Why Yes, I Do Intend To Document Every Incident

Filed in National by on March 26, 2010

Here’s the latest: (Via Think Progress)

After picking up his 10-year old daughter from school yesterday afternoon, Nashville resident Mark Duren was driving home when he was suddenly and intentionally rammed from behind by Harry Weisiger. Enraged at the sight of Duren’s Obama bumper sticker, Weisiger gave Duren “the bird” and then hit him from behind, leading to a violent series of events. Nashville’s WKRN reports:

“He pointed at the back of my car,” Duren said, “the bumper, flipped me off, one finger salute.”

But it didn’t end there.

Duren told News 2 that Weisiger honked his horn at him for awhile, as Duren stopped at a stop sign.

Once he started driving again, down Blair Boulevard, towards his home, he said, “I looked in the rear view mirror again, and this same SUV was speeding, flying up behind me, bumped me.”

Duren said he applied his brake and the SUV smashed into the back of his car.

He then put his car in park to take care of the accident, but Weisiger started pushing the car using his SUV.

Duren said, “He pushed my car up towards the sidewalk, almost onto the sidewalk.”

But I guess it was Duren’s fault because his Obama bumper sticker intentionally provoked Weisiger.  I also guess the 10 year old in the car will be labeled as “collateral damage.”

Digby explains and gives examples:

I can hardly believe it, but apparently America’s wife beaters have actually decided to use the defense that these Democrats are “asking for” death threats from the right wingers because they are “making them mad.” I documented Sere and Cantor’s warnings this morning, but there are more:

Breitbart: Congressional Black Caucus members went “searching for … racism” by walking through Tea Party crowd

Graham tells Beck — Beck! — Tea Partiers “get mad” because they “don’t like being called racist

Michael Graham: Pelosi was “asking for” response by carrying Medicare gavel

Rove warns Dems that discussing threats against them may “inflame emotions”

Bet the wife beaters are taking notes.

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  1. Jason330 says:

    Mike Castle is a Republican. Where is he on all of this? (oh how I wish we had a working news media in Delaware.)

  2. anon says:

    The attacker looks like he is a Medicare recipient, or about to be. Kudos to the victim for not spending a little time aggressively restraining the attacker until police arrived.

  3. anon says:

    Looks like Harry’s wife died last month. Now I feel sorry for the guy.

    What’s that old proverb?

    “Be kind to everyone you meet, for they are fighting a hard battle.”

  4. I feel bad that his wife died as well but that’s no excuse to attack a stranger.

  5. pandora says:

    People lose loved ones every day and don’t resort to this sort of behavior – behavior that could have resulted in the death of a 10 year old child. There is no excuse for this sort unprovoked attack.

    This wasn’t a case of two men getting into an argument and then it escalating. This guy flipped out over a bumper sticker.

  6. anonone says:

    It was just the thought of health care reform that killed his wife.

  7. anon says:

    I wasn’t trying to excuse the guy. I was just feeling bad for my own vitriolic feelings about him.

  8. I blame Eric Cantor. Did you see the latest on him? The “campaign office” that was hit by the stray bullet wasn’t even in Cantor’s Congressional district.

    Well, even if it weren’t for the fact that Richmond police are saying the bullet was fired randomly, there would be reason to be skeptical of Cantor’s claim. It turns out that it is nearly impossible to imagine that anyone ever could have figured out that the building in question housed his campaign office…because the building isn’t even in Eric Cantor’s congressional district, and it’s not his campaign headquarters.

    Instead, the building (located here) is actually in Virginia’s 3rd congressional district (map here). Cantor represents the 7th.

    Probably because the building isn’t in Cantor’s CD, it doesn’t have any actual campaign posters or other markings to indicate that Cantor has an office inside it. Moreover, the building’s address is not listed on his campaign website, so even if the bullet hadn’t been fired randomly, it’s virtually impossible to imagine how somebody could possibly have decided to target this location.

