HUGE Lead for Coons and Carney over the Crazy Teabaggers

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The Christine O’Donnell campaign has crashed. A new University of Delaware poll shows Chris Coons with a commanding lead over Christine O’Whackjob, 49% to 30%. And that is without leaners. When leaners are pressed to decide between the candidates, Coons wins 61 to 37.

In the same poll, John Carney is leading Glen Urquhart by nearly the same margin, 48% to 31%. Once we get a hold of the internals, we will get you a more detailed analysis. And the Fairleigh Dickinson poll of the Senate race is expected later today as well. Mmmmmm polling goodness.

UPDATE: The Poll internals are now available. (Warning PDF).

It is a good sample size (900 Delaware adults). However, the interviewing window is unusually large (two weeks, from September 16-30, 2010). The partisan breakdown reflects the demographics of the state, so idiots like Delbert should shut up. 24% Republican; 34% Democratic; 33% Independent. If anything, they undersampled Democrats.

Christine O’Whackjob is only getting 62% of the Republican vote, 7% of the Democratic vote, and 20% of the Independent vote. 18% of Republicans are definitely voting for Chris Coons, and that number may increase to 20% when leaners are pressed to decide. Christine’s vote share increases to 77% of the Republican vote with leaners allocated. So there are 17% of Republicans out there who dislike her, but still feel loyalty to the Party. Meanwhile, another 20% of the Republican vote say “Screw the party.”

Coons gets 77% of the Democratic vote and 39% of the Independent vote. When leaners are pressed to decide, Coons gets 92% of the Democratic vote (so much for that O’Donnell Dem phenomena Delbert speaks of) and shockingly 70% of the Independent vote. The key point of this poll: Independents hate Christine O’Donnell. With a passion. Without leaners, Coons wins the Independent vote 2 to 1. With leaners, he wins it by 42 points (70 to 28).

Moving over to the U.S. House race, Urquhart has the same problem as Christine: People do not like the evil racist 1850’s ideology that the Republican party subscribes to. Urqy gets 66% of the Republican vote, 6% of the Dems and 19% of the Indy vote. When leaners and undecideds are pressed, Urquhart gets 81% of the GOP vote, 8% of the Dem vote, and 42% of the Indy vote. So Urquhart does better among Independents than Christine, but he still loses them to Carney 58 to 42.

Carney wins 17% of the GOP, 77% of the Dems and 34% of the Independents. With undecideds and leaners,
Carney wins 19% of the Republican vote, 92% of the Democratic vote and 58% of the Independent vote.

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  1. Jason330 says:

    I guess this is where I’m suppossed to say, “you know who else had a hg lead? Mike Castle.”. Except I’m not feeling it.

  2. Delbert says:

    “University of Delaware”. They’re just polling a bunch of college students and higher learning tree-hugger types in an attempt to make the liberal look more appealing. Carney will likely win, but downstate is going to put the wood to Coons just like we did Castle. There are a lot of O’Donnell Dems down here.

  3. Delaware Dem says:

    The difference is Castle’s supporters were not motivated, because they simply could not believe she would win. So they stayed home. And Castle’s campaign did nothing until the last two weeks.

    Coons, meanwhile, has been on the ground campaigning for six months, because he need to introduce himself to voters downstate and also convince his county constituents to turn away from Castle. His supporters are now motivated, from the notion that we can win, and from the horrible nightmare that O’Donnell could if slack off.

    Words cannot express how much I had O’Donnell and her band of criminal thugs that she calls a campaign theme. I want them all destroyed, methaphorically speaking.

  4. Delaware Dem says:

    Delbert is saying that O’Donnell will win. Ha. Sussex County really needs an institute of higher learning.

  5. Geezer says:

    “They’re just polling a bunch of college students and higher learning tree-hugger types in an attempt to make the liberal look more appealing.”

    I realize conservatives think polls are useful only for propaganda purposes, but most university polling operations are doing it to prepare their students to enter a multi-billion-dollar industry. You can click on the link in the post to find out who was interviewed — but that would be too much effort, wouldn’t it?

  6. Geezer says:

    “Delbert is saying that O’Donnell will win. Ha. Sussex County really needs an institute of higher learning.”

