A Swig and A Miss

Filed in National by on January 2, 2010

The News Journal today covers the attempted resurgence of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) on the Delmarva peninsula. Or should I say that The News Journal miscovers MADD’s rebirth and history. Back in October of last year, Delaware Liberal posted about Delaware MADD’s financial trouble and we alluded to one of the main reasons why we felt MADD’s demise in the Delmarva was justified — their pig-headed response to the drunk driving incident of Delaware State Representative John Atkins in Ocean City, Maryland which turned into a national story.

But no where, absolutely no where, in The News Journal article is this atrocious MADD response mentioned. The News Journal, protector of the Delaware Way.

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  1. Yeah, the sheer hypocrisy of MADD’s defense of Atkins is/was breath(alizer)taking–especially since nobody, and I mean NObody, fought harder to reduce Delaware’s legal limit from .10 to .08 than MADD. Or, as former Sen. Herman M. Holloway, Sr. used to call them, ‘the MADD Mothers’.

    Guess the General Assembly should’ve done what it usually does–exempt itself from the laws everyone else must live by. I’m sure John Atkins would be on board with that one.

  2. wikwox says:

    Regardless of Atkins the truth is that MADD is a group without a purpose. That is unless they care to come out of the Prohibitionist closet. As for hypocrisy, well, it is Delaware after all.

  3. nemski says:

    Prohibitionist closet?

  4. Brooke says:

    Oh, dear. We might not be able to buy liquor. A true emergency. @@ If that was the problem with MADD, it would be a pretty minor one. 😀
    How about a tariff on alcohol produced out of state? Promote Delaware business!

  5. IMHO, MADD had a purpose, and they influenced public policy for the better. Many of their members had experienced the anguish caused by drunk driving. I think reducing the blood alcohol limit to .08 has kept drunk people off the roads and has kept would-be drunk people at home. Not John Atkins, but others.

    But, to a large degree their purpose has become law, and kudos to those who made it happen. And, it goes w/o saying, that when your principal legislative cause is lowering the legal limit to .08 and one of your officers publicly states that it was no big deal that a bullying politician blew a .14, then perhaps it is time for the organization to fold. Before they risk undoing what they did.