    So I guess Cantor’s story is that he was targeted by an opponent with a good understanding of ballistics and trigonometry who had inside information on where Cantor rented office space outside of his district.

  9. Geezer says:

    Eric Cantor, new poster boy for False Equivalency.

  10. anon says:

    It was just the thought of health care reform that killed his wife.

    It looks like he made it to the anger stage:

    Anger – “Why me? It’s not fair!”; “How can this happen to me?”; “Who is to blame?”
    Once in the second stage, the individual recognizes that denial cannot continue. Because of anger, the person is very difficult to care for due to misplaced feelings of rage and envy. Any individual that symbolizes life or energy is subject to projected resentment and jealousy.

    Anybody care to take a deep dive and extend this to all Republicans?

    Still responsible for criminal behavior though.

  11. Geezer says:

    Moderation? For that?

  12. pandora says:

    Geezer, not sure why that comment got caught in moderation. I freed you.

  13. anon says:

    Ferris Wharton was out ramming cars YEARS ago.

  14. . says:

    Why yes, I do intend to document every incident

    Goody. When you come up with one solitary fucking shred of proof that anyone yelled nigger at John Lewis or anyone else last Sunday on Capitol Hill Breitbart has $10K for you.

    Scores of cameras and phones recording every second including those of congressional black caucus people, with all media eyes documenting the day’s events and not one single clip to substantiate such incendiary allegations?

    You all really are disgusting liars and manipulators.

  15. a.price says:

    its like that time in the 30s when “good germans” denied the rise of… no.. no Teabag Right Wing nuts arent good or important enough to be compared to Nazis…. my bad.

  16. anon says:

    There is still no proof that returning Vietnam vets were ever spat on, but that story is accepted by chickenhawk troop fetishists everywhere (actually, the spitting story comes from the first Rambo movie).

    I guess abuse is in the eye of the beholder (sometimes literally).

  17. Jason330 says:

    We’ll have proof soon enough when you nuttiest brothers turn Boehner and Beck’s words into actions. Sctratch any wingnut like yourself and you reveal a Timothy McViegh about to go off.

  18. . says:

    Ooooh, do you already have your next staged “incident” in the works?

    But this time with “proof”!

  19. cassandra_m says:

    The legendary Billmon is back and posting at dKos about the wingnut disinformation machine. If you read nothing else today, this is it, folks.

  20. cassandra_m says:

    And this is the same Breitbart who can’t quite account for the fact that his “reporters” edited their way to making ACORN look bad? This is the same Breitbart who was supposed to have destroyed the entire left blogosphere a week or so back? The same Breitbart who is subject to pointing and laughing at every opportunity?

    And here we have another glibertarian anon who can’t quite get his own belligerence on — he has to hide not just his own name, but behind the idiot Breitbart.

  21. . says:

    Glibertarian? LOL. Um ok gliberal. How about answer the charge. Attacking Breitbart on ACORN doesn’t make you or Saint John Lewis any less of a damn liar.

  22. cassandra_m says:

    A charge? From both you and the known liar Breitbart? You do still have your own blog, right? Maybe someone who cares about your charge will happen by and respond to it.

  23. liberalgeek says:

    I remember that during the Bush v. Kerry campaign, I had a Kerry bumper sticker on my car. My non-political wife drove my car on a trip up to Albany one weekend and was verbally abused at 65 mph by a Bush supporter that took umbrage at the bumper sticker.

  24. pandora says:

    Was it captured on tape, LG? If not then it obviously didn’t happen. And if you say it did commenter Period will swear at you and call you a liar.

    Eye witnesses are so 2004.

  25. . says:

    How funny you think you know who I am.

    Produce the proof that someone yelled nigger on Sunday or STFU.

  26. cassandra_m says:

    Hit a nerve.

    Maybe you’ll blog about it!

  27. pandora says:

    We will not STFU.

    But we get why you want us to STFU. Things aren’t exactly going as planned for you guys.

  28. . says:

    LOL, Sure. You feel like a nail in my sciatic nerve. You’re just that good.

