This Sort Of Lazy Blogging Drives Me Crazy

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Tennessee Walker, over at Delaware Politics, has a post up that tells me the little chick-a-dee could use some time off the farm.  It starts as a rant about Eric Holder (Fine, I get that.  It’s a Conservative blog) then launches into a full-out screed against cities.

Democrat run cities are cesspools of corrumption and cronyism with the prime model being the totally corrupt Obama Town Chicago.

Holder and King would love to see all municipalities turn into clones of the Democrat controlled City of Wilmington where all candidates have party labels.  Of course Wilmington frequently has financial problems despite  massive infusion of cash from the State and FEDS.  It is no wonder then basic services as citizen protection suffer.

Last year the News Journal papers documented the per capita murder rate of the city run by Democrats for the last 37 years.   The death rate was a disgrace, prompting a friend of mine to paraphrase the City of Wilmington motto:

Wilmington a place where you can see some body. Anywhere, in the street, in the alley, in the dumpster………

As a lifelong city resident I find Tennessee’s ignorance insulting and, as usual for this blogger, hopelessly uninformed.  Look, I understand city living isn’t for everyone.  Kinda like Dover, Seaford and Selbyville aren’t for everyone.  But, hey, Chicago is one of my favorite cities – though I sense Tennessee has never been.  In fact, given the stereotyping, I’d venture to say Tennessee hasn’t left their “little slice of heaven” much.  Which, again, is fine.  And, as a person who spends their summers in Sussex I can see the pros and cons of both lifestyles.

Wilmington, although a small city, has a lot to offer for those who like city living – the Grand, the duPont Theater, great individually owned restaurants, close to (evil) Philadelphia, New York, etc., and close to the airport for those of us who like to travel.  Not that Tennessee has ever availed him/herself of the amenities of a city.  And just like any city it has good and bad points – just like non-cities.  And, perhaps, Tennessee wouldn’t be so self-righteous if we really drew dividing lines and Wilmington got to keep all the taxes raised within her limits, and those other “perfect” areas had to offer the services provided by the city.

And, btw Tennessee, I’ve never come across a body, but I get that fear is all you conservatives got.  Me… I’m raising my kids in a diverse environment, that works for us without trashing anyone else’s choice.   Street smarts is a valuable life skill, in my opinion.  You don’t have to agree, but could you please refrain from writing about things you obviously don’t understand and haven’t lived.  It’s insulting, and uninformed, and, yes…  lazy.


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  1. Scott P says:

    Some people just live by the motto of “Stereotypes — they’re a great timesaver”. If Obama was a country guy who came from a small town, agricultural, rural area, we’d all have to hear how awful, small-minded, and currupt some small towns are. Which is exactly as true as saying there is corruption and bad people in large cities. Bottom line — it’s really easy to find bad things about just about anything. Especially if you have no worries about appearing fair or intellectually honest.

  2. pandora says:

    Sigh… or, I read Delaware Politics so you don’t have to.

    I just get tired of city bashing.

  3. Scott P says:

    It’s just so easy to bash places that you’ve never been, you don’t understand, and are filled with people you have little in common with. I could do the same with France, Guatemala, or Texas.

  4. Is it the safety or the low taxes that encouraged you to leave Wilmington?

  5. Wasn’t Seaford, a republican run city for many decades, featured once on 60 minutes for a drug problem… coining the phrase “Crack Alley” on North Street?

    I believe it was.

  6. pandora says:

    And that’s my point, Scott. That, and Tennessee is, well, not very well traveled and informed. Too bad, so sad. There’s good and bad in all places… and if you’re afraid to venture into Wilmington…

    Truth is, Tennessee is comfortable in his/her own little world. By bashing cities Tenn. justifies his/her own choice – and it seems he/she needs justification. Again, too bad, so sad.

  7. pandora says:

    David, who left Wilmington? I’m still a city girl, and Tennessee is still a stereotyping idiot.

  8. “Wilmington, although a small city, has a lot to offer for those who like city living – the Grand, the duPont Theater, great individually owned restaurants,”

    Hey Pandora, wanna go for a walk down in Riverside or over in Eastside…how about west 30th…over in Browntown or down in the Edge after dark? Come on, it’ll be fun…you can even bring your little DL blogger friends.

