Coons on Hardball.

Filed in National by on September 15, 2010

A stellar performance by Chris Coons.

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  1. phil says:

    “Chirs Coons” LOL

  2. I’m glad Coons is finally getting attention.

  3. jason330 says:

    Awesome introduction to Coons. The opening clip of O’Donnell saying that any mention of her background amounts to an attack is hilarious.

  4. Dominique says:

    Excellent appearance. You can tell that he and his advisors learned a lesson from the DE GOP and Castle’s (mis)behavior during the primary.

    I would have liked to see Chris ask a follow-up question about which Obama policies he disagrees with. He would definitely have asked a GOP candidate that.

  5. Mongo says:

    Great job Chris.

  6. Bandit says:

    Nice! So she can make outlandish claims along with her nutty brethren, but she is off limits? I feel good about her self destructing on her own….

  7. delacrat says:

    “Is she qualified?”

    This is why I don’t watch Hardball.

  8. anon says:

    How long before the national press figures out where she actually lives?

  9. jason330 says:

    Turns out you only have to “inhabit” the state at the time of the election. So if hell freezes over, she can take office legally.

  10. anon says:

    I know, but it would still be news.

  11. Matt says:

    He should go on a channel that has more than 20 viewers…

  12. Wow, he’s really come a long way on his media skills since I interviewed him in May. This is good work.

    (Also he’s improved some of his policy positions since then, but that’s a different story.)

  13. phil says:

    So, I’m really the only one who saw that his name was misspelled?

  14. Jason330 says:

    Coons does a great job here and it previews the knd of judo he is going to have to pull off during this campaign. The O’Donnell camp is like so sicfi monster that lives off the energy people throw at it. Instead of rhetorical bombs and bullets, Coon needs to slowly and patiently starve the beast.

  15. Bob says:

    I like the direct answers didn’t dodge one question

  16. Bob says:

    I like the direct answers didn’t dodge one question

  17. Miscreant says:

    Hope someone asks him about this…

    “My friends now joke that something about Kenya, maybe the strange diet, or the tropical sun, changed my personality; Africa to them seems a catalytic converter that takes in clean-shaven, clear-thinking Americans and sends back bearded Marxists,…”

  18. Jason330 says:

    The interesting thing about O’Donnells position that ANY question about her background is an attack is that she might pull it off in this media environment. Does anyone know who the questioners will be tonight.

  19. pandora says:

    I don’t know, Jason. I’m hoping to attend. Does anyone know if she’s even going to show up?

  20. A. Price says:

    miscreant, what are you talking about?

  21. heragain says:

    A Price, Miscreant is quoting from Chris Coons essay “The Making of a Bearded Marxist”.

    You didn’t know?

  22. Geezer says:

    An essay written for a college he actually attended and got a degree from. Not that that matters or anything…

  23. anon says:

    As opposed to Christine’s essay,   ”      “

  24. heragain says:

    And he’s talking about a transformative experience in the Peace Corps, for which I have the highest respect.

    Sorry, Geezer, if I seemed short on qualifiers, so early in the coffee acquisition process. 😀

  25. Delaware Dem says:

    If Chris is attacked for an essay he wrote in college, which is part of his personal background, then that opens the door for us to unload the volumes of material we have on Christine.

    This is a two way street, if Chris is going to be attacked on his personal background, we will destroy her with hers.

  26. Oh noez! Not another Kenyan, anti-colonial!

  27. anon says:

    In college,Coons was treveling abroad and writing thoughtful essays about his experience.

    In Christine’s college experience, she was experimenting with casual sex, skipping her final required courses, and running away from dunning notices.

    Bring it on, bitches.

  28. heragain says:

    No we won’t, Del Dem.

    We won’t because if girls are mean to girls, they’re mean girls, and if boys are mean to girls, they’re bullies. And neither thing will get Chris elected.

    People like to hear about THEMSELVES, as long as it’s positive. So the campaign MUST center on “Why this sweetheart of a man will help your amazing and remarkable family have a better life”.

    That’s the message.

  29. anon says:

    Thanks a lot, Harry F-ng Reid.

  30. Uh…Harry Reid

    But Reid said Coons would have won even if Rep. Mike Castle (R) had prevailed over O’Donnell.

    “I’m going to be very honest with you — Chris Coons, everybody knows him in the Democratic caucus. He’s my pet. He’s my favorite candidate,” Reid said.

    “Let me tell you about him: A graduate of Yale Divinity School. Yale Law School. A two-time national debate champion. He represents two-thirds of the state now, in an elected capacity. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen him or heard him speak, but he is a dynamic speaker. I don’t mean loud or long; he’s a communicator. So that’s how I feel about Delaware. I’ve always thought Chris Coons is going to win. I told him that and I tried to get him to run. I’m glad he’s running. I just think the world of him. He’s my pet.”

  31. anon says:

    LOL. I wonder if Reid would have referred to Chris as his “pet” if he was 18 inches taller.

    I can’t wait to hear what he calls Matt Denn.

  32. heragain says:

    LOL. I wonder if Reid would have referred to Chris as his “pet” if he was 18 inches taller.

    It’s a harsh world. 😀

  33. anon says:

    Who’s taller, Coons or Denn?

  34. Geezer says:

    Heragain is exactly right. Have the attacks worked against Sharron Angle? Did they work for Castle? The way to go negative is to emphasize the America these folks want: No solution to the health care problem, cutting taxes as a solution to both a moribund economy and an enormous deficit. Their “solutions” sound like the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

  35. MJ says:

    Curly on WGOP had a field day with the “pet” line, but he took it too far:”I guess if he’s his pet, they just feed him a few times a day and then he goes and drops a load in the litter box.”

    Curly is a mediocre talk show host and a pig.

  36. anon says:

    As if Harry Reid hasn’t already insulted Democrats enough.

  37. I think the line I would have like to hear Coons say when Matthews asked if she’s qualified is “it’s up to the voters to decide if she’s qualified to serve Delaware in the Senate,” then list his own qualifications.

    Yes, I thought the pet line was demeaning but Harry Reid does have a bit of a tin ear on these things.

  38. Miscreant says:

    ” An article Democrat Chris Coons wrote for his college newspaper may not go over so well in corporation-friendly Delaware, where he already faces an uphill battle for Vice President Joe Biden’s old Senate seat.

    Interesting background:

    “The title? “Chris Coons: The Making of a Bearded Marxist.”

    “In the article, Coons, then 21 years old and about to graduate from Amherst College, chronicled his transformation from a sheltered, conservative-minded college student who had worked for former GOP Delaware Sen. William Roth and had campaigned for Ronald Reagan in 1980 into a cynical young adult who was distrustful of American power and willing to question the American notion of free enterprise.”

  39. A. Price says:

    ah. Thanks miscreant.
    no, heragain i did not know. First information gap of my life.