”

    Or it could have blown back on her just like it did on Janet Rzewnicki when she tried using the Carper information against him.

  14. Belinsky says:

    Two accusers, just like Clarence Thomas.

  15. anon says:

    I’ve sat on a jury. If twelve random people, whose only common denominator was the piece of paper they all brought in with them, all acquitted him of all charges, there can be nothing there..


    You get twelve people to agree on anything, you’ve pretty close to solid.

    This tactic, obviously approved by Bonini himself, is why Republicans are Delaware’s shit. Every state has to excrete something….

    Ours is O’Donnell, Urquhart, Ross, and Bonini.

  16. liberalgeek says:

    I call bullshit. You are actually saying, with a straight face, that Charles Potter was not a part of Velda’s political team? I have never heard such revisionist history before in my life.

    And I guess that is a good question about whether this will be used by Bonini. I’m guessing that he doesn’t use it because it rarely gets traction in Delaware.

    It is worth noting that Chip Flowers never ran an ad about Velda’s contract with the city, although he could have made even more hay out of it. I would guess that this is because he didn’t want to go negative on her, for fear of backlash.

    As for the court documents painting a less-than-flattering picture of Chip… I wonder how many politicians would want their ex-girlfriends and fiances to get involved as a campaign issue. Of course, most of those complaints from ex’s wouldn’t have been disproven in court.

  17. To Get My Vote says:

    Anonymous Velda is no hero here. I don’t care if Charles wasn’t a part of her “true” political team. She slept next to the man every night and was very aware of what he was doing with the manilla folder. As far as I am concerned, she co-signed on everything he did through first hand knowledge and failure to get him to stop. The only difference is she was smart enough to know it was better to have a third-party disseminate the info.

    Celia’s article is plain sickening and without purpose but to scare people from voting for Chip. Why else post this garbage three weeks before an election? Someone had to put her up to this no doubt, but they weren’t smart enough to inform her that publicizing statements from a SEALED court file was not the best strategy legally speaking. I hope karma comes back and takes a big chunk out of her ass for this nonsense. Something tells me that those who put her up to this are not going to reach out to save her when the peverbial shit hits the fan.

  18. Yogie says:

    We all know Bonini was behind this hack job of an article. He should be called out for the big pile of trash that he is. This is a sensitive issue that could hurt more people than Chip Flowers. Cohen should crawl back into the grave she came out of to write this.

  19. jpconnorjr says:

    One word comes to mind, BULLSHIT!

  20. I heard that this was coming and suggested that Chip have a presser ready to go calling out Cohen’s GOP benefactors and listing statements of support from the many unimpeachable Delawareans who either testified on his behalf or were ready to do so.

    I haven’t read the Cohen peice yet but it will be posted in all of the Suburban papers through NCC and in the Dover Post and probably in Sussex as well – they all subscribe to her site.

    Bonini should be shunned and the Democrats on her site should consider cancelling their contract with Delaware Grapevine. I will give the DE AFL-CIO, and the DE Building Trades a call myself and ask if they intend to do so.

  21. To Get My Vote says:

    This woman is a true dirt bag.

  22. Yogie says:

    Bonini and Cohen should both be shunned. This is dirty politics at its worst.

  23. I just heard that someone who was in Libby’s a few days ago overheard Charles Potter gleefully telling everyone that this was coming out. If Potter knew about it a few days ago then I would say that he had a hand in delivering it to Cohen. That doesn’t mean that Bonini is off the hook but he had ought to make a public statement that Flowers was found innocent of these charges and that it should have no bearing on the race.

    Cohen did a peice on Bonini in April about his going bankrupt and having his house at risk because he didn’t pay his taxes which has more bearing on one’s ability to function as Treasurer than having girl friend troubles. But you didn’t see Chip bring this up.

    Charles Potter is beneath contempt. I doubt that his community will keep him in his council seat.

  24. Yogie says:

    Nancy is right. Bonini cannot manage his own finances. Why should we allow him to manage $1.8 billion of ours. He had $20,000 in back taxes, a tax lien on his house, and he nearly went bankrupt. This man shouldn’t even be considered for a finance position such as Treasurer.

    Where is the NewsJournal and the State News on these issues? They uncovered dirt on Christine O’Donnell, now is the time to shed some light on Bonini’s sketchy past. These are serious issues that the voters should be aware of.

  25. phil says:

    Did any of you actually read what Celia wrote? According to the article, Chip Flowers initiated the discussion of this issue with her and other “reporters.”

