Presidential Derangement Syndrome

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Remember Bush Derangement Syndrome? Paul Krugman describes the symptoms:

The symptoms of Bush Derangement Syndrome, in its fullest version, are that you believed

1. That the Bush tax cuts were sold on false pretenses, and were fiscally irresponsible

2. That the Iraq war was sold on false pretenses, and that invading Iraq was a mistake

3. That for all his posturing, Bush was actually doing a bad job of fighting Al Qaeda

4. That the use of torture was ineffective as well as immoral, and was hurting America

5. That the economic expansion of the middle Bush years, such as it was, was driven by an unsustainable housing bubble

6. That the Bush administration was distorting science to avoid taking action on climate change

Crazy stuff, with one common theme: it was all true.

Yeah, those people were crazy. 🙄 These people should definitely not be listened to.

So, what is Obama Derangement Syndrome? I’ll let David Anderson explain it to you:

We are losing our country to a socialist progressive cabal which can not be allowed to succeed.

As for your race contention, did you not notice the same problems with Hillary Clinton and Al Gore was proclaimed by the same group of people. Bill Clinton was despised in part because of his dedication to undermining American sovereignty. UN treaties, biodiversity, GATT, NAFTA, and Kyoto were taking us down the road to globalism. Now we have an administration determined to socialize the economy, undermine our founding culture by establishing a post Christian nation, and put us under global regimes by undermining the dollar and surrendering our nukes to the UN in some world without nuclear weapons scheme. It is a nightmare like we have never seen.

They believe that Obama is involved in some kind of secret plot to destroy America. Oh, and he might not even be American. He has secret superpowers that allows him to hypnotize people into helping him with his secret plans for dictatorship or something. Those people who think that perhaps Republicans just lost an election and should get over it just don’t understand the genius of Glenn Beck.

Just to remind you, here’s a handy cartoon to explain what birthers believe:

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  1. It is always clear when Obama is in trouble because George Bush get pulled out of the past. It simply doe not work in any way.

    For every aspect where Bush was ineffective Obama has been more weak. You focus on Glenn Beck, Limbaugh etc but the issue is the weakness of Obama.

    Unemployment, Afghanistan, Taxes, Budgets, Iranian nuclear progress etc.

    Perhaps you should watch the SNL skit on Obama of two weeks ago, it clearly laid out the simple fact, Obama has done nothing since he became President. Just as Corzine and Deeds have relied on attack politics so now has Harry Reid:

    Obama might be the best thing for the GOP in a long time as he has brought independent voters to our side.

    Mike Protack

  2. David neglects Krugman’s points. Bush Derangement Syndrome — as dramatic as it oft-times was — was still based on some very basic principles and core beliefs — and not outright craziness, like the Obama Derangement Syndrome sufferers espouse.

  3. anon says:

    Bill Clinton was despised in part because…

    Bill Clinton left office with a 66% approval rating and continues to have high approval ratings.

    I think “despising” a popular president and thinking others do too, is a clear marker of the derangement syndrome.

  4. I think one big factor of Obama Derangement Syndrome is taking the failures of the Bush administration and blaming them on Obama. A lot of them pretend that these issues only started on January 20, 2009.

  5. delacrat says:

    Obama derangement syndrome:

    “Change” is prolonging and escalating Bush’s wars in Iraq and afghanistan

    “Change” is expanding Bush’s war to Pakistan.

    “Change” is holding over Bush’s cabinet secretaries Paulson and Gates.

  6. Scott P says:

    Very simple explanation of the difference between BDS and ODS: People hated Bush because of what he did; People hate Obama because of what they think he is.

  7. PBaumbach says:

    “Change” is holding over Bush’s cabinet secretaries Paulson and Gates.
    Did I miss something? What position is Paulson holding in the Obama administration? Actually, he is at Johns Hopkins now.

    “the issue is the weakness of Obama. Unemployment”

    Go to and look at the 2nd chart–monthly change in payrolls. The line goes down, down, down (more jobs lost each month) until … wait for it … Obama’s inauguration day.

    The first chart shows the unemployment rate. While it has continued to rise this year, its rate of ascent has slowed significantly, especially starting around May.

    So let’s correct that to read “The issue is the strength of Obama. Unemployment.”

  8. An administration filled with admires of Saul Alinsky, Mao Tse Tung, and Hugo Chavez that is taking over entire American industries and attempting to impose media control is not to be suspected of socialist tendencies. That is some sort of joke, right? This administration is not on some secret agenda, they are so arrogant that they are out in the open. Only fools and lackeys would deny that they are trying to fundamentally change America into the “progressive” vision. Progressive is just another label for Democratic socialism.

  9. Shoe throwing instructor says:

    One interesting fact that everyone overlooks in this ” globilized” world is that to compete in a world were billions of people live under partial our complete socialism, we cannot afford to be a total free market system Just as our health care system does not work because businesses are no longer WILLING to pay for it, in by so doing their unit labor costs are way out of wack with the rest of the worlds labor force, so to places like Wal-mart pay so little they turn their workers into partial socialists who are eligible for medicaid and food stamps. It,s not the government that,s moving us closer to socialism, it,s globilization. Our system has to be a better match for the rest of the world our we will not be able to play the game.