    Sure it’s safe up there in your little Market Street 10 block radius. There are barely a HANDFUL of communities in Wilmington that anyone from outside would feel comfortable DRIVING through after dark.

    Not to mention in your beautiful world of Wilmington half the buildings (I see em everyday from my cubicle high above the city) have missing or soon to be missing roofs.

  9. pandora says:

    Wow, Evan. I’ve lived in Browntown – loved shopping at Johnny’s (in the day) and all the great Polish bakeries. And I’ll take that walk with you anytime – I’ll even hold your hand. Some great joints on the Eastside. And you obviously have no idea where I live. Typical, small minded idiocy. But I get that you’re scared. That is, after all, the republican way.

    Funny, how I don’t trash where you live, because, you know, I Don’t Live There.

    BTW, sorry you work in a cubicle. Guess you haven’t pulled yourself up with those republican bootstraps yet. 🙂

  10. JustTheFacts says:

    Let’s be real, they don’t like them because there are scary black people and they don’t know how to parallel park. That’s why they don’t like cities.

  11. I’m scared? Nah not me but I can understand how people could be. I mean 6 shootings on one block since July is enough to scare alot of people. I however have been to combat zones and I have lived, worked and played in the city. It may come as a surprise to you (talk about assuming!!) that I spent my fair share involved with some of the same things I point out about our fair city when I was younger. I’m not your typical GOP Republican Pandy [ 😉 ] so please try to delay your judgement just a bit.

    There’s a huge difference between “trashing” where you live and pointing out the problems with where we all live. I’ve taken my own “hoods” to task too recently. I’ve called out Glasgow Pines, Brookside, Glasgow Court and Sparrow Run too. Don’t get me started on some of the New Castle “hoods” either.

    They’re dangerous for both the people who live there and the people who visit. Gangs and drugs run rampant and so because I don’t live in the city or in a certain community now I should ignore it? That’s a very ignorant and silly view to have. Why not fix these neighborhoods and by fix I don’t mean the nonsense in the Journal (odd how that came out only a week after my recent calls to bring auto jobs to Delaware and to fix our communities to stem the tide of recitivism…just sayin). I mean don’t get me wrong, HOPE VI is a good start but we gotta invest more in our “”hoods” to make them neighborhoods”(that quote comes from former Riverside resident Derrick Reed in the Journal). We’ve gotta fix the infrastructure in the city and rebuild it to match the beautiful Market Street corridor and we’ve got to make sure the people own their communities so they will have incentives to maintain them.

  12. lizard says:

    Corruption and Cronyism in Wilmington… ofcourse not.

    Just don’t ask the city to fix their sidewalks or where the Street Money went.

    and don’t let Nixon see this post.

  13. And FYI: I like my cube 😉 And when you wanna go for that walk?

    Oh and “JustTheFacts” – you’re saying that, I’m not, I don’t judge people by the color of their skin, I judge them by the content of their character.

    That means I don’t like gang members of any race, color, creed from the KKK to MS13 and on and on, they’re all bad news in my eyes. I have the same thoughts about drug dealers, murderers and rapists.

    These communities are dangerous but not all the people that live there are dangerous…most of them are just regular people being picked on by the badasses.

  14. pandora says:

    I’m happy you like your cubicle.

  15. pandora says:

    However, still no Tennessee. Safety in the bubble, I see.

  16. cassandra_m says:

    These hoods are not unique to Wilmington however they seem to loom very large in the minds of the people who don’t live here. I live in Wilmington (and have lived in big cities since the day I left my father’s house) and have NEVER had any of the issues that people fear. And I’m one of these gentrifying yuppie types who don’t quite mind helping to take back neighborhoods at risk. Wilmington has its issues, but I don’t think that there is an area in Delaware free of them. Drugs? My best friend lives in the wilds of Brooton, MN and the drug scene is probably alot worse there than it is here.

    Wilmington government has its issues, as does pretty much every government on the planet. And its biggest issue is sheer inertia.

