Will Sarah Get Scozzafava’d?

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Former presidential candidate John McCain is facing a tough primary this year against uber-wingnut former Congressman J.D. Hayworth. The polls show McCain leading by more than 20% but he is vulnerable. Last week he announced that Sarah Palin would campaign for him in Arizona (oh how the might have fallen). Some Palin fans are not happy with this development:

On Friday, Paul Streitz, the co-founder of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee — a group trying to get Palin to run for president in 2012 — sent out an e-mail slamming Palin for supporting McCain:

She has now chose to align herself with several bad actors. What should this be called, the Rinoization of Sarah Palin. […]

She is certainly entitled to write a book and make money for her and her family, but other than what has she has done to support Republican and patriotic candidates. … Perhaps, Sarah was too busy talking to her agent about her Fox deal. Where the hell was Sarah?

Streitz is no longer involved with the Draft Sarah Committee, which condemned his e-mail, but he is not alone in his view. Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin wrote on her blog that “Tea Party activists are rightly outraged by Sarah Palin’s decision to campaign for McCain, whose entrenched incumbency and progressive views are anathema to the movement.”

Yet more evidence that the GOP may find channeling the anger of the teabaggers more difficult than they thought.

I know Palin is the GOP rightwing darling, but have you noticed the successful Republicans – McDonnell, Christie and Brown all did not have Palin campaign for them?

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  1. anon says:

    Palin is on track to crash more campaigns than McCain has crashed airplanes.

    Somebody remember to check McCain’s disclosures when they come out and find out how much he is paying her. Hairdressers, hotels, entourage, limos, concierge service, etc. Or is the tab getting picked up by some corporation.