Clips From Last Night’s Rachel Maddow Show

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If you missed last night’s Rachel Maddow Show or forgot to set your DVR here’s some clips from last night’s show. Delaware voters showed themselves to be very smart!

First show segment – Chris Coons and Tom Carper at a Wilmington senior center. The highlight of the segment was the interview with Dr. Gilbert Sinclair. Also, I’d like to replace Morning Joe & Chris Matthews with these voters.

More interviews with Delaware voters. I know some of these voters! This segment was very amusing.

Rachel’s interview with Chris Coons. It’s a really strong interview from Chris Coons – his messages: I’m my own man, I’m talking to voters to get their concerns and I know how balance the budget. He called himself a fiscal conservative.

I kept getting distracted by Dr. Sinclair mugging in the background.

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  1. Auntie Dem says:

    Thank you for this post U.I.

  2. Anon Knows Nothing says:

    Maddow looks more like a guy than Chris Matthews.

    She is a complete moron.

  3. jason330 says:

    Great segments. Thanks for the post. I love that clip of Coons going on the attack against O’Donnell’s GOP gang and their plans to privatize Social Security.

  4. anonone says:

    “They say they ‘want to take their county back;’ I want to take our country forward.” Great line, Chris!

  5. V says:

    Rachel’s twitter showed a more traditional interview setting (two chairs, darkened room) originally set up for Chris. I wonder who’s idea it was to just have it in the room while Carper was speaking? Time constraint issue or attempt to further cultivate a “man of the people ” image?

    Either way, he did a really great job. Dr. Sinclair was cracking me up.

  6. OpenMinded says:

    Listening to those impassioned seniors brought tears to my eyes, and I blessed my parents who raised 4 children through hard work and sacrifice. We all went to college and now our children are. And now, Republicans would have us give it all up to the corporate gods they have sold their souls to.

    It’s shameful.