    TW’s post is the kind of lazy-ass anonymous beefing that you get in the NJ articles about the latest crime in Wilmington. You almost never see that kind of commentary on the crime reports outside of the city. But white flight also means working hard at convincing yourself that you made the right decision by continuing to trash the place. The real tell, of course, is the traditional wingnut invocation of Chicago politics. Without knowing much about how well run that city pretty much is. Better than Wilmington, certainly. It is all best ignored, really, as is most of the idiocy at that blog.

  17. Delaware Republican says:

    Wilmington is a shadow of what it could be.

    As for the post you mentioned, anything with an alias loses a lot of luster to me.

    Mike Protack

  18. anon says:

    From Politico:

    The Obama administration stunned Wall Street on Wednesday by ordering massive pay cuts for top executives at seven financial firms that still hold billions in U.S. government bailout funds.
    The move – which would lower average cash compensation by 90 percent — means the administration is making a frontal assault on Wall Street’s gold-plated compensation culture at a time of growing public anger over the firms’ massive pay and bonuses. And the plan by pay czar Kenneth Feinberg comes in a week in which the White House has been increasingly aggressive in calling on Wall Street to stand down in its opposition to its regulatory reform proposal for the financial industry.


  19. Dave M. says:

    The King of Thailand has no direct political power. He cannot vote in their parliament (or current military hunta), cannot sign legislation, etc. He is a figurehead. However, since the 1940’s, he kept Thailand out of WWII and avoided getting taken over by the Japanese during that time, he avoided the Korean War, avoided the Vietnam miasma, got rid of Pol Pot in Cambodia, and has kept his country a tourist mecca as well as rubber and shrimp exporter of first world proportions.

    How did he do it? He is loved and respected by his people.

    I think with Obama, we have a leader who, like the King of Thailand, actually leads. When the personal charisma and perceived power and integrity is enough to influence people to take a more enlightened path, you’re 90% of the way there. This leadership we now enjoy was not there during the Bush administration. It may not be here now to the extent held by the King of Thailand, but we’re a hell of a lot closer. (By the way, I have it on very good authority that Thailand has the best, and I mean #1, healthcare system in the world.)

  20. pandora says:

    Love you guys, but… how what do your comments have to do with tennessee walker being a bigoted idiot?

  21. Hey Cassandra…we have one of the highest drug usage rates and compartively by size and crime rate we are one of the top states (largely thanks to Wilmington) for crime (ranked 17 out of 50 despite being 45 out of 50 in population).

  22. pandora says:

    doesn’t do so well.

    Crime Rates Wilmington, Delaware Seaford, Delaware United States
    Violent Crime 8 – 7 – 3
    Property Crime 8 – 6 – 3
    The crime indices range 1-10. A higher number corresponds with more crime. Our crime rates are based on FBI data.


  23. pandora says:

    Oh my, Newark isn’t looking so great, either

    Crime Rates Wilmington, Delaware Newark, Delaware United States
    Violent Crime 8 6 3
    Property Crime 8 7 3
    The crime indices range 1-10. A higher number corresponds with more crime. Our crime rates are based on FBI data.

  24. Geezer says:

    “Is it the safety or the low taxes that encouraged you to leave Wilmington?”

    This is a laugh. Anyone who works in Wilmington and therefore pays the wage tax anyway might as well live in the city. The “high” taxes in Wilmington are replaced in the suburbs by bills for trash pickup, higher water bills and donations* to the volunteer fire company (*residents with social consciences only). In the city you also get to rake your leaves to the curb and have them removed for free — and the mulch made from them is handed out free the next spring. In the suburbs, you bag them and/or pay to have them hauled away.

    Safety is another matter, though the murder map printed in TNJ makes it pretty clear — if other things didn’t make it obvious — where not to live if you want to avoid being some body.

  25. Geezer says:

    “we are one of the top states (largely thanks to Wilmington) for crime (ranked 17 out of 50 despite being 45 out of 50 in population).”

    Uh, numbnuts … the 17 ranking is adjusted for the low population. Try getting more oxygen to your freaking brain.