‘Bulo Remembers 2009 (And the Noughts): Book It, Bulo

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These likely won’t be the last Best-of book lists that you see from me this year. And, like with music, there are no definitive ‘ best-of’ lists anyway. My lists today feature books I’ve read and would recommend, and/or books that I’d like to read based on the lists. After all, the purpose of lists isn’t to show anyone how superior anyone’s tastes might be, but rather to suggest options for people who wish to explore them:

While I found the NYTimes’ 10 Best list to be more than a little idiosyncratic this year, there’s no arguing with the diverse choices in their Top 100:


The Guardian reveals what some of the world’s best writers are reading.

The Atlantic’s Top 25.

Something for everybody from Publisher’s Weekly.

That should give you a real good sampling of 2009 books that will interest you.

But with the closing of the dread(ed)noughts, I’m especially interested in the Best of the Decade lists. Here are some that appealed to me:

If  I read enough to make a list, this would be pretty close to what I’d choose.

Plus Marilynne Robinson, who played a key role in curing El Somnambulo’s my third person obsession, earns a spot on the list.

I also like AV’s short story list as well. If you have not yet read Alice Munro, you may well be missing the best short story writer since Eudora Welty.

The Millions is an excellent literary site. In this case, I prefer the Readers’ List to the Pro’s List. Mainly b/c “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay”, by Michael Chabon, is one of my faves, and it’s only on the Readers’ list.

Which is why this is my favorite list so far. Both Chabon and Robinson get the respect they deserve here.

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