What Passes for ‘Mainstream’ Political Commentary…May Well Pass

Filed in National by on September 14, 2010

Could Celia Cohen possibly have been any less prescient than this? In this piece, the duPont Dormouse ridicules bloggers just like…herself. BTW, this was written on Sept. 7, not some time in July.

Just a couple of lowlights:

The clatter from the Tea Party Express could be taken a lot more seriously if it had managed to collect more than $80,000 or so for Christine O’Donnell in the Republican primary for the Senate. That amount of money is hardly enough in Delaware these days to cover the costs of a decent campaign for state representative.

And there’s this:

This candidacy is like the Y2K of politics. So much nervousness as the millennium approached. So many predictions that computers might seize up as they flipped from 1999 to 2000, taking out the power grid, making the air traffic go haywire and crashing the financial system.

Nothing happened. Ditto for Delaware politics.

Finally, this one:

An assault from the left and right does not put Castle between a rock and a hard place. It gives him a soft landing.

The way the Tea Party Express is operating, it is reminiscent of the story by Hans Christian Andersen, the one in which outsiders arrive and persuade the emperor they could weave him new clothes that only clever people could see.

Here is the Tea Party Express, outsiders spinning a candidacy that has so many others paying such clever attention. It was child’s play to know the emperor had no clothes. Nothing to see here, either.

One can only hope that one of the residual impacts of this election will be to rid the media of the sycophants who have enabled the billionaires on the hill for decade after decade. For all the quality work that she has done, Celia will be remembered much in the same way as Bill Frank in his latter days–someone who genuflected whenever a duPont walked by.  And who wrote that their farts smelled like perfume.


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  1. Polemical says:

    Cohen is one of the worst writers that I’ve seen/read. I can’t believe she makes a living as a reporter/blogger/writer! Her analogies, metaphors and other devices are absurd…not readable.

    I’ve never seen so many cliches used in writing. Awful. I can care less about her punditry or predictions…she simply cannot write.

  2. Lee Ann says:

    Wow – Ron Williams couldn’t have predicted it better.

  3. jason330 says:


    Perhaps a story about Castle’s actual voting record might have been in order sometime over the past ten years? Just sayin’