    STFU with the invented racism smears is what I meant.

  29. It’s not a smear if it’s true. The teabaggers spit on an African-American Congressman, yelled n****r at one (heard by his staff as well), called Barney Frank f****t. Prove that no one did that. There’s tape of the spitting.

    I suppose it’s all Rep. John Lewis’s fault for walking through the halls of Congress while being both black and a Democrat.

  30. cassandra_m says:

    Well since we only have your *charge* that that teabaggers calling a genuine civil rights hero names are invented, you’ll pardon us if we move on to other topics while you wait for someone to pick up your tattered gauntlet.

  31. . says:

    Still no proof? Now it’s onto Barney Frank also unsubstantiated. There’s a linky above that blows the fake spitting claim too. Now you demand disproof of your unproven charge?

    Yeash what a bunch of drama queens. MLK Jr. would only be shaking his head at antics like this.

  32. P.Schwartz says:

    Where’s the N-Word Evidence ?

    NRO ^ | MARCH 25, 2010 | Greg Pollowitz

    Andrew Breitbart is offering $10,000 for evidence that it was used at the Tea Party rally in D.C.:

    If we let them get away with Saturday’s stunt — using the imagery of the Civil Rights era and hurtful lies to cast aspersions upon the tea party whole — then they really will have won the day.

    It’s time for the allegedly pristine character of Rep. John Lewis to put up or shut up. Therefore, I am offering $10,000 of my own money to provide hard evidence that the N- word was hurled at him not 15 times, as his colleague reported, but just once. Surely one of those two cameras wielded by members of his entourage will prove his point.

    And surely if those cameras did not capture such abhorrence, then someone from the mainstream media — those who printed and broadcast his assertions without any reasonable questioning or investigation — must themselves surely have it on camera. Of course we already know they don’t. If they did, you’d have seen it by now.

  33. And when you run out, you will bring back the old stuff. I get stories about left wing nuts sent to my box every week. I could keep them rolling every other day, but it would get boring. I have a feeling that trying to hype minor isolated incidents won’t keep your reader’s interest in the long run and you will drop it.

  34. cassandra_m says:

    We won’t drop it actually — because you fail to get the point here. And that point is that your leadership fans the flames and condones this bullshit. You won’t find similar *permission* for anything that happens on the left.

    But don’t let that get in the way of your false equivalence. Your dishonesty is almost all of this is almost legend.

  35. anon says:

    I get stories about left wing nuts sent to my box every week. I could keep them rolling every other day, but it would get boring.

    I liked the one about the microchips. With all that crazy to choose from I guess it’s hard to decide.

  36. When are you guys going to report on the death threats on the guy opposing Obama care in the video who threw money at the Parkinson’s patient who was counter demonstrating for health care? He was tasteless and insensitive and since apologized, but he is being threatened and harassed completely out of proportion to his actions.

    He was wrong and tasteless. That is not a crime and certainly not worthy of being in fear for one’s life over. Condemn him yes. Threaten him no.

  37. . says:

    You have no point here. Just phony allegations to smear your political opponents. This is something that no one from your ranks needs “permission” for. It’s standard oper procedure.

  38. P.Schwartz says:

    Lib Media Claims Rock Was Thrown Through Rep’s Office Window….. On the 30th Floor!

    Gateway Pundit ^ | 3-26-10 | Jim Hoft

    The Seattle Times reported today on another horrible political attack. The Times claimed that liberal democrat Rep. Steve Driehaus had a rock thrown though his office window:

    Protesters have been demonstrating at Driehaus’ Ohio home, said Tim Mulvey, a spokesman for the anti-abortion Democrat who joined Stupak in voting for the health bill. A rock was thrown through the window of Driehaus’ Cincinnati office Sunday, and a death threat was phoned in to his Washington office a day later, Mulvey said.

    “It’s getting out of hand,” Mulvey said.

    As Glenn Reynolds noted… Rep. Driehaus’ office is in the Carew Tower in Cincinnati.