    “Chip Flowers wanted to be the first to let the press know. Women in his past had accused him of physical abuse…Most candidates try to hide their political skeletons by burying them, but Flowers decided to hide his in plain sight, as if openness alone could show there was nothing there.

    It was not a cover up. It was an un-cover up…So Flowers invited members of the press to interview him about what he called “Delaware’s poorly kept secret” and what turned out to be essentially a rambling account of a rocky love life.

    “I want to clear the record. I have nothing to hide,” Flowers said.

  26. To Get My Vote says:

    Yeah I read it. And I also know that she did her interview in July (along with the rest of the press) and is just printing this garbage blog three weeks before the general election.

    I am pretty sure that Chip didn’t invite anyone to steal SEALED court documents to be quoted in a blog. Those documents were not meant for anyone’s public consumption and who ever released them should lose their job and suffer legal repercussions at the least. Hell, I would sue the hell out of all these folks and entities.

    Bottom line Celia did this to swing the election and ruin Chip’s polical and professional career. She is reckless and an all out slime bag. You don’t do this to people and I hope the backlash makes her have to shut down that shitty useless blog.

  27. Publius says:

    So, a member of the press writes and article and because you don’t like the story you shoot the messenger. Maybe the fault lies with Chip Flowers for putting himself in these positions to begin with…

    Meanwhile, you all take great delight in the various stories about Christine O’Donnell which are much less serious than physical violence and assault. Moreover, you’re all over the witchcraft thing (which goes back to her high school days), but God forbid anybody criticize Chris Coons’ college essay on being a bearded marxist.

    Hypocrisy, thy name is liberal.

  28. To Get My Vote says:

    It’s not about not liking the story. It’s about the fact that the story was written and released to ruin someone’s political and professional career to help another person win and prevent Chip from winning.

    The fact that you can’t see this is expected since you are menitioning Christine O’Donnell and her foolishness. Hypocrisy is not the issue, your candidate is just crazy.

  29. OpenMinded says:

    OK, I am OpenMinded…I search blogs to try and ascertain my own level of truth. And I have to tell you, sometimes it is darned hard to tell who are the good/bad guys. Sometimes, as in the case of Coons/O’Donnell, it’s as clear as a wart on a witches nose. Other times, like here, the truth gets buried beneath so much name calling that I lose interest in the topic. Really…can’t we all be civil and respectful and make a point without name-calling? What is your point here, exactly? Celia Cohen or Chip Flowers?

  30. MJ says:

    Publius – Cohen had a blog and couldn’t keep it going because she ran out of money. Then lo and behold, Pete du Pont and Greg Lavelle and the other rethuglican goons fork over some bucks so she can go back “on the air.” She writes what she’s told to write. As I said, did they pay her before she wrote this piece of garbage or did they leave their money on her nightstand after the teabagging was over?

  31. mediawatch says:

    OK, Here’s the sequence:
    Charles Potter is peddling dirt on his wife’s behalf in July. Flowers knows that Cohen knows. He invites her to meet with him to hear the rest of the story, and judge for herself whether it’s worth printing. Cohen decides not to print anything. Flowers wins the primary. Poll comes out showing Bonini and Flowers running even. Cohen, who had been critical of Flowers in the past, decides to write article. But what are the key facts in the cases: “insufficient evidence” in one; “not guilty” in the other. Ask yourself … if the slime didn’t stick the first time, why’s she trying to dredge it up now? I’ve been around the media long enough to know that if Cohen had a capable editor, that story never would have seen print.

  32. M.Opaliski says:

    So the issue here is what, he went to court, defended himself and was successful in that attempt. Big deal.

    This doesn’t change the fact that I’m voting for Flowers.

  33. Yogie says:

    Time to get back to the issues… Bonini wants to make the office a bully pulpit. Flowers wants to use the office to provide economic insight and create jobs. Bonini is an extreme conservative who is also a career politician. Flowers is a successful businessman with outstanding qualifications. Flowers wins everytime.

    And this is without bringing up Bonini’s $20,000 in back taxes and the tax lien on his house. Oh also, Flowers is willing to do the job for FREE- saving the taxpayers $110,000 a year!

  34. Geezer says:

    “Two accusers, just like Clarence Thomas.”

    Neither of whom worked for him, entirely unlike Clarence Thomas.

  35. Geezer says:

    A few thoughts:

    Tom Carper’s ex-wife, in sworn testimony, said he beat her. Not one but two Republican opponents tried to use this information against him. Both times the blowback hurt the Republican candidate instead of Carper.

