Hypocrisy Alert!

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How did I miss this?

Mr. Traditional Marriage, Karl Rove, gets divorced.  And… it isn’t his first one.  Oh, sweet hypocrisy!  So much for those traditional little clauses, such as:  “till death do us part” and “that which God has brought together, let no man put asunder.”

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  1. I blame gay people for being so tempting.

  2. pandora says:

    … Or Karl Rove for being so hot?

  3. Mark H says:

    In what universe?? It’s Clinton’s fault 🙂

  4. pandora says:

    LOL! And Mark, thanks for recommending Scalzi’s (sp?) books. I gave them to Mr. Pandora for Xmas.

  5. anon says:

    Karl Rove is straight?

  6. Observer says:

    You folks really don’t understand the concept of hypocrisy, do you?

    It is not hypocritical to believe in a standard yet fall short in living up to it. Rather, hypocrisy is saying one believes in something while not attempting to live up to it at all.

    Let me offer an example. I believe that the use of profanity is wrong. However, I grew up on military bases and as a young person acquired a sailor’s vocabulary. I strive to not use such language — but from time to time still find parts of that vocabulary slipping into use.

    Unless you can produce some evidence that Rove doesn’t believe that marriage ought to be a lifetime commitment between one man and one woman, you can’t sustain a charge of hypocrisy here. At best, you can point to a failure to live up to one’s own ideals — which is a sign of his humanity.

  7. Von Cracker says:

    bullshit. no further explanation is needed.

    maybe he and newt and get it on.

  8. Mark H says:

    Did he like them? I have the newest (Zoe’s Tale) and am done with it if he’d like to read it. It’s just going to sit in my garage until Yard Sale day otherwise.

  9. Observer says:

    Gotta laugh at the fact that you folks seem quite turned on by an author who Hube has been a vocal fan of for a couple of years.

  10. pandora says:

    He loved Old Man’s War, and I’m sure he’d like to borrow the new one. Email me at pandora@delawareliberal.net and we can set up a time for me to get the book. Thanks again, Mark!

    Oh, and Observer is a hypocrite. Humanity? You crack me up. And if you lecture anyone on their potty mouth then you’re a hypocrite in that area as well.

  11. skippertee says:

    The “turd blossom”emits a noxious odor.

  12. Observer says:

    In other words, pandora, advocating for a standard is permissible only if one is perfect. Got it.

    I guess that means that Barack Obama is a hypocrite for telling Americans about the need for sacrifice during these difficult economic times — as he jets off to a $4000 a day hide-away at taxpayer expense.

    And most of you here are hypocrites when it comes to sexism, given the sexist crap you dish out regarding Sarah Palin. And hypocrites regarding racism, given the racist crap you dish out towards black Republicans.

    And i won’t get into the homophobic hypocrisy on this thread, where unfounded insults related to sexual orientation are thrown around by certain commenters.

    Hell, pandora, by your standard this entire website is a cesspool of hypocrisy and ought to be shut down for that reason.

  13. pandora says:

    Hit a nerve, did I?

  14. Observer says:

    Hardly, pandora. Just pointing out the logical implications of the standard you have set.

  15. pandora says:

    The key to being a hypocrite is lecturing/preaching about what other people should do when you’re doing the thing you’re preaching/lecturing about.

    You may think swearing is bad, but if you swear you should probably STFU when it comes to other people’s swearing.

    Seems pretty logical to me.

  16. Mark H says:

    And Observer, although I rarely agree with Hube on politics, I get book ideas from him a lot. Just because I don’t agree on his politics, doesn’t mean Hube is wrong about everything 🙂
    Good Writing is good writing no matter what the person. And if you’d been keeping up, Scalzi’s blog had a post linked to from DL, that’s when I had mentioned his books to Pandora.

    Cant abide with Orson Scott Card’s politics, but I’ll read him writing almost anything

  17. Observer says:

    Yeah, pandora, and my mother-in-law, who smoked until the day she died of emphysema, should have just STFU and not told her grandkids and great-grandkids that smoking was bad and they should not do it.

  18. donviti says:

    I don’t have a problem with $4000 a day vacation. He deserves it.

  19. Observer says:

    Was that your position during the Bush years, when he would go to Crawford?

    (For what it’s worth, I don’t have a problem with these so-called presidential vacations. With today’s technology, a president really never needs to take up residence in the White House to be in touch with the entire national security/political apparatus of the nation.)

