Glenn Beck’s 100 Year Plan

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Glenn Beck is crazy like a Fox:

– I have begun meeting with some of the best minds in the country that believe in limited government, maximum freedom and the values of our Founders. I am developing a 100 year plan. I know that the bipartisan corruption in Washington that has brought us to this brink and it will not be defeated easily. It will require unconventional thinking and a radical plan to restore our nation to the maximum freedoms we were supposed to have been protecting, using only the battlefield of ideas.

– All of the above will culminate in The Plan, a book that will provide specific policies, principles and, most importantly, action steps that each of us can take to play a role in this Refounding.

– On August 28, 2010, I ask you, your family and neighbors to join me at the feet of Abraham Lincoln on the National Mall for the unveiling of The Plan and the birthday of a new national movement to restore our great country.

He’s going to promote a plan that none of his followers will be alive to see. That’s brilliant!

[BTW – Did you notice the date? It’s on the anniversary of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech.]

No More Mister Nice Blog explains exactly what Beck is up to:

So now we see what Glenn Beck really is: He’s basically a televangelist. A huckster. A late-night pitchman selling seminars and book/DVD/audio combo packages that will allegedly help you get rich through flipping real estate. A human-potential-movement cult leader who promises life breakthroughs in exchange for participation in costly “religious” or “therapy” programs.

He wants you to attend one (or, surely, many) of his “conventions.” Will they be free? I strongly doubt it — oh, maybe the first taste will be free, but after that, I’d guess no. And he wants you to buy the next book (and, surely several after that). And there’s a “100 year plan” in the works — you can’t ever get off the mailing list because the good work he’s involving you in is never done!

Exactly! Beck is a scam artist, a snake oil salesman, collecting money from the confused and vulnerable. How far can he go before his followers become discontented? If history is any guide this can go on for years. I guess that means Beck is set for life!

Steve Benen points out that Beck has released a lot of products in the last year:

For those keeping score at home, Beck released a book in June, and then another in September, with plans for yet another in August. That’s three books in 14 months. That doesn’t include the Christmas book released last year, which will get an update with a photo companion book this year. It also doesn’t include the “An Inconvenient Book” that was published in May, or “America’s March to Socialism,” an audio book released around the same time.

I wonder how many books and conventions (plus coffee mugs, t-shirts, etc.) a 100-year plan will need? I’m betting a whole lot.

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  1. Perry says:

    Looks like Beck is following the Limbaugh model, begun in 1988 and still going strong.

    ‘Tis a sad reflection on a certain percentage of Americans who are so susceptible to snake oil salespeople, who present their wares in the fundamentalist evangelistic tradition.

  2. wikwox says:

    A new breed of Televangelist indeed! Perhaps he’ll add Faith Healing.

  3. PBaumbach says:

    so much for being anti-tax

    Beck clearly favors a tax on the ill-informed (aka the Fox-informed)

    don’t let the government take your money!

    Let me!

  4. anon says:

    “I am developing a 100 year plan. ”

    Is that like a Thousand Year Reich, or a Permanent Republican Majority?

  5. PBaumbach says:

    anon–more like a ‘final solution’

  6. Brooke says:

    Oh, PBaumbach. That reply should be bronzed. *two thumbs up*

  7. a.price says:

    I love these scheduled “grass roots” events. Hey Beckolytes, if a “News” Corporation sponsors the even it is called astroturf. it means the movement is fake and the leaders only want your money.

  8. Oh no, the man writes an occassional book and has a comedy DVD. How horrible! He doesn’t even push them except for Common Sense. He doesn’t need to. He is a great entertainer and a thoughtful pundit. In other news, Hamilton is condemned by DL for association with a chain of newspapers. Franklin is extoriated for Newspapers and Magazines. Evil men tyring to get a message out by capitalist means. How did America survive?

  9. nemski says:

    You know who else had a hundred year plan . . . Hitler.

  10. jason330 says:

    Man oh man. You have to LOVE bullshit to be a Republican these days. (BTW lol nenski)

  11. A. price says:

    it isnt that he is a writer. its that he is a TERRIBLE writer. and it isnt that conservazis (sounds like a musical term if you say it with the right inflection) are reading. it is that conservshevicks are EATING this shit up. its like golem and the ring

  12. JUDSON Bennett says:

    The 2010 elections will be interesting. Don’t count your chickens yet Dems.

  13. A. price says:

    I havent counted any. I fully expect the Democratic party to LOSE seats. I feel Harry Reid will be defeated (hopefully in a primary) and with hi will go with the “just give us a few more senators and we can get stuff done” argument. This is what the leadership asked for, we gave it to them, and they arent pullin through. I HIGHLY doubt the republicans will retake either chamber, but he majority party will be forced to find a more effective way to make good on their promises.

  14. JUDSON Bennett says:

    I agree with that.