Did I Hear This Correctly?

Filed in Delaware by on September 15, 2010

Evan Q was just on Rick Jensen’s show, and I think I heard this:

Evan said O’Donnell would probably attend the debate tomorrow night if the questions were provided beforehand.  Jensen was shocked, started saying that he had never run a debate where the candidate had the questions beforehand, and then… they immediately went to a break.  The topic never came up again – even though Jensen said it would continue after the break.  So… did I hear this correctly?


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  1. Anon says:

    What a crock! The shine is going to wear off real quick as the nuttiness resurfaces! Smart not to go–Chris will dismantle her…

  2. RSmitty says:

    Don’t know, but you probably did. Now that they won, everything they bitched about in regard to Castle not debating, unfair rules, etc., will be perfectly fine.

  3. Joe Cass says:

    Yes. You heard Mr. Shorty Shovey say that the questions had to be submitted beforehand. And more amazing, Jenson was taken aback. Twin turds. See Ya tomorrow night 6:30p at JCC 101 Garden of Eden Road.
    Come one come all D Bags. Let’s find out who you’re willing to push.

  4. pandora says:

    Well… if she doesn’t get her cheat sheet, will she show?

  5. jason330 says:

    1) “Isn’t America awesome!?”

  6. anon says:

    I bet she refers to her opponent at least once as “Congressman Castle.”

  7. Delaware Dem says:

    So she wants the job but won’t go to the job interview (where last I checked, questions are not handed out before hand).

    What an ignorant…. and ARROGANT out of touch dipshit.

  8. Delaware Dem says:

    I will be there tomorrow, and Evan should know, I push back, very hard.

  9. Venus says:

    She is a fool to debate, probably one of the best debaters, not only in this state, but also at his college alma mater. Trust me on this. She better get stuck in traffic real fast.

  10. dana garrett says:

    I bet she won’t debate Coons even once before election day.

  11. Joe Cass says:

    Shalom! Delaware Dem whom I’ve been reading since 2003 on DailyKos is ready to push back hard! Tell ya what, DelDem, maintain that bar, you point,we get push. Some of you have brains and the rest of us the rest of us the rest of us oh festivus! no,eat brains? We’ll bring the physicality.
    Of course we all want peace love and understanding, what’s so funny about that? Reality is all that liberty is about to be yanked from under my constitutional soles if decent citizens let this sh*t float. I got a sinker for that stinker.

  12. Venus says:

    And Coons will be no Joe Biden on Sarah Palin. He treats everyone the same:).

  13. Auntie Dem says:

    If she shows up she is toast!

  14. pandora says:

    I’m with you, Dana. The more I listen to this woman the more I think Castle should have debated her.

    BTW, she’s scrubbed her website. Anyway of retrieving those pages?

  15. jason330 says:

    Here is a little secret. Castle sucked at debating. He got his ass handed to him by Dennis Spivack and fought KHN to a draw. You’d think a guy who spent his life in politics would develop some skills in that area – but Castle was terrible.

  16. Joanne Christian says:

    Because he was a gentleman–even to crazy Eileen.

  17. Joe Cass says:

    @Joanne, and that was tremendously huge incubating the D Bags

  18. anon says:

    LOL… Evan said the other candidates had already been given the questions in advance. You are right, Jensen went for a hella long break and then didn’t mention it again, as far as I can tell.

  19. cassandra m says:

    Debating her never would have mattered. If these people were not put off by the fact that she wasn’t employed, couldn’t pay her bills and otherwise showed all of the markings of a serious grifter — what about a debate would have changed their minds? And remember that these are people whose greatest skill is rewriting the facts to suit them. O’Donnell could have shown up to a debate and told them that she was a man and they would all run around squealing that they had won the debate. You saw how this played out around Palin.

  20. cassandra m says:

    Oh and one more — anyone want to bet on when she turns off the media like Angle did?

  21. She’s already turned on the NJ. She shut out Ginger Gibson in a press meeting a few weeks back.

  22. anon says:

    I guess she won’t be going on Gaffney’s show anytime soon.

