Late Night Video — The Definitive 9/12 Video

Filed in National by on September 17, 2009

Lifestyles of the White and Gullible, indeed…a word of advice — put down all liquids before watching. The English-only guy is especially fun. But so is the lady on Social Security who wants the government out of her life.



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  1. anonie says:

    Looks more like a few thousand really dumb, paranoid people. Funny how one woman is living off social security, another doesn’t have health insurance (and is obese) and one guy doesn’t realize TARP ($700 billion) and the auto bailouts ($14 billion) were done by Bush, not Obama. pitiful.

  2. If these people rely on Fox to give them their news, it’s no wonder they’re hopelessly confused. Fox is pushing this bizarre “czars” thing which makes absolutely no sense at all. Republicans are against policy advisors now?