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Filed in National by on September 14, 2010

I don’t know about you, but I want a Senator who is not at all concerned about what I do in my bedroom (or in the shower, as the case may be). Christine O’Donnell’s views are not only out of the mainstream, but they are out of some far flung 2 foot deep creek. These whackjob conservatives that have taken over the Delaware Republican Party are not against big government. They are all for it. They want the government big enough to be in every bedroom in this country.

The Republican Party that Delawareans have known for 50 years or more is gone. Dead. Destroyed. It is not fair or even accurate to even call the fringe remnants of the party Republicans. They are Confederates.

In the 1860 Election the Confederates were against:

# Education. Ditto 2010
# Federal Spending for infrastructure. Ditto 2010
# Help for Free Labor and the working man. Ditto 2010
# Federal efforts to reign in the oligarchs of the day. Ditto 2010
# The idea that the Constitution guaranteed “personal Liberty”. Ditto 2010

And then as now the Confederate Party uses the memes, rhetoric, scare tactics, and talking points of white supremacy and fear of the ‘others’ to bring the low hanging rubes into their movement. And then as now the only compromise the Confederate Party was/is willing to accept was/is complete and total capitulation to whatever crazy idea was/is freshest in their lizard brains.

The Republican Party is dead.

It is the Confederate Party now bitches. Get use to it.

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  1. IT'S TIME TO VOTE says:

    How do they get the people on their side to vote against their self interest?

  2. a. price says:

    HAHAHA watch that video…. There are a couple seconds where a guy is speaking on the pleasures of not spankin’ it….. and, basically i need for a woman to confirm the look on her face… she basically gazes in the direction of his pants.

    this is gonna be a FUN few weeks!

  3. Man, I’ve heard some women say we don’t need men anymore, but this might be the first time I’ve heard a woman suggest men could survive on their own.

  4. yeoman says:

    While I appreciate the desire to lump them in with some unpopular historical group, “the confederates” is a profoundly inaccurate choice. The “argument” that “Dennis G” lays out in support of this linkage is Palinesque in its disregard for established fact, selective use of info. and dramatic incoherence. Misrepresenting history to fit one’s political agenda is precisely the sort of lazy, politically soulless, unpatriotic act we should be fighting against, eh?

    Father Coughlin’s crusade during Roosevelt’s 1st term or even going back to William Jennings Bryan would be a much more apropos analogy.

    Or, if you absolutely must go nuclear with the drama queen stuff, the Nazis are a much better fit too.