Tom Coburn, Mr. Sensitive

Filed in National by on August 29, 2009

Senator Tom Coburn is a man of compassion. Watch what he tells a constituent with serious problems with health care:

No, Senator Coburn, people like you are the problem.

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  1. cassandra_m says:

    Bravo, Rick Sanchez!

    Tom Coburn AND all of the people who applauded when he said that we were not living up to our responsibilities as neighbors are despicable. You can see from that video that none of the “neighbors” in that hall reached out to that woman in her obvious distress (none of you had a tissue to offer her?) and they decided that judging her for reaching out for help from her government was more important than actually making sure this “neighbor” got some help and comfort.

    And every last one of them leaves their churches on Sunday reassured that they are better Christians than the rest of us.

    Hypocrites. Each and every one of them.

  2. Delaware Republican says:

    You completely miscategorize the Senator from Oklahoma. He clearly says he would help, his office would help and all of her neighbors should help.

    He did say the government was not the answer and he is right. Think about it, if the government was the answer why is social security broke, medicare broke and medicaid broke?

    Sen Coburn is also Dr. Coburn who was refused by the Senate democrats the ability to deliver babies while still a U S Senator.

    The offense? He was delivering these babies for free.

    Typical liberal slime job by uninformed and shrill people.

    Mike Protack

  3. Von Cracker says:

    LOL To think a conservative in government will help the common man with anything, except finding Jeebus with a gun, is insanity!

    Again, why elected someone whose stated premise is that government and its services are bad and must be dismantled and eliminated?

    It would be like electing an atheist as pope.

  4. Von Cracker says:

    So Coburn doesn’t want government to help but he’s ok with that woman calling his office for help? WTF?!?! Is he not the government?

    I guess it’s reasonable to believe if all of Coburn’s uninsured constituents call his office, he’ll take care of them too. But wouldn’t that be very time consuming and expensive for the good doctor? 😉

    And Mike, you wouldn’t know shrill unless you ever pay attention to yourself. But nice use of a word that defines you perfectly.

    Mike “The Wannabe Shrilla from Wasilla” Protack has a nice ring to it.

    Har-de-har-har! grrrr

  5. pandora says:

    You’re on a roll today, VC!

  6. I’ve heard this kind of crap from different Republicans. Basically, they say get help from your neighbors. Right, like neighbors making casseroles and holding bake sales is going to help with her problem. One of the big problems in America right now is that if you get sick, you go broke. It doesn’t really matter if you have insurance or not. They find ways to drop you, because you’re too expensive to their bottom line.

    What I think conservatives are saying is that they’re longing to return to a place with a sense of community. But it’s conservatism that’s killed that. We’ve had 30 years of “me first” and “you can get what you want for free” conservatism while they’ve demonized the government. Now I don’t think the government is the be-all and end-all but I want my government to work. I want us to stop electing bozos like this one who like to receive their government checks while making sure the government doesn’t work.

    I really don’t care how many babies he’s delivered for free. What I want is for everyone to have access to health care. Then Coburn won’t have to deliver babies for free and the woman from the video won’t have to beg her neighbors for help.

  7. cassandra_m says:

    And Mr. Shallow Bench has no command of the facts, either. Coburn was also told by the Senate Ethics Committee that he was in violation of the Senate COI rules when the repubs were in charge too. Delivering babies is not the problem — violating Senate outside work rules is.

    But you cannot be a movement conservative without believing yourself to be a victim of something.

    Typical fact-free posting by Mr. Shallow Bench who wishes he could meet the standard of shrill.