Mitch Daniels Unable to Grasp Climate Change

Filed in National by on October 30, 2009

Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-IN) does not know the definition of agnostic. While out stumping Indiana about job creation, Daniels was asked about climate change reports The Herald Bulletin.

“I’m an agnostic,” he said. In response to a question on his view of cap-and-trade legislation that would penalize carbon-dioxide-emitting power plants, he said, “if we did what they want us to, it wouldn’t budge the world’s thermometer. … To me it’s a very misguided response.” He also said states like Indiana, powered largely by coal, would be bear the brunt of costs. “A poor America will not be a green America,” he said.

Agnostic, not in its religious context, means “a person who denies or doubts the possibility of ultimate knowledge in some area of study.” Actually, on second thought, maybe, just maybe Daniels does have a good grasp of agnostic’s definition given his follow up to the cap-and-trade legislation. But then on the other hand, Daniels does have a strong history of green energy and conservation work. I just don’t think agnostic is the word to use in relation to climate change.

In the same article Daniels said he won’t be running for President in 2012. When asked, he said,  “No. There’s only one way you can spell it.” However, in 2011, I’m sure he’ll be able to spell it Y-E-S.

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  1. Shoe throwing instructor says:

    The clearest example of in-step dogma accepting republicans is when it comes to global warming, his answer is vague because he knows it,s a reality but under their idiology< if you think this way about A,B,& C, you must always agree on D. This is the kind of logic that got Galilio thrown in the slammer. When it,s considered patriotic to be stupid, it,s dangerous to be smart!

  2. Delaware Republican says:

    You miss the point, again.

    He does not embrace Cap and Trade nor should he. That sort of plan has never worked anywhere.

    Cap and Trade will lead to no change in temperature but will lead to numerous risky derivatives based on cap and trade.

    Check out the carbon avoidance tax method of reducing carbon.

    Mike Protack

  3. Shoe throwing instructor says:

    Mr. protack, once again you show your vaste lack of knowledge, which is a requirement to being a republican, cap and trade worked like a charm in 1990 when Bush 41 passed it to combate acid rain, it wiped out the threat in less than three years and power companys atarted making an extra profit when the scrubbers GE predduced turned the SO2 and other elements into gypsum which could be resold at a profit, of coarse you would have missed this because you waste all your time going to factless opinion only sights that over the years have made you less informed and it shows everyday, you are less bright than you were a few years ago because you, like many others can no longer differentiat between FACT and opinion.

  4. Tom S says:

    Mr Shoe, where did the sulfuric acid water go from the scrubbers? what was it neutralized with and what were the byproducts?

  5. cassandra_m says:

    He gave you part of the answer already. And it isn’t water that is the scrubber — it is a lime or limestone composite slurry that hot gas passes though. At the end of the process you have calcium sulfates which can have some value as an industrial component or it is landfilled.

  6. Shoe throwing instructor says:

    By the way as another note on what according to mr, protack never happened, it cost only a third of the amount projected and they allowed 20 years but it took only 3 years to be a total success. carbon is the most bondable of minerals bacause the carbon atom has that extra electron, also found in these scrubbers were alarming amounts of mercury, lead and arsenic, all hazerdous to your health. Coal is the cheapest way to fill our energy needs, but not the healthiest.Add too that the way they strip mine for coal out west wastes copious amounts of fresh water. It,s impossible to calculate the cost of a hazard like acid rain, but it certain we are much better off without, and tha canadians are really estatic. But according to republican dogma, this could not be since the government never does anything right {manhatten project, apollo, winning world war two, the interstate highway system} When it,s considered patriotic to be stupid, it,s dangerous to be smart.

  7. Tom S says:

    and the heavy metals?

  8. cassandra_m says:

    Metals are captured or filtered out via other processes for the flue gas.

    But the SO2 and NOx were the targets for the Acid Rain reduction.

  9. Shoe throwing instructor says:

    Heavy metals include iron, and just about all of the above, coal is the ultimate bonding agent, they have found radioactive minerails in coal, it,s the last thing we should use for fuel, not the first, it belongs in a bad childs stocking and nowhere else. The franklin stove was invented by Ben to cure the numerous fatalitys that coal fumes cost every year. It,s thought, but not confirmed that George Washington may have died of inhaling coal fumes, And we want to keep using coal because it,s cheap? However this is the only country to use both Leaded gasoline and CFC,s, coincidently both were inventions of the same Dow chemist, one Ralph Midgly. So it comes as no surprise, we really could care less about the air we breath, especially republicans, who seem to value profit over good health in everything they do.

  10. Shoe throwing instructor says:

    On a compleatly unrelated note, NINE more bank failures were just reported tonight, happy halloween everyone?!+ #%

  11. anon says:

    Look. Republicans will never accept science. They believe the earth started 6,000 years ago (not 4.5 Billion years ago), God created the earth in six days and rested on Sunday, Adam and Eve started life, evolution didn’t happen, the bible is fact not parbale, Mary was a virgin, Jesus rose from the dead, and so on. When science (facts) consistently get in the way of how they view life on earth, there is no choice but to deny it. All of it. Science has absolutely destroyed the way Christians view our existence and and how we got here. They are differences that cannot possibly be reconciled. Today’s debate over science is no different than the debates that have raged for thousands of years with the Catholic church and science. Today you can even buy a bible that has removed the references to protecting the environment. Science exposes faith and the doctrine that has been sold to the masses. C. P. Ferroni, a Christian Reconstructionist puts it best: “As Christians, we have a different starting point in understanding our origins. The creator of the universe has told us about that creation. Because of this, it isn’t necessary for us to spend vast amounts of energy trying to understand origins…” I am not sure where his starting point is, but it clearly doesn’t involve science or facts.

  12. Dave M. says:

    You may not believe in gravity either, but the sudden stop at the end of the fall still hurts.

  13. lisa s says:

    Um, Daniels does NOT have a “strong history of green energy and conservation work.” Any green energy projects in Indiana have happened DESPITE him, not because of him. He has done nothing to facilitate the wind projects in NW Indiana, has encouraged MORE use of energy, has gutted the ability of the Dept. of Environmental Management to do their jobs effectively to stop pollution, has pushed the relaxation of regulations dealing with pollution (from energy production AND confined animal feeding operations), has encouraged the further logging of state and national forests, and continues to push insane coal burning projects like the Duke-Edwardsport coal plant, and the Leucadia coal-to-gas project in Rockport, IN.

    The guy is a shill to his corporate buddies. There is NOTHING he has done for green energy OR conservation in this state.

    Just wanted to set the record straight.