Glenn Beck’s Ten Worst List

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Glenn Beck is obviously a deep thinker. In his new book, Arguing With Himself Idiots he furiously whacks at strawmen, teaching the “idiot” about what the founders really meant.

September 22 brought us the release of Beck’s second book of 2009, the ironically titled Arguing with Idiots. In it, Beck is engaged in an ongoing argument with “the idiot,” who comes armed with some truly idiotic statements, such as, “They may not be perfect, but France is doing socialism right — we should be more like them,” and, “Private schools aren’t beholden to unions, but they should be closed because they’re only for the rich.” Beck fearlessly tears down these strawmen throughout the 300-page book.

I guess if Beck’s readers ever meet someone who wants to close private schools they’ll be armed with a great argument. Apparently his book is full of cartoon depictions of ethnic stereotypes and contains a bizarre defense of an obscure pro-slavery law (without mentioning the law is pro-slavery). That’s not the only wisdom that Beck shares with his audience. He also has a list of history’s worst persons.

In his chapter titled “U.S. Presidents: A Steady Progression of Progressives,” Beck treats us to his list of the “Top Ten Bastards of All Time.” The occupants of that list, in ascending order, are Pol Pot, Robert Mugabe, Teddy Roosevelt, Bernie Madoff, Adolf Hitler, Keith Olbermann, Pontius Pilate, FDR, Tiger Woods, and Woodrow Wilson. That’s right, in Beck’s book, mass slaughter of millions of innocents makes you a less reprehensible person than the presidents who won both World Wars for the United States.

Gee, at least Hitler is on the list. Teddy Roosevelt? Tiger Woods? What has Tiger Woods done to earn Beck’s ire? Seriously, Tiger Woods, Keith Olbermann, FDR, TR and Woodrow Wilson are on the same list as Pol Pot and Adolf Hitler? I thought conservatives had a thing for Saddam Hussein? So, Tiger Woods is worse than Saddam Hussein, then, I guess. I expect the invasion of the golf course to be imminent.

I’m just waiting for the Beck defenders to tell me this is some kind of subtle, nuanced humor that liberals can’t detect.

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  1. A. price says:

    or osama bin laden. I guess the new right wing extremist club loves Osama, and loved the depression and robber barons. f-ing twit.

  2. Scott P says:

    Maybe they were the only ten famous people he could think of that day. But really, no Rommel? He was magnificent!

    Seriously though, as a compassionate human being, I truly hope that someday he gets the help he so desperately needs. Anyone know if the coverage Murdoch offers covers mental health services?

  3. cassandra_m says:

    F*cking twit is right.

    And it doesn’t say much for the weak-minded souls who think that this guy is actually leading something. Altho somewhere there are wingnut bloggers and think tanks ginning up the argument to deport Tiger Woods.

    So which of our local wingnuts will be first out of the box repeating this BS as if it were gospel?

  4. a. price says:

    I love how FDR AND Hitler are both on there…… so did Beck approve of Stalin? What WWII leader is ok with him?
    I also dont understand the opposition to TR. Can someone who understands how the beasts think explain that one? My guess is “teddy” Roosevelt.. they are all so dumb they have confused it with another Teddy… and Tiger with another half black guy

  5. Von Cracker says:

    Glenn “Dingo and the Baby” Beck was a zoo keeper, still is today! lol

  6. Geezer says:

    Reading this after reading about the Chicago student beaten to death as a bystander in a gang war makes me realize that all the wrong people are being beaten to death.

  7. RSmitty says:

    Unfortunately, this is not the first time I have heard someone from the same bag-o-nuts© clan consider TR in that light. I have locally (meaning DE, not my locality) heard him referred to as the original Constitution killer among the Republican Party. In the saner days of the GOP, TR was looked upon as a pioneer-thinker. In the current days, they can’t scrub him from their history books fast enough. Only in bag-o-nuts© land is that possible.

  8. RSmitty says:

    Oh, and yes, I would be willing to bet that Speck thought his list had humor in it, but as is typical in bag-o-nuts© land, humor and common sense are woefully elusive.

  9. TR was a progressive and he started the national park service which we all know was the slippery slope to socialism.

  10. a. price says:

    that is because the right wing often confuses “Ha Ha” with “bang bang”

  11. liberalgeek says:

    I am considering making the next poll: “Should Tiger Woods be assassinated?”

    The guy is incredible. Meaning “not credible.” But David Anderson, who Tivo’s Beck every night, calls him a prophet. I think he mis-spelled the word.

  12. Scott P says:

    Wow. “Douchebag” to “prophet” is a pretty big misspelling, evan for me.

    And I wouldn’t suggest doing that poll. The Secret Service is one thing, but you really don’t want to piss off the PGA and Buick.

  13. Geezer says:

    Buick dropped him after the GM bailout.

  14. Scott P says:

    You’re right, Geezer. Then I vote “No”. LG, you can handle the PGA. That organization has a lot of holes in it.