  23. skippertee says:

    “Well I came home from work and I switched on Channel 5
    There was a pretty little girly lookin’ straight into my eyes
    Well I watched as she wiggled back and forth across the screen
    She didn’t get me excited she just made me feel mean”-You Can Look[But You Better Not Touch]Bruce Springsteen

  24. Joe Cass says:

    skipper, what were you driving on Limestone? I had a 318 4 barrel. Also drove a 78 Camaro (bitchin). What were you embarrassing yourself in?

  25. skippertee says:

    Shelby Cobra,no,I’m lying.
    I drove a 64 TR-4. I was a ROAD-RACER,late at night,back on the OPEN asphalt all thru Pike Creek Valley before they “paved Paradise and put up a parking lot”.
    I WATCHED all the drag races from in front of the garage just north of Paper Mill Road.

  26. anon says:

    I used to go running back there at night. Nobody on the road except asshole kids drag racing.

  27. Polemical says:

    O’Donnell ‘begged’ to have a chance to Debate Castle…now she’ll get her chance, but with Coons. The ‘RealChristineO’Donnell’ will reveal to Delawareans, and especially to Palin, Demint and Hannity that she’s a delusional whacko.’

    She will never answer a direct question. She’ll use talking points rhetoric to circumvent the substanative issues.

  28. skippertee says:

    “I used to go running back there at night. Nobody on the road except asshole kids drag racing”.-anon

    Not in the late 60’s,early 70’s,jitbag.

    Go run on a fucking sidewalk where you belong.

  29. anon says:

    I should have strapped on that jogger’s pistol I was contemplating.

  30. skippertee says:

    Not much protection from a well aimed truck you fucking jerk.Especially at NIGHT! Are you STUPID or RETARDED?

  31. pandora says:

    Hey! Stop hijacking this thread!

  32. skippertee says:

    “Hi,Jack”.Never say that on an airplane.

  33. Joe Cass says:

    wow, ST, a triumph? you must have been watching because you sure ain’t participating in a british shoe horn. Get a real car. There are cross counrty runners that can dust a tr.

  34. The Other Geezer says:

    Coons will be able to beat his meat and beat O’Donnell at the same time. I think I heard him say Independents would go three to one for Christine.

    Yea right. Coons could stab a senior citizen, run over a kid on a tricycle and embezzle money from the county and he still wins.

  35. MJ says:

    How was Fat Boy and O’Whackamole supposed to get the questions beforehand when the questions are going to come from the floor? Guess they didn’t read about the format. You can find it here – http://www.shalomdelaware.org/page.aspx?id=224355.

    And Pandora, you did hear Jabba correctly.

  36. skippertee says:

    YO,Joe Cass. If you’re now up North,meet me at the Guitar House on the corner of Paper Mill and Possum Park on Friday. I’ll be there between 3:30 and 7:00 on the porch,bullshittin’ and jollypoppin’.It’s the white house on the catty-corner across from Bank of Amerika.
    I pretty SURE we know each other.

  37. Aoine says:

    skipper n joe…..I paid my way thru college racing my ford LTD with a 357 cleveland across Clinton lake dam, Lawrence, Kansas

    I still have a fast car and still drive like that – LOL

    thankfully – I ended up with a job where I was allowed by the state to drive fast (legally)

    ahhh those good old days

  38. Fred says:

    So–did she get the questions, or not?

  39. heragain says:

    Aoine, are you a Jayhawk?

  40. anon says:

    So–did she get the questions, or not?

    They didn’t ask about her finances, her residence, or her college… was that her precondition for attending? I have no reason to think JCC would do this; just being cynical.

  41. As far as I know, she didn’t get the questions beforehand but she did read from cards for some questions. Perhaps anticipated them? Some of the questions came from the audience.

  42. heragain says:

    I could not believe she wouldn’t have every possible question on Social Security & Israel written on cards… you KNEW those would be topics. No wonder it took her 17 years to graduate. 😉

    She voted primary day… that implies she has a Delaware address of some sort.

  43. plslouise says:

    Of course she got the questions beforehand. Every election they send questions and ANSWERS to the proposed questions. Ask any candidate! And you better respond to the question with they answer they provide.