    Don’t worry, they’re the recipients of Lonnie George’s best efforts.

  7. anon says:

    The poll.

    Self-described 24% R, 34% D, 33% I. Sounds pretty much like Delaware.

  8. heragain says:

    I don’t care how big their lead is. I have races up and down the ticket, and I’m going to keep doorknocking until they ALL win.

  9. Joe Cass says:

    I AM CHRISTINE O”DONNELL, if Christine O’Donnell is voting for Chris Coons,John Carney and Chip Flowers.
    If that crowd at the nuthouse was rough on Maddow’s producers yesterday, imagine knocking on their door today!

  10. Matt says:

    It’ll be interesting to see the results after the debates these next couple of weeks. I think Urquhart will gain votes. Not sure about O’Donnell

  11. MJ says:

    Delbert – “there are a lot of O’Donnell Dems down there.” Only if you count Bob Venables and his family, and they are rethuglicans anyway.

  12. jpconnorjr says:

    Delbert is right about 1 thing. There are O’Donnell Dems in Sussex, no question. But we have 2 polls showing the same thing. We have a lead line in her only ad “I am not a witch” This lady might not be a witch but she is looking like Joan of Arc because she will be burned:)

  13. Aoine says:

    JP – yup she will be “burned” but will certainly not be a martyer and never a saint>>>>LOL

  14. Delbert says:

    Hey, don’t forget Bo Biden. He’s running for AG again, isn’t he?


    He’s at it with another photo/article, this time on the front page of the business section in today’s Upstate Rag. “Biden Wants Action on Foreclosures” Read it and you’ll see that what he really wants is INACTION. It’s been announced last week by three big lenders that they are voluntarily halting procedures on their foreclosures because Old Dominion Title Co. has refused to insure title on their foreclosures because of discrepancies. That was last week’s news. The industry is already addressing its own problem, but Bo has to jump in days later with a “ME TOO!” One of the problems with the advent of mortgage backed securities is that the whole mortgages are sliced, diced, and combined in such complicated ways that at times there is question not over whether a property should be foreclosed (NONPAYMENT), but over which entity of many interested parties holds the right to foreclose. It’s been a key defense the lawyers use for their deadbeat clients who want to stall the inevitable or extort some walking funds/terms. So now BOnehead is jumping into the fray, making trouble in a subject matter over which he doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground; as usual.

  15. Aoine says:

    ‘jumping into the fray, making trouble in a subject matter over which he doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground; as usual.

    Kinda like you Delbert?

  16. Joe Cass says:

    You know Dilbit, I’m constantly seeing and hearing about “the upstate rag”. If all the concerned folks down here in Sussex find such tremendous fault with the paper, there’s always the free market solution! Get your knuckleheads together, make a presentation to investors and lets see how far you get. None of my liberal friends think very highly of TNJ either but we’d be happy to peruse your alternative. For less than a buck a day.

  17. millscat says:

    I am a democrat from Sussex County and will NOT vote for COD! There are a lot more like me here too!

  18. Aoine says:

    millscat – me too – actually been a Dem AND and Independant – I live in Sussex and I would not touch COD with a 10 foot pole – and there are lots more like me than her.

  19. Delbert says:

    Hey Joe Cass, try the Delaware State News at 75 cents. Then save your 25 cents change and put it toward a one-way bus ticket back to New Castle County.

  20. anon says:

    What myth will COD supporters construct when she loses?

    Stabbed in the back by establishment Republicans
    Mike Castle in the bushes
    Union thugs
    Lords of the Back Room
    Evan Q let too many people into campaign events
    Liberal media couldn’t stop talking about witches
    She didn’t lose; she won all three counties.
    Delaware will be destroyed for thwarting God’s will
    … other?

  21. Geezer says:

    How ’bout…stabbed in the back by union thugs Mike Castle was having an affair with while they hid in the bushes and talked about witches?

  22. MJ says:

    Delbert is angling for an asshat award. Unfortunately, you’re a know-nothing who O’Donnell’s yourself in the privacy of your room at night. You lose, but thanks for playing.

  23. Polemical says:

    COD has a BIG advantage over Coons: She can use her ‘BROOM’ to whisk herself downstate and back for campaigning purposes. But WAIT! She really doesn’t campaign these days now, does she?