    …On the 30th floor.

    And, they wonder why the American public doesn’t trust the left-wing media?

  39. Yes, it seems only people that weren’t at the rally demand proof of the slurs. None of the protestors denied that the incidents happened. But I guess it doesn’t matter. Wingnuts live in their own invented world where the 1910s were paradise and think Hoover is the very model of a good president.

  40. The poor guys got their feelings hurt because Cantor was proved to be a liar.

  41. cassandra_m says:

    I think that’s right. But it is also really hard to pretend to be the party of ideas when the reporting about your party looks like a casting call for Birth of a Nation.

  42. . says:

    Oy vay now they demand proof that an event they fabricated didn’t actually happen and then claim that protesters didn’t deny the phony charge so it actually did happen.

    Absurd much?

  43. Basically a bunch of rightwingers who weren’t at the event are calling someone who was at the event a liar. These same rightwingers have everything to gain by sweeping their bad behavior and their leaders’ encouragement of it under the rug. Absurd much?

  44. liberalgeek says:

    Yeah, and the Seattle Times erroneously reported that the rock was thrown through Driehaus’ office window, when it had actually been thrown through the Democratic HQ window in the district.

    Obviously, a vast left-wing conspiracy…

  45. . says:

    Your KosKid dog whistle has kicked in now. It’s all downhill from here.

    I’ve spent enough time on here I best sign off and head to a decontamination facility to wash off the stink.

    Happy trails bitches! [I mean in a nongender sense you PC thugs]

  46. Yep, he knows he lost.

  47. I have to add – boy Republicans desperate to change the subject, aren’t they?

  48. cassandra_m says:

    And true to form, the bitch known as . runs away when its clear he can’t hang.

  49. anon says:

    So long, Dot. Go stock up on some fresh lies, those were getting stale.

  50. The Cantor story is warming up. It’s been picked up by Politico, the ultimate insider gossip blog.

    But that bullet that pierced the window in House Minority Whip Eric Cantor’s Richmond office was merely a stray shot from a random act of gunfire, a Richmond Police department spokesman told POLITICO Friday afternoon.

    It’s a bizarre turn of events for Cantor, who is known in Washington for his media savvy.

    This line says it all – It’s a bizarre turn of events for Cantor, who is known in Washington for his media savvy. Politico thinks Cantor’s lying.

  51. C’mon anon, there’s plenty of “Al Gore is fat” and “Al Gore invented the internet” jokes to keep . satisfied for a long time.

  52. . says:

    Nah I just can’t join you in wasting another day of your life here in the hyena echo chamber.

    Now really buh-bye then!

  53. pandora says:

    You’re correct, UI. They believed their bad behavior would get a pass. And why not? The press has been giving their nastiness a pass since 2008. Progressives have been talking about the escalating rhetoric and where it could lead ever since the 2008 election.

  54. Geezer says:

    Oh my aching sides. Rick Jensen just spent an hour saying much the same thing as our jolly cadre of trolls. Nice to see them on the defensive — and nice to see the rest of America holding their noses as they turn their backs.

  55. cassandra_m says:

    I heard some of the lead in to Jensen’s show (I changed the station) and it certainly sounded like he was going to get the conservative victim on this afternoon. And it sounded as though he had a bunch of old grievances lined up to prosecute. The equivalence fails of course, because Democratic leadership — real or media — do not egg it on. And nor does any part of the batsh#t insane portions of the left get a hearing — fair or otherwise — in the halls of power.

    Bet Jensen didn’t talk about the Richmond police noting that no one attacked Cantor’s office OR call for Cantor not to lie about stuff like that.

  56. Yes, both sides do it will not cut it any more. They want to pretend that it’s all about isolated incidents and not about the incidiary language of GOP leaders.

  57. U. I that is all the Democrats do. They do it so often that you don’t even notice anymore. Republicans disagree strongly and suddenly that is not allowed. We will not be intimidated from disagreeing with the ruling regime.