    The first complainant, the one who tried to get a PFA, lacks all credibility, and not just because she waited months after an alleged incident before going to authorities, and claimed physical injuries without documenting them. She claims that Chip, among other things, bit and scratched her. Men do not bite or scratch. Men put their hands around your throat.

  36. WTFC says:

    Celia gets her info and rumors from the witch of the GOP, rakestraw.
    Both are total parasites and on the elite’s payroll.

    Ron Will is the other GOP tool and the resident Republican basher.

  37. pls louise says:

    Ok, lets see how long this comment stays up. The Stooge Journal had the dirt on Flowers in the summer. They waited to see how the polls would turn out between Velda Potter and Flowers. When people started talking about the “domestic violence” story, it was the Stooge Journal who wrote a ridiculous article on Velda Jones Potter to take her out. She would have been able to beat Bonini. The political crime scene is simple. The Stooge Journal a republican newspaper gave a bogus account of Potter claiming she was a double dipper. She wasnt a double dipper, but Bonini is. They wanted to take out Potter in the primary, hold the domestic abuse story until Flowers won the primary and then deliver it through their favorite republican blogger Cohen. Many of us told you this was the plan. Now lets go to WDEL. I have never heard Al Mascitti go OFF as he did on Velda Potter. You can always tell when Al is nervous, he goes off his voice goes up and he sounds crazy. All day long WDEL ran with that story against Potter. Even after Potter delivered the truth to the Stooge Journal, they held her press release for days. Its time the citizens of Delaware understand the republican owned WDEL and the republican owned Stooge Journal “pick and choose our candidates”. They decide who they support and then trash the other candidate. Now the story is out about Flowers and his women problems, so who do you think the voters are going to go with, Bonini of course. It was the back room deal at the Stooge Journal. My question is why a reporter like Adam Taylor would go along with this slime? He has known Velda Potter for years and always respected her for her volunteer work. Always wrote favorably. Any wonder why the Stooge Journal picked Adam to write the bogus story? Do you not see how those of you on Del. Liberal were bamboozled…again!

  38. pls louise says:

    Geezer: Re: Carper beating up his wife. Thats not only true but was verified by the babysitter at the time. A history professor at the UofD’s and his wife lived next door to the Carper family. The wife many times saw Carpers wife with bumps and bruises. The wife was babysitting for the Carpers and knew the truth about Tom. It was kept secret from the press, but those who knew the Professor and his wife knew the truth. We don’t need men who use domestic violence against women anywhere near public office. Carper should be the next Democrat in name only, to be challenged. Maybe Jack Markell can do it. If Carney and Coons win their elections, Jack has no where to go after Guvnor.

  39. joanne Christian says:

    Geezer and pls louise—how very 1994 of you. Just can’t leave tintillation alone huh? He already went thru one round of those accusations/revelations. Hate to see what you do to ex-cons, who’ve rehabbed and job trained, looking for work re-entry.

  40. Fire Ant says:

    I want to know about the stripper? How come the stripper was left out. I wonder if she is as hot as the woman Bret Farve was after in New York? Will someone please come up with the stripper? Pretty please? I got to have this.

  41. Belinsky says:

    Neither of whom worked for him, entirely unlike Clarence Thomas.

    A distinction without a difference. In each case, one alleging employer harassment, the other alleging partner violence, there are independent accusations, with different accusers under oath, neither having a political motive, both made in a context that is difficult for victims.

  42. liberalgeek says:

    Belinsky – What in the world makes you think that Chip’s accusers had no political motive? One of the things that Celia glommed on to was the first accuser (who, incidentally, is the stripper) claimed that while Chip was supposedly beating her, he was claiming that she would ruin his political career. If the story is made up out of whole cloth, then it isn’t hard to believe that Chip was being blackmailed with a lie.

    The tell is in the phony dialogue. Perhaps the woman had seen too many dramatic movies. In real life, the madman doesn’t actually take the time to explain his dastardly plan to James Bond.

  43. Belinsky says:

    The words are familiar. Substitute “Angela Wright” and Orrin Hatch” and it’s 1991 again.

  44. Fire Ant says:

    Chip is pretty flawed. I can’t believe his ego is this big to think that he could beat women on a continueous bases and run for political office. This is a deep character flaw. He must with draw from the race because he’s a disgrace. Roberts & Willing has out smarted themselfs on this one. This is pretty bad situation in Delaware politics. It even gets close to the O’Donnell story. It’s National with the stripper put in. Bring on the stripper!