    Quote: “Christine O’Donnell will not engage with the national media before the November 2nd election. She will focus on local campaigning in Delaware.” Really? She’s doing a great job!

  24. Joe Cass says:

    Thanks, Dilbit! Now please show an example where a person complains of “the down state rag”. I’ve never seen it. I love to be educated.
    On the other note, you and Colley aren’t big enough to run anybody out of anywhere. You shame the definition of patriot. I’m already in New Castle, bub. I’m gonna phone bank for Chris Coons to ensure his margin of victory LARGER. Put that in your meager tax base as tourist season ends and smoke it. smoke it,b17c8

  25. The industry is already addressing its own problem, but Bo has to jump in days later with a “ME TOO!”



    This is a really serious situation where the big banks have been systematically stealing people’s houses with an institutionalized mortgage fraud that has been exposed as an industry-wide problem. Read Yves Smith’s blog for the details.

  26. These polls look like O’Donnell is losing support. I guess the strategy of not talking to voters is not paying off.

  27. Anon Knows Nothing says:

    Coons and Carney, two career Dems with nothing new to offer. Way to go Delaware.

    The reality is the Delaware GOP did this to themselves. No sympathy here.

    Delaware is the loser.

  28. And no one knows losers like AKN! Please move on with your crown and scepter. Once you lose here, you need to move on to lose elsewhere. Please take Christine with you. And Glen, we don’t want more losers hanging their failure crown about.

  29. plslouise says:

    Well if Christine couldnt find her way to the Deerpark last night she truly is missing in action. Not one person could be found who would vote for her? Are they all in the closet? Perhaps her supporters are “in the bushes”! Does she get to keep all that campaign money? She might be saying, “hey I know I’m not gonna win so WTF, look at the killing I made in just a few weeks. Game over.

  30. Independent says:

    With Coons up so far in the polls – how come Obama and Biden are coming to Delaware to stump for him? Easy access/close by? Is there something going on or just looking to make the lead bigger?

    I was kind of liking his Democrat but independent pitch.

  31. Delaware Dem says:


    This is a turnout election. Coons will win easily if the Democratic voters turn out. The visit by Obama and Biden is to ensure the turnout.

    And how does appearing with Obama change Coons’ message of Democratic but Independent? What, with that message he could never appear with Obama and Biden ever in life? That is pretty ridiculous, even in this ridiculous year.

  32. Delaware Dem says:

    Hahahaha, I think Anvil is right on both counts.

  33. Anvil says:

    Obama is coming to Delaware because he wants to be able to put his name behind a sure thing. Most candidates don’t want his support in a close race. It’s even better if he can crow about winning a race where Palin has supported the opponent. Biden is coming because he knows that regardless of what lunacy comes out of his mouth the Delaware Dems will cheer for him.

  34. bamboozer says:

    Even my non political friends have noticed: O’Donnells making Delaware look bad, in particular the “I am not a witch” ad has backfired. As for Urquhart remember: there is no more hated specie in lower slower than the developer, especially a rapcious one like young Glenn.Sussex might like his talk, but him, they don’t like.

  35. Independent says:

    Delaware Dem –

    Good point on the turn out issue – I presumed that turn out would be good for Coons given the choices in this race. As others have pointed out COD is not putting the best face on Delaware – at least the right leaning side of Delaware.

    I did not indicate that he would or should “never appear” for “life” with Biden or Obama. My question was one of whether their time could be spent helping some candidate that needs more help that Chris Coons needs – or seems to need. I also understand however that geography and ease of travel sometime make it easy to make a quick stop and help raise money.

    If that make me “ridiculous” – OK.

    I like the fact that he has cut spending and made some difficult choices which seems to make him as independent (as one could expect in any party) as he appears. Like it or not, Obama has an image problem with a great many voters – right or wrong – it is why many are distancing themselves.

  36. Jason330 says:

    Palin favorable rating now at 22% nationally. She must be even lower in Delaware.

  37. plslouise says:

    Beau Biden is “jumping in too”. It is up to the AG’s office and the Secretary of State in each state to address these problems Nancy. Have you gone over to the repuke side?