  20. Observer says:

    Mark — as an OSC fan since I bought a first edition of Hot Sleep at the PX back when I was in high school, I see we share some of our taste in literature. Just as I reject most of Scalzi’s politics (and Charles Stross’ politics, too) while still loving his writing.

  21. Here ya go Observer, hypocrisy at its highest, Karl Rove:

    Karl Rove is an outspoken opponent of same-sex marriage, citing “5,000 years of understanding the institution of marriage” as his justification. He also famously engineered multiple referenda to incorporate a ban on same-sex marriage into various states’ constitutions in 2004 in order to ensure that so-called “”Christian conservatives” and “value voters” who believe in “traditional marriage laws” would turn out and help re-elect George W. Bush. Yet, like so many of his like-minded pious comrades, Rove seems far better at preaching the virtues of “traditional marriage” to others and exploiting them for political gain than he does adhering to those principles in his own life

    HYPOCRITE is spelled K-A-R-L-R-O-V-E

    I’m pretty sure they didn’t have no-fault divorce 5,000 years ago.

  22. Observer says:

    And I respectfully disagree with you that Rove’s divorce makes him a hypocrite on gay marriage, unless you would care to show me where Rove divorced his wife to marry a man.

  23. just kiddin says:

    Karl Rove is a gay man, just like Ken Melman was the gay Chair of the RNC. In fact Rove had been seen by gay activists in DC before he became Bushs Brain. His beard couldnt continue with the shell of a marriage, after Bush was out~~so was the beard. The whole time these republicans were running Bush for his second term, the Log Cabin republicans and other gays in the republican party were bashing gays. See its that vote that counts, if you are a party person you are supposed to sell your soul for the party. Turd Blossom is gay. Why do you think Bush gave him that nickname.

  24. just kiddin says:

    I read somewhere that Bush took a record number of vacation days. 487 days at Camp David, not sure of the amount for Texas. But google says…he has the record. Is it safe to say, that Bush’s vacation days equal the number of missing emails? Where was Bush in August 2001? In Crawford at the fake ranch. Didnt read the Daily Reports,never heard of Bin Laden, but he sure could fire up that brush cutter. I remember the President of Mexico visited Bush at the “ranch”. Lots of really nice horses. The President of Mexico an excellent horseman asked Bush to go horseback riding. It was embarassing because Bush didnt really know how to ride, so he declined. Talk about fake. Fake ranch, fake animals, fake presidunce.

  25. Delaware Dem says:

    The real question is how Karl Rove got married (twice) in the first place?

  26. wikwox says:

    Rove gay? Perhaps. Castle and Crist gay? Hmmmmm…..

  27. A. price says:

    ew. i know many gays. i doubt they would want karl rove.

  28. John Manifold says:

    The laugh lines start almost as quickly as they did after Jim O’Brien’s parachute jump:


  29. rhubard says:

    I’m sorry to hear he’s getting divorced. I’m sure his wife gave him more grief than any of us ever could, and I’m sorry to see that end.

  30. just kiddin says:

    Karl has needed a beard for a lota years. Castle, Christ, Lindsay Graham, oh the list is far too long. The epitomy of hypocrisy. I could care less if they are gay, I just hate it when they live their gay lifestyle while denigrating everyone else for a family values vote. Just like the republicans conned the dumbest of the dumb the evangelicals into thinking they represented pro life, family values party to get their votes. A bunch of twisted sisters supported by tea baggers. Hey did ya hear Tea Baggers are now a big business. Gotta love poltics in the USA.

  31. Observer says:

    Rove was married for 24 years — and even were he gay, most Republicans would not give a damn.

    Hell, one can oppose gay marriage and be gay — just ask Elton John.

  32. cassandra_m says:

    Elton John does not oppose gay marriage.

    He is in fact technically married in the eyes of UK law.

    They just don’t call it marriage, which would be his position. That gay people should be able to enter into civil union contracts that bestow all of the rights of marriage on a couple. People who want the sacrament of marriage can get that in a church.

    Your life would be considerably easier if you would just turn off your wingnut radio.

  33. Observer says:

    Which means, of course, that he opposes gay marriage, cassandra. After all, the position of the gay rights folks is anything less than giving it the name of marriage is discrimination and a denigration of gay people.