  45. liberalgeek says:

    Fire Ant – The point is that he hasn’t done those things, so your question has no merit. And for the record, “the stripper” was Chip’s Fiance.

  46. Whoa, Allan Loudell crossed a line yesterday interviewing Chip Flowers and saying that Chip is an excitable guy, was he sure that he didn’t do something he isn’t proud of? Incredible.

    As for Velda. She dug her own grave. I was the one to tip off the WNJ that I was FOIA’ing the city for copies of her long-rumored contract and then Adam filed for the same (he wrote to me on fb to let me know that he was following up on the story basically to scoop me).

    Please feel free to go to the office of the Public Integrity Commission and see for yourself that she never disclosed that she was getting money from the City of Wilmington in 2008. She only listed her company in the 2009 filing. She was hiding this contract even from the Governor himself much less the general public. Also little known are the terms of the contract approved by Ron Morris in 2007: she was paid $150 an hour for some twenty hours or more to develop this program and then was given proprietary control over the material. It wasn’t as if she had this type of program ready to go. (I don’t have the contract in front of me so this is from memory). By 2009, the contract had been tweaked so that the city had control over the material that they paid so dearly for.

    Cohen has had this story since Potter peddled it in the summertime. Don’t forget, people, that the first person Velda hired was Tom Wagner’s Republican operative, young Nick Adams. A bitter Charles Potter couldn’t even bring himself to mend fences and attend the meeting of Wilmington’s black leadership in the interest of coordinating support for Flowers to elect the first black statewide Delawarean candidate.

  47. To Get My Vote says:

    Fire Ant you need to quit with the slander. Chip does NOT beat women. I can assure you that much to you chagrin, Chip will not be withdrawing from this race. You sir or lady are like too many americans who believe what other people say/write without doing research.

    The true disgrace is people like you who constantly post about things of which you have no clue. Please climb back under the rock from which you came…we all know your candidate lost in the primary and you have some serious sour grapes.

  48. I has outsmarted myself, FireAnt? What are you, the I can haz Cheeseburger guy?

  49. Belinsky – What in the world makes you think that Chip’s accusers had no political motive?

    Agreed. the motive behind this whole ordeal was stated that Chip was politically ambitious and it was obviously something he could be blackmailed over. Innocent – found not guilty are synonymous, no?

  50. mediawatch says:

    Life would be great if we all picked the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend, never had an argument, never got upset, and we all lived happily ever after.
    Please tell me when any of you find such a person or couple.
    On to the facts, the bottom line, one more time:
    in one case, “insufficient evidence”;
    in the other, “not guilty.”
    The accusers told their stories. A judge didn’t buy one; a jury didn’t buy the other.
    Some people may keep wagging their tongues, but there can be no doubt about the verdicts.

  51. pls louise says:

    YOU scooped no one Nancy. The Stooge Journal had it, the republican party had and were planning to use it against Flowers, once they knocked out Velda who would have beat Bonini. YOU Willing, hate Charles Potter, Dennis Williams and others who told the truth about you and the horrific board at PSA. You were challenged with being a paid painter while a board member. You were outed and then began your ridiculous attacks against the Potter family. In fact, it was a republican who gave the Potters the dirt on Flowers and Velda chose not to use it. But, we all knew the Bonini camp would when the time came. Now is the time for the Stooge Journal to trash Chip and make sure Bonini will be the new State Treasurer. Chip has an ego the size of a house. He hasnt even won the office yet and is already looking to his “next venture”. Does Chip Flowers want to use the Treasurers office to run for Governor? Of course thats how big his ego is. He wants to be the Tim Geithner of Delaware, you gotta be crazy to think this guy is all that. When two or more women accuse you of domestic violence, when the community who knew the truth whispers about Chip and his domestic violence brother, you know something is up. So Nancy can we credit you with giving Bonini the Treasurers seat?

  52. pls louise says:

    Oh right Mediawatch. I guess being a powerful attorney in Wilmington and having these charges leveled against you by a prostitute and an “angry girlfriend” didnt have a case. Right THEY were exploiting Chip…is that all he could come up with. Those women were terrified of him because of his being a “powerful attorney”, but because of who they were they didn’t have a shot in court against him. Do you think the Judge wouldnt have given an “attorney in their court” a pass? Of course they would. There is no justice, just us!

