The Public Is Smarter Than Republicans Think

Filed in National by on September 17, 2009

Greg Sargent at Plumline finds some data in a Bloomberg poll that suggests that most Americans know that the Republican health-care reform opponents are just trying to scare people.

Wow, this is cause for cautious optimism: Buried in a new Bloomberg poll is evidence that solid majorities dismiss all the leading right wing health care talking points as “scare tactics.”

Not kidding! It’s true. The poll tested a range of attacks and asked whether they were “legitimate” or a “disortion” and a “scare tactic.” The results:

* Sixty-three percent said the claim that “death panels of government officials would decide how much medical care ailing individuals will receive” is a scare tactic, versus 30% who said it’s legit.

* Fifty-nine percent said the claim that “health care would be rationed” is a scare tactic, versus 35% who said it’s legit.

* Fifty-two percent said the claim that “health care would become socialized medicine” is a scare tactic, versus 43% who said it’s legit.

* Sixty-one percent said the claim that “government money would be used to pay for abortions” is a scare tactic, versus 33% who said it’s legit.

* Fifty-eight percent said the claim that “government money would pay for health care for illegal immigrants” is a scare tactic, versus 37% who said it’s legit.

I hope the Blue Dogs and Senate Conservadems are reading this poll. I guess the Summer of Spittle hasn’t had that much of an effect, except to turn Republicans into hecklers?

Also, if I were a Republican looking at this poll, I would say “socialized medicine” is their best attack.

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  1. wikwox says:

    Socialism!!! has lost alot of it’s punch, hence the Repugs stopped using it. These figures are encouraging but never underestimate the stupidity of the American people. Many still struggle with realizing what do’s and do’s not help them, hence the need to “keep the federal government out of my Medicare!!!”.

  2. mike w. says:

    Much like the left and their constant cries of “RACISM.”

    We really should all point & laugh at Jimmy Carter.