  53. pls louise says:

    When Velda was appointed by Markell, he took 5 or 6 key people with him to the Governors office. There was little left in that office, and yes Velda called on someone who had some experience to assist in “re-setting up the office”. Did you know Markell left no documents, same with the Insurance commish…the former took all the documents before Karen Weldin Stewart took office. Why should the former State Treasurer Markell, or the former Lt. Gov, take “public documents” from their offices? What kind of crap is that? Why isnt anyone asking those questions, dems?

  54. Yogie says:

    One of the women was/is an attorney you idiot. Please take your slander to some other blog. I don’t think you are changing anyone’s mind here. Chip Flowers will be our next State Treasurer. Get used to it.

  55. pls louise says:

    So Yogie, you say “one woman was an attorney” and she filed against Flowers for domestic violence….so why would the woman attorney LIE? Why is his word taken more seriously than the female attorney, huh! I guess we know the prostitute didnt have a shot in court against Flowers.

  56. To Get My Vote says:

    Oh good grief could you please stop with your book long posts that say absolutely nothing. Do you not understand the words “not guilty” and “dismissed? Perhaps you should go look them up. At this point Velda is irrelevant…she lost! What her husband may have done with a certain sealed court document is not – and shows the type of person he is.

  57. pls louise says:

    You dont get it GET MY Vote. You must be working for the Flowers camp. READ this again…it was the republicans who gave the Potters the evidence against Flowers. They didnt use it, as the republicans wanted Potters to put it out first. They also gave it to the Stooge Journal who didnt use it, until now…why because it was their plan all along to make sure No democrat gets the seat. Dig it. When Markell appointed Velda she was making 6 figures in private life and took a big financial hit to “serve” the public. How do you explain Flowers saying he will take only $l.00 as State Treasurer, but will keep his PRIVATE LLC law office open where he can make $600 an hour. Who do you think he will work harder for, the State Treasurer position for $l.00 a year, or his privately owned law firm at $600 an hour? Work for the PUBLIC or work privately, he can’t have it both ways.

  58. To Get My Vote says:

    Sorry not interested in your useless dribble. I suggest you go take your medication and heal over the loss of your candidate.

  59. pls louise must not understand small business. If you are an owner, you set up an S or C corp LLC in order to take both a salary and, of course, the benefits of profit to yourself as the stock holder beyond and above salary. D’DOH.

    As for the other trash talking she is doing about me, it has only made clear to everyone her identity since this is the tired ranting nonsense she’s used under the numerous aliases she hides behind. Whatever, dude.

  60. pls louise says:

    Oh right Willing! Will take $1.00 to be State Treasurer? Will keep his private law firm? what stockholders? If he doesnt work his own practice he makes no money. Where will he spend his time in his law office, or in the State Treasuers office? Why didnt Chip make that statement in the primary? Why didnt he state he wanted to be the Tim Geitner of Delaware in the primary? He is throwing crap against the wall to get elected and then will continue his law practice? Its not double dipping but sure is close to to unethical from the citizens point of view. You Nancy don’t understand small business or nonprofits. You didnt know as a Board member of PSA you had a fidicuary responsibility for the agency not the Ex. Director of that agency. Gives us all a break Nancy with your spin.

  61. liberalgeek says:

    pls loise – The charge that Markell and Denn took public documents with them is complete bullshit. Which documents do you think they took with them??? In a real office, like the treasurer’s and IC’s office under those two men, most “documents” are electronic. This isn’t 1963.

    Now if neither of the successors knew how to find those documents, or expected them to be actual pieces of paper, then it says more about them than the previous officeholders. I would believe that KWS wouldn’t know how to find the data, but Velda has actually worked in business since the 80’s. I am sure she was able to find everything she needed.

  62. Exhausted says:

    It doesn’t matter who said these things or why. For some reason, Chip shows poor judgement in plenty of matters and is always forgiven. His poor judgement when it comes to the opposite sex extends beyond these two women. Those who speak up are shut down.

  63. To Get My Vote says:

    Exhausted what are you talking about? Is that you louise? This post is weak whoever you are. I am 99% sure you don’t know Chip or about any matters relating to him or his judgement. Give it a rest.

  64. Exhausted says:

    Personal experience CTGMC.

  65. To Get My Vote says:

    Whatever that means.

  66. Joe Cass says:

    Connecticut Gay Men’s Chorus? Let’s no go there!

  67. Exhausted says:

    Sorry. (T)o (G)et (M)y (V)ote. Keyboarding fail.

  68. jason330 says:

    Grapevine donors are getting hosed.


    And if not for links from DL she’d have half that many.